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So many people, here on the blog, twitter and in real life ask me what I’ve done to lose weight. The obvious answer is “Weight Watchers” of course, but that doesn’t really help people out.

I don’t have the secret recipe to losing weight. If I did I would be paying someone right now to write this blog post and I would be lying out on the deck of a yacht (does that make sense? I know nothing about yachts or boats) drinking myself an ice cold Bud Select 55 all the while laughing at all you suckers who are reading this while your at work (HI BOSS!).

Anywho…There are some things that I live by and just do on a regular basis so I decided to just throw some of the ideas that came across my mind into this here list to share with you all…Enjoy!

  • Drink your H20!! Seriously people, at first it won’t seem like it makes much of a difference…until a couple months down the road when you go a day without drinking at least 20 ounces. I have a SIGG water bottle which I fill up at work at least 4 times a day. The bottle hold 1.0L (so about 34 ounces
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Find drinking water difficult?? Well are you finding drinking soda as difficult????? It’s a mental game people…GET OVER IT!! Suck it down and shut up and in time, you will find you love it, believe me. Add some lemon, lime or even an orange slice to help you out at first. Try it ice cold & at room temperature. If you can make drinking soda work for you, you can make drinking water work as well.
  • Keep staple foods in your house. There are some items that I always make sure are around. Items like: Arnolds Multigrain Thins, Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges, beer, baby carrots, light ranch, 100 calorie almond packs, lean deli meats (turkey & ham), eggs, reduced fat cheese slices for sandwiches, beer, at least 1 can of Progresso Light Soup, a bag of Alexia brand fries in the freezer, oatmeal, beer. With these items I know that I can always make a sandwich and have some soup & a beer… and that’s the meal that keeps on giving folks.
  • Keep salads fun and exciting! Some people might gasp when they hear that I still put cheese, bacon bits, eggs & creamy dressing on my salad…but I don’t care! I’m not about to eat a bunch of dry leaves. That’s just not going to satisfy me and one thing I really believe it…If it’s not going to satisfy you then why eat it. Instead I found healthier options of those goodies. Like Cabot 50% (they even sell a 75%) reduced fat brick of sharp cheese which I dice up into cubes and then weigh out the 1 oz portion on my handy dandy Weight Watchers electronic food scale. I found Hormel 50% reduced fat real bacon crumbles (1 pt for 1 tbsp) that I use sometimes. I use light ranch dressing. Fat free is just gross!! But ranch dressing is something I would never and could never give up. Oh, and I also add chick peas!!
  • Give yourself a damn day off!! This is probably my #1 advise, honestly. Also I’m pretty sure that it will be the #1 thing that when I start working for Weight Watchers, they will tell me to not say LOL. But seriously….I have always given myself that “one day”. Usually for me, it’s Friday or Saturday…of hell, sometimes even both! Sometimes I chose to track what I eat & drink on these days and sometimes…GASP…I do not!! OMG, how do I survive right??
Listen, you can’t think of this like a diet. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE! You can’t think “oh well once I get to goal I can start buying Doritos again”…it doesn’t work like that. So what are you going to do…swear off Doritos for the rest of your life?? NO! You have to still enjoy the things you love and desire when it comes to food, you just have to enjoy these things LESS OFTEN and in smaller quantities. You have to play around with it a little bit but after awhile you will learn where the balance is.

  • Pick your food battles. For example…My ramen soup battle Wednesday night. It’s 8 pts for one package of Ramen Chicken Noodle Soup. I was craving it! So I made it, took two bites & said this is *SO* not worth it. It’s not that it tasted bad cause everyone loves a little “crack head soup” every now and then, but the salt was just too much for me. Especially for a night before weigh-in. So instead I made a can of Progresso Light Italian meatball soup (2.5 pts), a turkey (1) bacon (1 pt…used 1 tbsp of those bacon pieces) cheddar (1 pt, I used 1 slice of rf) melt on a piece of wonder smart white bread (1 pt for 2 slices) and a can of Coors Light (2 pts). So for an extra ½ a point I got to have MORE food & a can of beer, compared to one measly package of Ramen noodle soup.
Sometimes weight loss is a total brain game and you really need to put your thinking cap on. I once had a post about “thinking outside the box” and that kind of thinking is something that really has contributed to my success.

  • 5 days too much to workout? I gotcha. You’re not the “athletic gym-going” type. I gotcha. Work out 3 days a week then and stop making excuses. Do something. Anything. Don’t like walking on a treadmill…try treadmill dancing. Of course I have a treadmill in my bedroom so it’s not as embarrassing as doing it in the public place but jam out those tunes and start walk-dancing away!! Don’t want to hop on a piece of equipment (Oh boy!...who doesn’t want to hop on a piece of equipment ;) well then pick up a workout DVD! Don’t want to do a workout dvd….clean your house. House already clean? Mess it up and clean it again! There is NO excuse for not getting up and moving a little bit more than usual for ATLEAST 30 minutes, 3 days a week.

  • Cheese lovers…if you are like me you can’t bring a brick of cheese into the house without eating it all in one sitting, I have an alternative that works sometimes. Buy some Townhouse reduced fat crackers, take one serving (6 crackers for 1 pt) and take one wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese (1 pt) and VOILA! Cheese & crackers….sorta. You’ll still end up eating a brick of cheese sometimes, but with this light swap it will happen a lot less often.
Theres so many other tips and I'm sure I will think of more after I post this, but these are some of the ones that I think relate to the everyday aspects of this journey.  They wont help everyone, but they sure help me!  So who knows...maybe they are just more of  little reminders really or kick in butts to help remind you the most important tip of them all....



  1. So, wait, I thought you kept beer in the house as one of your staples. But you didn't mention it at all...

    You Rock!! That is all.

  2. Mmmm cheese. I had to replace Brie and blue with laughing cow and Philly. I don't love them so they don't get eaten. Lol. Saves me eatting the wheel of cheese though.

    I can also tell how much you hate beer. :p

  3. I think you have some really great tips here. I totally agree on the water and exercise. I especially like the one about keeping staples in the house. Changing how your eating without changing what is in your pantry is a sure recipe for failure. Great post.

  4. Great post...lifestyle change is right! You should be a leader!

  5. Excellent post! Need to get back on the WW wagon! Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Love the list of staples, my pantry and your pantry jive completely.

  7. I love your no-excuses attitude. Yah, we've all got issues, genetics, baggage..but at the end of the day, we've all also got the tools we need to lose the weight. We just gotta use 'em.

  8. Awesome post, girl! This is great!!

  9. I've always drunk at least 2l if water most days, but, like my eating, it all goes out of the window on the weekend unless I have bottles of water with me! Exercise is key though. On holiday we were walking every day, and even though I wasn't tracking points I hardly put on any weight over 3 weeks.

  10. Lmao I love the "get over it" bit about water! So true!

  11. Gah! My lack of beer purchases has been slowing down my progress. I'm gonna buys a few six packs to get me outta this plateau.

  12. great post, girl! mmmm LC wedgesssss!

  13. I only just found your blog via an old bitch cakes post and am hooked already!

    I love your writing style, it's very straight talking but also down to earth. Great stuff, keep it up.

  14. These were great tips! Thanks for sharing :)


  15. What an awesome blog entry! I've been in the program for over 2 years now but I have to take your advice for a day off to heart! I need to give myself a break from time to time!

  16. Great blog. And thanks for writing it!! You are such an inspiration to me and nice to know you CAN have beer and still get to goal!! LOL

  17. Great post! I hope you save this to refer to later. You're doing fantastically!

  18. I love your honesty and advise (like drinking your water; exercising 3x's per week and allowing yourself a day off!) thank you, thank you. : )


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