Would you be a Playboy Toy?

No, this isn’t a blog post where I tell you that I have been asked and accepted an offer to appear in Playboy magazine (sorry boys). But the topic did come up recently and it really got me thinking….

Would you ever pose for Playboy Magazine??

Now you are probably wondering how the hell this topic came up. My co-workers and I were talking by the time clock about my up coming photo shoot for Weight Watchers when one of the guys joked about seeing me next in Playboy, which then got the other guys talking about how the issue would be a special “Women of Weight Watchers” or “Women of Weight Loss” issue. The thought actually kind of intrigued me.

In a way, I thought it was a brilliant idea! There are so many of us out there that have worked *SO* hard to get the banging bodies we got now…why not show them off!!

And I’m not saying that the women in those magazines don’t work hard for the bodies they have, but let’s be honest. There is a lot of money & time spent in hospitals to look like they do.

Now I get it that men don’t want to see our stretch marks from the weight loss or all the extra loose skin, but honey that is what a little light airbrushing and the right lingerie is for! ;)

I also thought about my love for old pin-ups and that whole style that represented class, gracefulness and beauty. It’s an era that is slowly coming back and let’s face it…more and more women are fitting “that” particular figure…the Kate Moss look is dying out more in more in magazines and fashion ads I’ve noticed.

So say Mr. Hugh Hefner called you up and said “I’d like you to be featured along with other REAL women who have WORKED HARD for their physical beauty, in a graceful manner in Playboy Magazine.”…would you say yes??

(Valentines Re-Cap will be posted soon. I promise!)


  1. i'd say "YES OF COURSE MR. HEFNER. I'll be ready in a minute just send the limo over!" :-) no really. i think that would be a wonderful idea and would remind everyone that just a fraction of women in this world look like those bunnies there and well... stretch marks...photoshop will help here.
    i'm collection playboy magazines from the 60s and 70s and must chuckle when i look at those women.they were so different back then. unshaved, normal boobs, HIPS (YES they have hips) and big thighs. very normal. and the magazine sold too, right?! so hef should really go for it.
    oh and another story: one of the most famous german magazine for women now is not booking professional models anymore but only shooting ordinary young women who are not models. they want to prove that every woman is beautiful and you don't have to be an underfed supermodel to appear in a magazine. they sell even more magazines now. figure that!!

  2. I think it's a great idea! Maybe i'd be willing to do it 20 pounds from now...and all my naughty bits covered. ;)

  3. Oh yes. I've done intimate moments aka boudoir photos in November 2009. You should look into something like that for yourself Suzi!

  4. I'd definitely do it if it wasn't completely nude or anything. I think they should highlight real women! Especially since I'm average and not stick thin:)

  5. Hehe. How much is the paycheck again??

  6. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to. I'm far too shy.

  7. I think that would be a great idea. I'd love to think I'd have the courage to do it. Not sure if I could follow through, but I bet I'd be really proud of myself if I did.

  8. If there was a "Cougar" division, count me in. I am so proud of what this body looks like, I be thrilled to show it off!

  9. I'd totally do it. I worked hard for this body - and even though it's not perfect .. I'm proud of it. I blogged something similar earlier this week .. great minds think alike!


  10. I actually love that idea. To see women who totally worked their butts off to get in shape and change themselves would be inspiring!

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