The other side of the scale


The past two Thursday’s I have been on the other side of the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting.  This was both kind of a blessing, and a little bit of a curse. 

A few of you know the struggles I had with being on the other side (and thank you so much again for listening to me and offering me some advice).  These struggles are hard to explain.  Working for Weight Watchers is seriously a dream come true and I couldn’t be more honored.  I think that most of these struggles are just due to the timing of everything happening *at once*.

Before you start your Leader training you have to do a few training sessions with the receptionists.  I seriously could not give these ladies enough credit!!  They really keep the meetings moving and flowing and they do all the dirty work.  I was lucky enough to be trained by our amazing receptionist Ruth!  Ruth has been around the block for a while and she *knows* her stuff.  Everyone even said “you’re getting trained by the best”.  She must be good because I scored a 100% on my Tally quiz…that might possibly be the first “math” related test I ever scored a 100% (math was my worst subject. I hate math).

The downfall to training with Ruth though was that I was training with her at *my* Thursday night Weight Watcher meeting.  Now, I know it’s not *my* meeting, I don’t own it or run it LOL.  I just mean it’s the one I go to and have been going to for over 2 years.  I’m used to talking with everyone before the meeting and mingling with them.  A lot of the members come up to me and ask me for advise or want to know about my next race, stuff like that.  During the meeting I’m pretty vocal too.  I’m not too shy to put my cents in and speak up!  That’s what these meetings are for right?!

But I couldn’t do that sitting BEHIND the scale.

30x60_L_deskMy first week, I was completely bummed out.  I came home and cried right afterwards.  I actually had members come up after the meeting to me just to say “hi” real quick and tell me that they missed me.  This broke my heart.  I missed them too!!  With everything going on (my ankle injury, the upcoming WW photo shoot) I NEED MY WEIGHT WATCHER MEETING! 

Now before you say “well couldn’t you just go to another meeting?”….Sure, I guess I could…If I found another one around here that wasn’t a complete inconvenience to me (there are not a lot of meetings around here) or a meeting with a leader I liked.  But why should I go to another meeting??  It’s not like I’m going to be away from this meeting forever (I hope not anyways). 

The second week wasn’t *as* bad.  This time I got actually weigh people in so I was able to connect with them a little bit.  It was nice to be able to cheer them on when they had a loss or offer them support if they had a gain.  However, that feeling of excitement lasted a whole 10 minutes.  Then it got crazy.  There were so many people (we’re a group of 50 or so) and they were bringing products and credit cards and all this other crap that I didn’t know how to handle.  It got to the point where I couldn’t even really talk stuff out with them.  Just weigh them in and move onto the next one…

It was at this moment that I learned that doing the receptionist thing is not really my cup of tea.  I give them even MORE credit for dealing with all that they have to do.  It’s just not for me.  One of my fellow members said it best…”Sue, you’re not meant to be behind the desk working the scales! You are meant to be up front leading the group!”  I couldn’t agree more.

Doing my reception training at my regular Weight Watcher meeting was nice for my nerves though.  I got to be learn around the people I already knew.  So like I said, it was a blessing, with a little bit of that curse. 

Once I get back NYC I will get to start the Leader training part and I’m excited to do that!  I hope it a little more suited for me.  I’m also hoping I get back to being just a regular old weight watcher member with my group.

Everything is just moving so fast it seems.  I wasn’t even a Lifetime member for a whole month before I got the call for the photo shoot AND the call about the job.  That’s CRAZY!  Plus with changes at my full-time job, my ankle injury putting my running to the side…it’s been A LOT to handle.  I’m a big girl though and I’m handling it the best I can.  I’m trying to take everything one step at a time.  This week my focus will be on the amazing experience I will get in NYC!

So for you Weight Watcher members…remember to give your WW receptionist a big THANK YOU next time you step on the scale for them,  for all the hard work they do!


  1. I've always wondered what it's like on the other side. haha. I'm a loooooong way away from ever being there, but my dream since I first started Dubs when I was 17 is to be a leader.

    Congrats on the Success Stories thing! That's so exciting!

    Oh, and, I found your blog from Sheryl/BitchCakes. My name's Sierra. It's nice to meet you. :)

  2. Interesting post. My WW meeting is lucky enough to have three or four receptionists so if one person needs a little more information or encouragement, it doesn't create a huge delay in the line. That being said, if you feel like people need *more* from you, consider a special email account for your WW friends. Once you a are leader, you can send out encouraging weekly messages (like my leader)!

  3. Yes, our ww,leader sends out the weekly hoot. Its awesome. She asks at the end of meetings to leave your email if u want to be added to the email

  4. Back several years ago when I was on WW the last time, they had "member helpers" here in Cali. They did a lot of the same things as the receptionists: weigh people in, stock the product, etc. I did that for about a year before they did away with the member helper role. It definitely gave me a true appreciation for all the hard work the receptionists do at WW! I think you're gonna make a great leader!

  5. Congrats on the new job and the photo shoot. Both BIG deals and I can see how you would be overwhelmed. Hang in there!

  6. We don't really have that here, our leader weighs us and offers advice and stuff at the scale, and then when she has weighed everyone,(usually takes about an hour) she does her talk.
    I love my leader, she is just so cool.

    So excited for all of this for you Suzi


  7. I only know you through your words, but I can tell, you'll be a GREAT Weight Watchers Leader!!!! Your members will be lucky to have your inspiration!!! And I'll give a special thanks to the receptionist at my meeting on Thursday. Take care.


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