Greetings From Hancock


And no…I don’t mean that dude Hancock from the movie. 


I am at Hancock airport waiting to board my plane to NYC!!!!!!!

That’s right folks…Suzi is about to storm up in NYC for the first time ever!  I’m also about to take my first ever plane ride.  Eeeeek!!  I’m trying not to freak out too much.  I took some stuff for motion sickness so I hope that keeps me from puking.  I can’t wait to just have all my bags and have my feet on the streets of the city.

Frankie and his son dropped me off at the airport and I was filled with lots of kisses and “love yous”.  I was a good girl and I didn’t cry….yet. 

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for tomorrow and to meet some of the WW peeps.  This is going to be such an amazing experience and I am so honored to be part of it. 

I also can’t even begin to thank you all enough for all your support, encouragement and congrats that you have given me during this whole time.  I can’t wait to share the whole experience with you guys.

Well…I’m shaking like a leaf on a tree so I’m going to cut this post short.

NYC HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other side of the scale


The past two Thursday’s I have been on the other side of the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting.  This was both kind of a blessing, and a little bit of a curse. 

A few of you know the struggles I had with being on the other side (and thank you so much again for listening to me and offering me some advice).  These struggles are hard to explain.  Working for Weight Watchers is seriously a dream come true and I couldn’t be more honored.  I think that most of these struggles are just due to the timing of everything happening *at once*.

Before you start your Leader training you have to do a few training sessions with the receptionists.  I seriously could not give these ladies enough credit!!  They really keep the meetings moving and flowing and they do all the dirty work.  I was lucky enough to be trained by our amazing receptionist Ruth!  Ruth has been around the block for a while and she *knows* her stuff.  Everyone even said “you’re getting trained by the best”.  She must be good because I scored a 100% on my Tally quiz…that might possibly be the first “math” related test I ever scored a 100% (math was my worst subject. I hate math).

The downfall to training with Ruth though was that I was training with her at *my* Thursday night Weight Watcher meeting.  Now, I know it’s not *my* meeting, I don’t own it or run it LOL.  I just mean it’s the one I go to and have been going to for over 2 years.  I’m used to talking with everyone before the meeting and mingling with them.  A lot of the members come up to me and ask me for advise or want to know about my next race, stuff like that.  During the meeting I’m pretty vocal too.  I’m not too shy to put my cents in and speak up!  That’s what these meetings are for right?!

But I couldn’t do that sitting BEHIND the scale.

30x60_L_deskMy first week, I was completely bummed out.  I came home and cried right afterwards.  I actually had members come up after the meeting to me just to say “hi” real quick and tell me that they missed me.  This broke my heart.  I missed them too!!  With everything going on (my ankle injury, the upcoming WW photo shoot) I NEED MY WEIGHT WATCHER MEETING! 

Now before you say “well couldn’t you just go to another meeting?”….Sure, I guess I could…If I found another one around here that wasn’t a complete inconvenience to me (there are not a lot of meetings around here) or a meeting with a leader I liked.  But why should I go to another meeting??  It’s not like I’m going to be away from this meeting forever (I hope not anyways). 

The second week wasn’t *as* bad.  This time I got actually weigh people in so I was able to connect with them a little bit.  It was nice to be able to cheer them on when they had a loss or offer them support if they had a gain.  However, that feeling of excitement lasted a whole 10 minutes.  Then it got crazy.  There were so many people (we’re a group of 50 or so) and they were bringing products and credit cards and all this other crap that I didn’t know how to handle.  It got to the point where I couldn’t even really talk stuff out with them.  Just weigh them in and move onto the next one…

It was at this moment that I learned that doing the receptionist thing is not really my cup of tea.  I give them even MORE credit for dealing with all that they have to do.  It’s just not for me.  One of my fellow members said it best…”Sue, you’re not meant to be behind the desk working the scales! You are meant to be up front leading the group!”  I couldn’t agree more.

Doing my reception training at my regular Weight Watcher meeting was nice for my nerves though.  I got to be learn around the people I already knew.  So like I said, it was a blessing, with a little bit of that curse. 

Once I get back NYC I will get to start the Leader training part and I’m excited to do that!  I hope it a little more suited for me.  I’m also hoping I get back to being just a regular old weight watcher member with my group.

Everything is just moving so fast it seems.  I wasn’t even a Lifetime member for a whole month before I got the call for the photo shoot AND the call about the job.  That’s CRAZY!  Plus with changes at my full-time job, my ankle injury putting my running to the side…it’s been A LOT to handle.  I’m a big girl though and I’m handling it the best I can.  I’m trying to take everything one step at a time.  This week my focus will be on the amazing experience I will get in NYC!

So for you Weight Watcher members…remember to give your WW receptionist a big THANK YOU next time you step on the scale for them,  for all the hard work they do!

You and me together, we could do anything, Baby


Valentines Day 2011 has come and gone and as always, it was an amazing day.  Almost close to perfect you could say.

There are so many of those who say “well we show each other we love each other every day”…no shit!  It’s not like Frankie & I go the other 364 days of the year without every saying or showing each other how much we love and care for each other, but as I’ve explained before…we take this ONE day a year to really ravish each other.  We don’t exchange gifts at Christmas or buy birthday presents for each other.  We have his 12 year old son to take care of plus our families and it can be a bit much, financially and mentally.  So we combine all of that into this one amazing day!

Another secret I never really have shared before is *why* Valentines day became “our day”…just 3 months prior to us becoming “a couple” we talked on the phone until 3am.  If you knew Frankie, you wouldn’t believe me that he talked on the phone till 3am but HE DID!  AND HE CALLED ME!!  Anyways…we had talked for hours and had such a blast and it was at this moment that I knew that our friendship had grown into something else . It was at this moment that I knew that the thing, the man, I was looking for was in front of my eyes this entire time.  Eventually I grew the balls to make more moves and advance our relationship, which leads us to today.

Before I share the day’s events, let me start by showing you the DELICIOUS cupcakes I made the night before for work…I used REAL eggs & oil in these baby’s!!  First time in a LONG time I didn’t substitute anything…


Onto Valentines day now…

We went to Delmonico’s Steak House like we do every year.  We started with the Fried Calamari and each had our 24 OZ Delmonico Rib Eye Steak with a main lobster tail. :)  Oh yeah baby!!

So anyways, lets start with the morning….

We work together, and it at his break he went out and surprised me with these GORGEOUS dozen roses…


He knows I don’t eat the chocolates (not a big sweet tooth fan, unless its dark chocolate) but he wanted me to have something sweet & the little cute bear.  And yes, that’s a cute little red paper mache heart in there too!

Now for the presents!!

I didn’t get a change to take a picture of what I got Frankie but I got him a new pair of Nike Golf Cleats, a box of Titlelist ProV1X golf balls ($50 for the balls people! Are you serious?!) and a really nice Nike Golf T-Shirt.  I figure that he will be stylin’ and profilyin’ this upcoming golf season :).  He loved all his gifts of course!!

Then he gave me my gift…..a gift I could not be more thankful for…..DIAMONDS!!!!!  I mentioned that I really wanted a pair of solitaire diamond earrings, even if they were CZ, but he did AMAZING.  Not only did I get the earring but a necklace too!!



I tried to get good shots of us, but I’m still trying to learn my camera.  I did the best I could :/  Frankie looked handsome as always, but please forgive the fact that Frankie looks like a criminal in all the pictures LOL.  I yelled at him for not smiling Winking smile


And yes…I felt like a MILLION BUCKS!!  I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so sexy in my entire life…





Here’s something kind of funny…look at what # we got for the “table pass”….hee hee hee


It was an *AMAZING* night!  The other part that was great was that we didn’t have to wait forever for our table (only an hour this year LOL) so we didn’t drink that much.  The next day we got up (we always take the next day off), went to breakfast, did some shopping we needed to do, went to lunch and then went to go to ‘Just Go With It’.  It really was a magical 2 days and it was great to just spend that time and energy on each other and really focus on the love we have for each other and nothing else.

Valentines Day has passed now, but the moments we shared will carry me onto next year.  We are tough times, like any relationship, but there is no one better for me than him.  He is my rock.  He is always by my side and he is my biggest supporter.  I love him endlessly and always will.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and I cant wait to celebrate next years Valentines Day (or do the dress shopping!). 

Lets just take a second to compare Valentines Day dresses from a year ago shall we….

Valentines Day 2010:Valentines Day 024

Valentines Day 2011:


‘nuff said…

Would you be a Playboy Toy?

No, this isn’t a blog post where I tell you that I have been asked and accepted an offer to appear in Playboy magazine (sorry boys). But the topic did come up recently and it really got me thinking….

Would you ever pose for Playboy Magazine??

Now you are probably wondering how the hell this topic came up. My co-workers and I were talking by the time clock about my up coming photo shoot for Weight Watchers when one of the guys joked about seeing me next in Playboy, which then got the other guys talking about how the issue would be a special “Women of Weight Watchers” or “Women of Weight Loss” issue. The thought actually kind of intrigued me.

In a way, I thought it was a brilliant idea! There are so many of us out there that have worked *SO* hard to get the banging bodies we got now…why not show them off!!

And I’m not saying that the women in those magazines don’t work hard for the bodies they have, but let’s be honest. There is a lot of money & time spent in hospitals to look like they do.

Now I get it that men don’t want to see our stretch marks from the weight loss or all the extra loose skin, but honey that is what a little light airbrushing and the right lingerie is for! ;)

I also thought about my love for old pin-ups and that whole style that represented class, gracefulness and beauty. It’s an era that is slowly coming back and let’s face it…more and more women are fitting “that” particular figure…the Kate Moss look is dying out more in more in magazines and fashion ads I’ve noticed.

So say Mr. Hugh Hefner called you up and said “I’d like you to be featured along with other REAL women who have WORKED HARD for their physical beauty, in a graceful manner in Playboy Magazine.”…would you say yes??

(Valentines Re-Cap will be posted soon. I promise!)

Love Yourself!


Hey everybody!! Sorry for the lack of posting this week.  Things have been kind of crazy and will be for the next couple of weeks so please bear with me.  Trying to keep my own sanity right now is hard enough. 

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!!

Most of you already know that Valentines Day has become a big holiday for Frank and I.  We don’t celebrate each others birthday’s really (other than maybe a dinner and small gift) and Christmas we focus on his son & our family and don’t exchange for each other.  Valentines Day kind of holds a special moment for us and over the years it has grown and grown. 

We get all dressed up (I gave you a sneak peak of the dress already here) and we go out to a very fancy dinner and get each other a really nice gift(s).  Next to Halloween, it’s become my favorite day of the year!! I will be sure to do a full recap sometime this week.



I want to take a minute to just say…LOVE YOURSELF!!  If you’re single, in a relationship, married, divorced, widowed, WHATEVER…take this day TO LOVE YOURSELF!!

Sure, I spend weeks shopping for a dress and then days prepping for the big day (this will be TMI but I haven't shaved my legs all week so that way they are silky smooth tomorrow…its driving me fucking nuts!).  While looking for “the dress” I try to keep Frankie in mind and what he would like and what would flip his switch, but honestly, 90% of *why* I do all of this is FOR ME!! 

I get up everyday and do my hair and put my makeup on and try to dress nice for work, but that’s an “everyday” kind of nice.  Dressing up is such a rare occurrence that I really use this day to show myself how beautiful and amazing I am!  I work hard for the body I have and showing how grateful I am by showing it off in a great (size small from Victoria Secrets) dress & proper grooming is one great way to really appreciate myself.  Sure it seems vain, but lets be honest, sometimes being vain can work & keep you motived to keep working hard on yourself and your happiness.

So please, take a moment tomorrow to really appreciate the person you are and how hard you work to be healthy & happy.  Whether its doing something a little extra fancy with your appearance, treating yourself to a fancy bottle of wine, or taking a nice long bubble bath, or taking “loving yourself” to a more physical level Winking smile….don’t just do it for your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, or that person you’re trying to win over…do it for YOURSELF!

I love the new commercial where they said “Valentines Day isn't about saying “I love you”, it’s about saying “I love us””…Well I think you could even go a step  further and add “I love me!”.  Remember how great you are.  Remember what an amazing person you are and how hard you fight for what you want.  Remember to love you first and foremost.   xoxo

2011 CNY Brewfest

So here I sit….recovering from Brewfest (of course!).  But man oh man, what a great time we had!  A little secret I didn’t let anyone in on, but this was the first Brewfest I’ve ever gone to where I wasn’t over weight.  I think that definitely made me enjoy myself more.  Plus, having this AWESOME new digital camera that Frankie surprised me with that morning helped too…
That’s right people…no more blog pictures from my phone!!  I had a digital camera before but it was one that needed a new battery about every 5 pictures and it was huge and the battery alone cost about the price of a camera LOL.  The camera Frankie got me is way better than the one I originally picked out.  Score!  Isnt he the best?!

I tried my best to try everything that you all recommended.  Considering how busy the Brewfest gets, I didn’t really to take pictures of EVERYTHING but I got a lot. 

I must say that this year, there were a lot of hits and very few misses as far as the brews went.  Usually theres a hand full of “yuck” beers but they were few and far between this year.  I learned a lot and found some really tasty treats. So without further ado, I present to you, the BrewFest in pictures…

On our way to Brewfest, I am excited like a little girl on Christmas morning!
  Our first Brew at BrewFest!
Me and my grandpa!
My Uncle Timmy & I getting CRUNK! (I *really* need to work on my arms!)
My cousin Leigha & I getting CRUNK! (my boobs look HUGE)
Me and Mr. Sam Adams…
Me and my mama…
Some Foxtail Love…
Some Brooklyn Lager love for all my NYC bitches! You know who you are (Sheryl)…
MAGIC HAT!!  This is for my girl Kim….
Me with the Community Resource gals. They love beads, beads, BEADS!
The Great Divide…because so many of you told me to try it.  I’m sorry to say, I was not a big fan Sad smile
3HB in the house!
Not a huge fan of the cider (too sweet for me) but I did buy the shirt! (seriously…my arms make me look big!)
Some Sackets Harbor love! They are a brewery around here so I love giving some local props to them!
This guy IS.AWESOME!
This guy was the shit. And that’s his smile….DSC00051
This guys is at Brewfest every year! I’m so glad he let me take his picture.
I also met this very nice lady at Brewfest too!
Beer Connoisseur Magazine…which I apparently bought a $5 online subscription to LOL. Super nice guy!
DSC00062 Another great Irish beer by request…
These guys were awesome!!
The local radio station…
Another great local brewery I discovered!
A pretty cool local beer club…
I do love me some Dos Equis…
Some more random pictures from BrewFest & the dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube afterwards…
And last but not least….the exciting news I was hoping that I could share, and I can!  As some of you know I had some email correspondence with the guys who created and put on the CNY Brewfest.  I actually got to meet them this year and it was quite an honor!  Even more of an honor was being able to introduce them to my grandfather.  A huge thanks goes out to Mick & Bill for taking the time to meet me, and for once again putting on a great Brewfest.  Here are some pictures of Mick(in the yellow shirt) and Bill(in the blue sweater)…
(I don’t know what I’m reaching for here LOL)DSC00070
So there you have it folks!! Another FANTASTIC Brewfest in the books!!  Thank you again for all the awesome suggestions on what to try.  Now if you excuse me…I have to go work off a hangover by drinking some more beer and eating some food…..
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