Let it be


Dane Cook said it best on Twitter today:


I am driving myself INSANE this week people!  Ever since I realized last week that I am only 1.6 lbs away from hitting my goal weight at Weight Watchers, the thought that keeps creeping in my mind over and over and OVER again is…

“This could be the week I hit goal.”

Well sure, that is true on some level.  It’s also very dangerous on another.  1.6 lbs is a mighty chunk to lose in one week, especially at this point in the game.  Sure, I’ve had a couple of good loses but the reality is, we’re down to ounces a lot more lately people.  Asking for 1.6 at a single weigh-in after having a few good regular weeks is asking for a lot. 

I’ve been getting on the scale every morning and even sometimes at night.  It’s driving me fucking crazy!!  Every time I step on it’s either creeping up a couple of ounces or staying around the same.  I’ve been a pretty good girl this week.  I’ve tracked *everything* (again!…2 weeks in a row if we are counting here people) and I have gotten some really good runs in.  I’ve gone over my points most days but only by a couple and I still have activity points left…I’m not in the negative for the first time in a LONG time!!  I’m mentally expecting it to go down and the fact that I’m not seeing that is getting my spirits down…BUT IT SHOULDN’T!!  Last week though I consumed 90 points over my weekly allowance…that includes what activity I earned too…but I still managed to lose 1 lb.  Awesome right??  Hell yeah it is!!  So can you kind of imagine what I am expecting this week considering how good I’ve been?? 

But thinking of the past and comparing it to my future is only setting myself up for disappointment.  And honestly, I know better.  I know a lot better.

I need to practice what I preach.  I always tell my dear friend Emily that patience is one of the hardest parts of this journey.  She is awful with it just as I can be, and I often want to slap her to knock it off and wait for the greatness that she is working so hard for.  Well I think it’s time I slap the shit out of myself! (Emily is doing amazing by the way and is so close to hitting her 10%! I’m very proud of her!)

Hitting goal will happen when it will happen.  It might happen Thursday, it might happen next Thursday, or hell, some Thursday next month.  I can NOT control when it *does* happen.  All  I can do is keep making the smart, healthy choices that I know I need to and want to make.  All I can do is keep running and working on my fitness goals.  Because essentially I know that these are the things that will get me to reaching goal. 

I also preach a lot about how this journey is not number based.  About how we *CANNOT* focus on the number on the scale.  This road we are traveling is a life long trip, with some detours along the way, but it’s the way we feel during about 90% of our trip that counts.  I didn’t join Weight Watchers to become skinny, or lose 92 lbs in 2 months.  I joined Weight Watchers to become a healthier and better version of ME!  To finally BECOME the person I wanted to be.  It’s about more than just weight.  So much more.  It’s a journey to learn more about our deeper selves and I guess right now I’m on the chapter where I need to learn about persistence, patience and of course…letting it be.

So…I need to settle the fuck down and keep doing what I am doing and try to not let my mind drive me too much more loco.  It will happen when it happens, whatever Thursday that happens to be…we will just have to wait patiently and see.  

(am I rhyming wizard or what?!?!)


  1. SMart advice for yourself, and everyone! I know you will hit goal. But it's not gonna change your life, or your clothing size, or even the way you look at this point (except maybe the huge smile on your face). But I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Thanks Blossom...you are so right. It's funny because I forgot to add a thought I had in my head, and thats that 1.6 lbs...you can poop that out, LMAO!! You can also eat something with a bit of extra sodium and be up that much...it's nothing. Its NOTHING!! I need to stop obsessing about such a trivial amount and just let it happen.

  3. You are so close, but it is my week to slap the shit out of you this time ;)! Have faith in yourself too. Remember that this week could be it, but if it isn't that is okay too!!! XOXOX

  4. Congrats on all your success. You are truly an inspiration to someone like me. I have so much hope that I can change my life forever. Thank you for giving me that hope.

  5. Suzi, Suzi, Suzi! Stay off that damned scale!! Eat some extra veggies tonite or eat bowl of garden veggie soup. Works for me every time. Kinda like a reverse colonic cleanse!!

  6. Plump Nonfiction- Your comment really touched me this morning (dont worry...not in a dirty way ;) Thank you so much for that. You *CAN* and you *WILL* change your life forever!! Like I've said before...It's never easy, but its never nearly as hard as we make it seem.

    AZ- UGH!! I got on this morning...still about the same results. I promise, no more scale until tomorrows meeting. Reverse colonic cleanse you say huh?? Hmmmmm

    You know, another thing I forgot to add is that you guys have many weeks of looking forward to my craziness...LUCKY YOU GUSY!! Imagine how mental I will go when I'm only ounces away from goal LMAO!! Yeah...I see a lot of beer in our future people...a whole lot of beer.

  7. Very nice post...well said. I need to remember patience is key. I want results fast and often get very frustrated when I have been "good" and don't get the results I want.
    Thanks for the reminder.


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