Holy Sh*t!


Yes, the title of this blog post is Holy shit!  That’s because the news I have to share is simply….well….amazing and just…Holy shit!!

I received an email Thursday that pretty much blew my mind.  When my google alerts popped open a box that showed an email from a woman from Weight Watchers Corporate, my heart started racing a million miles a second.  What could it be?? Was it about the job to be a leader that I applied for??  Was there something wrong with my lifetime membership status??  Was it them asking me to stop telling people I am a Weight Watcher member because they think my beer drinking is a bad influence?? 


It was an email asking me if I would be interested in being featured as a success story and if I would be willing to apply.

Ummmmm, Hmmmmmm, OH! Uh, HELL YEAH I WOULD!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I got all sorts of teary eyed when I read the email.  I then did the most logical thing I could think of and that was drop everything I was doing at work (sorry boss) to gather all the information they needed.  Priorities people.  I had the forms filled out and the information sent back in less than 24 hours.  BOOYA!

Friday morning, after sending back my information, my stomach was in knots.  All I could think of, and even tweeted was…


A blessing was sent my way though because I indeed did not have to wait that long….

My cell phone rang at 2:22 PM (no shit people, I have it saved on my phone…Frankies favorite # and his softball # is 22…weird) and it was the lovely lady from Weight Watchers, calling to tell me that I have been picked and will be featured as a success story!

I am going to be featured by Weight Watchers as one of their success stories!

You can say it with me folks…..Holy shit!

I am just in such awe right now.  I seriously can’t wrap my head around it yet.  I don’t know when it will hit me…maybe on my way to NYC, lol.  I feel so blessed and I am *truly* honored.  Weight Watchers means so much to me and has done so much for me and to be able to represent for them really is a dream come true. 

I don’t have any details yet on where and when I will be featured but you know I will share all of that with you guys when I can.  All I know right now is that I get to go to NYC and I will be doing a photo shoot (insert jaw drop here)!  I appreciate all the congrats I got on Twitter and all of your support.  You guys are amazing and without you this journey wouldn’t be as much of a success for me if it wasn’t for all of your wonderful support and inspiration. 

I actually went out today and bought teeth whitening strips just for the occasion, LOL.  Yes I know, I’m a nerd. I gi

Other good news that happened that day as well (I know, I know)…I got a call from our Weight Watchers Territory Manager about the leader job I applied for.  She is super nice and really wants to meet with me so we are going to chat this week at my Weight Watchers meeting.  How freaking exciting is that?!?!?!

I feel like my world has been turned upside down, in a good way for once!  And I feel like there are so many doors that may be opening for me, and I cant wait to step through some of them.

Another great thing about Friday….my mom turned 50!! We took her out that night and let her get her drink on!  I surprised her by inviting a bunch of people from work.  She had a great time and I’m so happy for that.  She deserved it, and more. I love her very much and I couldn’t ask for a better mother.  Of course, we have our moments like every mother-daughter does, but she means the world to me.  Being able to share the good news on her birthday about the Weight Watcher story was just the best!  She said it was the best birthday present she could ever ask for. 

So yeah….I don’t know how to put this but….I’m kind of a big deal.  Winking smile

I have to take a moment to send a Major THANK YOU to Eve over at *Time to make a Change!*  and Michel at Baby Weight My Fat Ass for bestowing me with the following blog award:


As a proud recipient I am supposed to follow these rules:

1. Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award- Done, & thank you Smile
2. Share 7 things about yourself- I will try but this is getting harder to do since you all know me pretty damn well by now
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

So 7 things about me….Hmmmm….

  1. I like beer….a lot.
  2. I like extremely spicy foods. 
  3. I’m a huge New York Yankees fan!
  4. I hate the band ‘Creed’ with a passion.
  5. I’ve never lived in a house. Not even as a child. Always an apartment, or the townhouse I live in now.
  6. I’m half-legally blind.  I wear contacts that come from overseas & take about a month to come in after ordering.
  7. I’ve never been on a plane.

15 Blogs who deserve a shout-out in no particular order….

  1. http://gypsiemeanderings.blogspot.com/
  2. http://spunkysuzi.blogspot.com/
  3. http://www.lowfatpie.com/blog/
  4. http://liveloverunthroughlife.blogspot.com/
  5. http://www.byebyefatpants.com/
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  14. http://lifelessonaday.blogspot.com/
  15. http://mesohongry.blogspot.com/


Thank you again ladies for the award!!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I know I am!!  Now lets all go have a beer to celebrate this amazing achievement!!  *CHEERS*


  1. Congrats!!! That's wonderful news! You worked so hard for it!

  2. Congratulations!! You really deserve this..are an inspiration to many...thank you for sharing all of this with us. I am so happy for you. Relish the moment, and I will have beer and toast you, dear!

  3. Wow, what a success! I Laughed when you said the part about worried you mention beer too much for ww hahah! You must be on cloud nine!! Enjoy it!

  4. I am SOOOOOO super proud of you! It is an amazing accomplishment and one you have done a wonderful job at! I can't wait for you to come to NYC, I am going to have to take off of work so we can imbibe. And thanks for the counter on your page to remind me how little time I have left to crawl to the finish line.

  5. That is awesome and so cool! I can't wait to hear all about your trip to NYC.

  6. I am soooo proud of you!! I can't think of a more deserving person! Thank you for the recognition of course, but girl you rock.

  7. Oh my goodness, how amazing is that!! I can't wait to see your story published :) congrats

  8. Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations miss!! This is so exciting! I'm pumped for you. You've worked so hard - you deserve this!:)

  9. SO freaking proud of you girlfriend!! OMGOMG!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Kinda A Big Deal Suzi!!!!


  10. Wait. When are you coming here? Is this for the magazine?

    I knew you were picked, but I was thinking that they use pix you provide, but this is even better! How exciting!

  11. Congrats! Look forward to reading about it. All the best. Betty xx

  12. WOW!!!!! awesome news Suz! seriously!! I need a copy of that mag when it comes out! Promise you'll send it to me or at least tell me which issue so I can try to arrange it???

    Good things happen to good people. Sometimes we just have to wait for those things!


  13. It's official it has been way too long since we talked. HOLY SHIT!!! This is so f*cking exciting. Please write me and tell me all about this. I am so excited for you about all those things. I mean if you become a leader wowie!!! I love you and I cannot wait to see your story.


  14. Holy shit! Congratulations!!

  15. How utterly exciting! I know you would make a fabulous leader, but in the mag too!! I hope you post a link for that!! And a photo shoot in NY! You're a super-star (and you'd better hook up with Bitchcakes; can't wait for THOSE adventures! lol)

  16. WOW WOW WOW that is beyond awesome!! Congrats!

  17. Holy shit! That's awesome!! You totally deserve it. :)


  18. Wow, that is some wonderful news!! Congrats!

  19. Congrats! I've been following you for awhile now. I emailed you a long time ago about WW. You inspired me to join and I've even taken up running. It took me awhile, but I've done. Thanks! I'm on my way! Very proud of you. =)

  20. squeeee!!! That is soooo exciting!!!! congrats my friend!! (new friend that is) :)

  21. Awesome news! Congrats! I'll keep an eye out for you on the big screen next to Jennifer Hudson! Haha!

    Feel free to check out my blog too! www.sipstoskinny.blogspot.com

  22. You are amazing! Congratulations!

  23. I know this is crazy late and apropos of nothing in particular, but I just wanted to let you know that my favorite number is 22! And my husband's bday is 2/22. (Also, we got married last year on 10/22... yay, 1st anniversary is next Saturday!)

    Congrats on all of your successes. I'm so glad I found your blog and am having a blast catching up on the whole fun story!


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