Move your ass!


This past Thursday at my Weight Watcher meeting, I hit another milestone…most likely this will be last milestone before reaching goal and then lifetime.  I was down 1 lb which put me at a total of 90.4 lbs lost.  HOLY SHIT!  In my head I kept telling myself “omg Suzi, you’re only 1.6 lbs away from goal” but then something else kept screaming in the background…”YOU JUST LOST 90 LBS!!”  Yeah…pretty crazy shit right??

I have a feeling the next 1.6 lbs will be a bit tough…not only physically but mentally as well.  Of course, having this awful cold doesn’t help because my ability to get a good workout out in is kind of being poo-poo’d on.  Speaking of working out….

That was the topic at my Weight Watcher meeting this week.  It was all about metabolism and how to jump start it. 

So how do you jump start it you ask?? By working out baby! Feeling the burn! Working up a sweat! Making babies! Eh…the world is populated enough, so please practice that last one with some protection. But if you must….

Many of you have asked me how I started running.  I explained it all in this blog post here.  But in a nutshell…no I wasn’t a runner ever before in my life.  I hated even *trying* to run.  I started by adding a little bit of 30 second running intervals into my walking routine and then adding some more, and more and more and VOILA…before you knew it, I was running a full mile, then 3, then 5, then 10, then 13.1 Smile. <----what the crap is that smiley face?!?!  Do you guys see that??  New on Windows Live writer I guess??  That scared the shit out of me!!



You don’t need to be a “runner” to lose weight or to be considered active.  There are *SO* many ways to add activity into your everyday routine.  Here are some of my ideas that might help someone out:

  • Find something you love!  Do you love swimming??  Find a community pool or maybe join a gym with a pool.  Love dancing??  Try Zumba classes (OMG *so* much fun!) Looking for something more calming…try Yoga.  More of a gym nerd??  Get on the elliptical and work that fine ass you packin’!!  Note: You probably wont love this activity at first, but I truly believe that when you try it, something will click inside of you and you will just *know* that you want to do it again.  That’s how running happened for me…I wanted more and more 30 seconds of running.
  • Start small.  Don’t expect to go balls to the wall the first time you do something.  If you do zero activity now, maybe try adding in small things like parking a little bit further away from the store entrance.  Carrying in bags from the car to the house one bag at a time.  I know these are cliché ideas, but they really do make huge improvements over time and really give you the confidence boost to want to move more!  Set a realistic goal and work from there.  I’m notorious for doing too much too soon and this was difficult for me but really, by taking small steps I was able to move into running comfortably and injury free.
  • Grab a buddy!  If you’re afraid to go it alone, try dragging some poor smuchk with you.  And if it’s going to be a really crazy, intense workout…ask someone who you really don’t care for to go with you. Smile(aaaaahhhh! scary smiley is back!)
  • Make a list of the reasons why you want to make exercise a habit.  Is is really just to lose weight??  Most likely not.  Is it to get tone & fit?  Sure.  I bet its just to feel overall AWESOME though!  And take it to the next step…after you work out, write down how you feel.  Tired, sweaty, strong, fit, lean, happy, ready for a beer…
  • Find motivators…whether its songs and a spiffy little playlist on your music player, pictures cut out of a magazine, power words (examples….strong, lean, perseverance, don’t quit, strength), or maybe its even day dreaming.  I’m a rare gem I’m told because I actually enjoy treadmill runs.  I think the reason why I do is because I find I zone out easier while I’m on the dreadmill.  I day dream like a mother fucker!  I cant even tell you how many people I have killed, how many red bikini’s I’ve worn or how many marathons I have won while running a treadmill.  Oh and lets not forget the many hit albums I put out and sold-out concerts I performed.  Man, I lead a busy life.



It’s not as difficult as it seems.  When my old WW leader would talk about exercising I thought “what a hassle!”.  I never enjoyed exercising or even liked entertaining the thought of it.  And I still have many days where I dread it, but I also have even more days where I lust for it.  Not being able to run for a few days kills me, physically and mentally.  If you do something enough, it will become a habit.  Ask any crack-head.

What’s one thing you could do to move more? What’s something you want to try activity wise that you haven’t tried *yet*?


  1. I really want to begin running. I'm a healthy weight, but a big wuss in the endurance department...

  2. Nicole- I was *terrified* when I first started. And when I could barely even run for 15 seconds straight...not exaggerating there...I thought "what in thee fuck am I do?!?!" but I just did what I could do and every now and then pushed myself a little more. It wasnt easy, but it wasnt nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. You can totally do it!!

    BabyWeight- Thanks!! It's still kinda surreal to me.

  3. Again, you're awesome!!! So close, I know you will do it so soon! I don't know what exercise I would love to do. Probably just more of it, right now!

  4. HOLY 90 FUCKING POUNDS, BATMAN! That is SO awesome! I am about to go read your "Run You Say??" post. I used to run but I got fat and moved to a hillacious neighborhood so I need all the help I can get.

    P.S. I'm sure a 90lb loss will be inspiration enough to kick those last 1.6lbs right off! :)

  5. Holy guacamole....90 pounds!!!! That's a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

  6. Great post and amazing dedication. I'm gonna go run now, thank you.

  7. Can I have your number?

  8. 1) 90 Lbs. Flipping amazing. Did you ever think? Just. Awesome.
    2) Thanks YOU for YOUR Support!! 26.2 or bust!!! Talk to ya on the flip side XOXO

    Carbohydratedly Yours,

    Melanie :-)

  9. Hi there - just discovered your blog, and first up, I want to say "Wow, congratulations!" on the 90lb loss. That's just... whoah.

    Secondly, I read the running post you linked to, and I feel like I'm reading my own story! For the previous 37 years of my life I SWORE blind I just wasn't built to run. You wanted someone to walk crazy distances? Then I was your girl. But I was convinced I was built for distance, not speed, and every time I tried a running programme, I ended up miserable and usually injured within the first 2 weeks.

    Then I discovered C25k. And it was a revelation. Whoah. I could DO this thing. I also didn't make it all the way through (apparently, these short little legs of mine like intervals WAY better than solid running sessions), but I got far enough that I've now started on the Bridge to 10k programme, and I'm *koff koff* doing my first not-just-walking-it 10k in mid-December.

    So I'll be looking forward to reading your running posts, and once again, congratulations on hitting this awesome milestone!

  10. Congratulations Suzi! Ninety fucking pounds!!!!!! You are amazing girlfriend.. a weight loss rockstar. Keep it up my fellow beer drinking sister!


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