Off The Scale

I mentioned in the last blog post that I wanted to start documenting my weekly accomplishments that happen OFF of the scale.  Honestly, I have always recognized the NSV’s (non-scale victories) and know that they are real meat ad potatoes in this journey.  Our lives are not defined by the numbers on the scale, they are defined by the choices we make and the growth we allow ourselves.

So since I can longer publicly praise myself weekly for weight loss, I can praise myself publicly for being just plain awesome! I guess I will title these posts “Off The Scale”…
  1. I tracked ALL of my food.  Every BLT (bite,lick,taste!)  I tracked all 7 days and this was probably the first time in over 2 weeks that I had done so.  I didn’t track my beers but I will work on adding them back in.  Here’s a snap shot of my week: WeeklyTracker Now, I show a lot of points left on some days, as well as 48 weeklys and all my AP’s left…but considering I drank about a 6-12 pack of beer a night, we now that’s not 100% truth.  That’s *only food* you see up there. 
  2. I’ve been having some issues with running at a slower pace these past couple of months (I know, you want to smack me).  I almost feel like if I run anything under a 10:00 minute pace that I’m slacking and not working hard enough(aaaand now you want to punch me).  I find this HILARIOUS because honestly people, it was only a few months ago where I was begging to run around a 12:00 minute/mile pace!  I average around a 9:30 pace now and that is because I was patient and persistent!  I’ve never rushed into anything with my running and I think that’s why I’ve been able to keep injuries low and motivation strong!  WELL…I proclaimed on Twitter last Monday that I WAS going to make myself do a long, slow run.  It had been a while since I threw a long run in and I knew I needed one.  So that’s exactly what I did!  On Monday I ran 10 miles at a pace of 10:18. Here my Nike+ snapshot:       LSDMonday                                     I also watched the first hour of ‘Julie & Julia’ during this run on my iPod.  Watching a movie about food while you run is kind of like self-torture.
  3. Well since I ran “slow” I had to run FAST right?!?!?!!  You bet your asses I did.  And fast is just what I did…I ran my fastest pace (and 5K apparently, which was 26’52”) yet! I ran a pace of 8:38 /mile!!!!!  Holy shit balls!!  I ran 3.5 miles in 30:13.  That’s INSANE!  Here’s the snapshot for proof:WedFastRun                        Please note that my calories burned is off a bit.  I keep forgetting to update my weight.  This run really made me feel like a super star though.  My Dr. (who has ran the NYC & Boston Marathons…over 300+ marathons total. He’s fucking nuts) has been telling me that I can get down to running 8:00 or under pace.  I thought he was even more nuts when he said this, but maybe he is right.
  4. I signed up for my next half marathon!!!!  I am doing the Buffalo Half Marathon on May 29th with the amazing Jenn from NYC!!  I am *super* excited for this.  I’m excited to be running my 2nd half marathon and going into it with a better idea of what's in store.  But I’m also super excited for Jenn because this will be her 1st half and I am so happy that I can help to be part of it!!  I told her that even if I have to drag her ass across the finish line, she’s crossing it!!  Frankie will be coming with us to help drive our tired asses back to the ‘Cuse!
  5. @BabyWeightMFA featured me on her Marvelous Monday blog post!  You can see the post here!  Thank you *so* much again Michele!  It really wan an honor and I enjoyed being part of your fabulous blog!
  6. And last but not least…my favorite accomplishment of the week…I filled out my Weight Watchers employment application!!!!  After speaking with my leader Thursday night and learning what I needed to do, I went online and filled out the form.  The next day I had to take an online questionnaire which was timed and was a bit nerve racking.  I felt like the questions either made you sound like a stuck up snob or a sissy.  I was so nervous that I forgot what the definitions to some of the words were…like ‘empathetic’.  Seriously?!  Oh well.  I feel like I answered the questions honestly and that I did alright.  My leader told me to not discouraged if I don’t hear anything right away and that it can take some time.  Especially right now since it’s the beginning of the new year and they are swamped…especially with the new program.  I am excited to learn more about this amazing opportunity.  Of course, I am bit scared too but that’s only natural. 
See, I don’t need to weigh-in every week to see how awesome I am!!

Oh, by the way, I haven't forgotten about the Shake-Weight review.  I got pretty sick with the flu around Christmas time and I wasn’t doing it regularly.  I kind of slacked on doing it this week as well, so I’m going to try and get back into the groove and right up my report. 

Have a great week everybody!!


  1. Glad you are finding success without the scale!
    How the heck do you watch a movie running? haha.

  2. Woohoo!! Suzi you are amazing. As usual. If you don't hear from Weight Watchers let me know. I will have some asses to kick for sure. You totally deserve to work for them!!!

    HOLY SHIT! I didn't know you were running a marathon in May?! DAMN!!!

  3. Love, love, love the new blog design. It looks great. I am super proud of you and your NSV's. Everything counts. I, too, am SUPER DUPER excited for Buffalo! Thanks for the shout out, we are going to tear it up out there.

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