I realize that not all of you are Weight-Watcher members, so please bear with me on this post.  But I thought it was important to express how I feel about the upcoming changes that the North America Weight Watcher members will be seeing, as soon as tomorrow if you are an e-tools subscriber!

Honestly…I’m excited about it!  Sure, it is scary in some aspects.  Any kind of change is.  Especially when something works so darn well…why change it right??

Well, science changes and evolves all the time.  And one of the reasons why Weight Watchers works is because its based on science…scientific studies of the body AND mind!  That’s why Weight Watchers isn't a diet…it’s a lifestyle.  Corny I know, and I sound like a paid advertisement, but it really is true! (and no I’m not being paid, although with Christmas right around the corner, I really wish I was!)

Don’t you like the idea of knowing that Weight Watcher keeps up with these changes and finds ways to adapt to them to make sure that program does indeed still work. 

We had some skeptics in my meeting about the new changes and I made a point I came across while seeing a commercial the other day for sugary cereals…Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks….NOW WITH ADDED FIBER!!  Think about all the foods that now have “added fiber”.  If you are a Weight Watcher member you know that Fiber is very important in calculating how many points a certain item of food is…usually the more fiber, the lower the points. 

The science of food has changed. so therefore that tells me that the plan we are on now may not still work as well in 5 or 10 years.  So I’m glad the people at Weight Watchers got to work to make sure this well oiled machine they call the “Points Program” still works!!

I’m sure they will be some flaws and some things we hate about the updated program.  Nothing is ever 100% to our liking…especially to us woman.  I mean “WE” are perfect as beings…but you men already know that…it’s science.

When Weight Watchers introduced the “Flex Points” program, I thought it was a load of crap.  And honestly…I still kind of do.  It’s just not for me.  But I was thankful for the set-points it gave to some foods.  There’s a silver lining in everything.

My leader Cathleen asked us a great question…Do you trust Weight Watchers??

If you are a member, the answer is YES!  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t go to your meetings or follow the program online.  And unless you like wasting money I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be throwing away those hard earned George Washington’s on the program each week or month.

If you are really terrified try to think of these things…

  • You are NOT ALONE!  Think of how many people you have out there who will be going through this with you.  There is going to be support ALL around.  We are all going to need each other!
  • Try to not think of this as a “new program”…because is reality, it’s not.  It’s just an UPDATED version. 
  • If you are stuck in a rut or a plateau, this might just be the kick you need to start being a fat-blasting-machine again!
  • If you are like me and are at goal and/or lifetime, maybe you are confused or upset about the fear of the program getting boring now that you are not in the losing weight phase anymore…well now we have something to spice it up and work on again!!

There’s been a lot of talk about what the changes will be and I’m trying to not pay any attention them.  But I am pretty sure I already know what they are…Beer and cheese are now 0 points and for every mile you run you earn 10 activity points. 

Winking smile


  1. it'll take getting used to but then I'm sure you (all of you!) will be fine :) I trust WW and I think it's good they program has evolved. If it hadn't wouldn't we all still be eating liver once a week? (blech!).

    good luck hon!

  2. I'm excited for it! It's not like the updated program hasn't been tried out. All of the WW leaders have been doing it for a couple of weeks now, and I know our leader lost quite a few pounds in first week alone! (She had a few pounds sneak up on her and had hit a bit of a plateau, so she is super excited.)

  3. I've been on ProPoints for almost a month and I love it, but yes, there have been an awful lot of naysayers in my meetings too, so i know what you mean.

    Can't wait to hear what you think of it

  4. I was afraid of it at first, but now I'm very excited to give it a try. I need a push I think. And can't wait to read all about it on Monday!!

  5. I'm excited for it! Little nervous, but i think that's normal. :)

  6. I have to admit... I am terrified. I am feeling really nervous about the new program. I am very set in my ways. I know what works for me, and what doesn't. There are some things I am not willing to give on. It is how I've done this from the beginning and it has worked SO freaking well for me I just hate the thought of that being "upset" if you will.

    I kind of feel like I just figured this losing weight thing out over the last 2 years, and I'm not ready for this, but ready or not here it comes! I do trust Weight Watchers and so it is with that that I will hold on (for dear life).

    I have to say I'm also not wild about the timing of the change. I have so many of my holiday recipe points figured already... it is just extra stress I don't really need during the holidays.

    Anyways... my 2 cents. I am working on a similiar post actually right now, so thanks for sharing your ideas as well. Together we will all CHANGE!

  7. ZOMG how freaking amazing would it seriously be if cheese and beer were somehow 0 points? I think I would die!

    I'm excited for the new change. I've been calling WW's bluff for a while now on how little protein is recognized.

  8. I think we are all going to be pleasantly surprised!! I, for one, can't wait!

  9. I cant wait for the new program!!!!!!!
    You look amazing

  10. great post, suzi!
    i don't do ww, but i've been hearing some buzz about the changes and was interested in reading more :)

    i hope they have pasta for 0 points, too ;)

  11. It should be interesting. I remember when they "did away" with the Core Program. I thought all the older ww ladies were going to flip the f* out.

  12. this is off topic, but your progress pics are amazing!!! so inspiring! :)

  13. I just came across your blog via the ww website. I'm excited to follow it, thanks for your candid insights...You're really an inspiration to another person who refuses to give up my beverages of choice for weightloss!!

    I'm excited about the new program just for the change, hopefully it re-commits me. I find that my biggest struggle is just getting out of my own brain. I was excited to see that the workout points grew along with the food points!

    Again, thnx for the candor!!

  14. Excellent post, your views are so true. Change is good and I am happy that Weight Watchers does its homework by going out and seeing what new Science they can help better their program. Awesome!!

    The program seems like a good one, but a tad overwhelming at first glance. Here I go!!!

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