You know you’re a beer runner when…

Beer Run•ner: Someone equally devoted to fine beer appreciation and an active, healthy lifestyle. –  (definition courtesy of Tim from @TheBeerRunner)

One thing that many of you may not know about me is that I love beer.  OK…take a few minutes to let the shock of that news die down…

Better? OK…another thing you may not know about me is that I love running.  But can beer loving and run loving really co-exist?? HELL YEAH IT CAN!!

Now, saying that you are a “beer runner” doesn’t mean that instead of water or Gatorade in your hydration pack you’re packing beer (though this is a fabulous idea!).  I don’t condone excessive drinking and that’s NOT what being a beer runner is all about!  The definition above couldn’t be more perfect about what being a beer runner is all about.

It’s about having a strong desire and a deep love for being healthy and active all while allowing yourself to have some fun!  Because that is what life is all about people.  Having your beer and drinking it too!

You know you’re a beer runner when…
  1. A delicious ice cold beer sounds like the perfect way to start a run!
  2. A delicious ice cold beer sounds like the perfect way to end a run!
  3. You follow @TheBeerRunner on Twitter & he follows you back
  4. You’ve been interviewed by @TheBeerRunner and featured on the @DraftMag website
  5. You’ve been named One of the 12 Beer Runners to watch in 2011!!
  6. Somehow or another, a can of beer had placed itself into the “water” holder on the treadmill…People, let me point out that there is no label that says WATER so therefore I can put whatever the hell I want in there!pfah(Please note…I really don’t encourage drinking beer WHILE running as a hydration substitute.  I only had a couple sips left & didn’t want it to go warm. I wasn’t really drinking a beer on the treadmill so please save the emails about how I should be attending AA instead of WW)
  7. While searching for any local races you check some of the local breweries to see if they are having any of their own. (Sadly, I have yet to find a local “beer run” in my area, even though a Budweiser plant is 15 minutes away from me)
  8. While searching for races you check to see if “beer” is listed in the post-race party description.
  9. You went outside at 8:30 in the morning to take this picture…in front of your house…in front of your neighbors: (Yes, that me with a 30 rack of beer…a beer in my hand…running down my road) phone7310 175
  10. You stage your very own Beer Run like Claire from Will Run For Beer did in NYC. (If I had friends, and friends who lived near me who ran I would totally be doing this!)
  11. Some days you run purely for the fact that you want a beer but don’t want to feel guilty about the added calories. 
  12. You look happier in your post race pictures when there is a beer in hand.  For example:  Post Race Pre-Beer Picture:100_0335Post Race WITH Beer Picture:100_0337
  13. You see a news headline that reads “SCIENTIC STUDIES SHOW THAT BEER MAY HYDRATE BETTER THAN H20”…And that’s all you need to know! No need to click on the link or read the article, it’s science…it says so right in the headline!
  14. You have health/weight loss/fitness blog that has the word beer in it :)
Being part of the beer runner clan is quite an honor!  It’s nice to know that we are not alone (and also not full blown alcoholics LOL).

So next time you head out for a run, whether it be before or after, grab yourself an ice cold beer and say to yourself…”I drink, therefore I run”.


  1. Suzi, you're so awesome!! Love you!!!

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  3. Ha ha, I love it! I think for 2011, one of my goals is going to be making my transition to a beer runner complete. In the past, I drank plenty of beer, but no running, and that's what got me into trouble in the first place. Last year, I got healthy, lost a ton of weight, learned to love running, but drank relatively little beer.

    The time has come to combine my 2 great passions!!! :)

  4. Great post, I love when your sarcasm and humor come through!

    I am lucky we have a "will run for beer" series here, I have a t shirt with that on the front I should sent it to you!

    I am raising my post run beer to you tonight!

  5. Cheers! And come to NYC this spring; got another beer run in the works!

  6. Ok, this is the first time I've been to your blog, YumYucky Retweeted you and I took a peak and I have to say being another runner (although a lot slower than you) and avid beer fan...I may have a little girl crush on you. Just sayin'. :) you are awesome. Love your blog!

  7. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a "will run for beer" tshirt :)

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