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*NOTE: I wrote this blog post the other night…after many beers.  I haven't proof-read it nor do I plan to.  This is a touchy subject so I am just going to post it as is. You might call me selfish after this, but I believe in loving yourself most, otherwise no one can ever really love *you*….. 


I’ve heard about a lot of people who have trouble putting themselves first.  I guess in a way that’s hard for everyone on some certain level.  You don’t need to have children or a husband or a busy home to put yourself last on the list.  There are many times when it can be you, and you alone, but still you manage to put yourself last on the “take care of” list.

I’m an only child.  I grew up in a broken household with many, many problems.  Some quite serious and some that would leave a few deep scars.  I am selfish by nature and I think this is one of the reasons why children of my own are just not in my cards.  I am a “ME” kind of gal and I never apologize for it.

At the same time though, I am an absolute giver.  I want to help the world.  I want nothing more than to make the people in my life feel loved, wanted and needed.  Seeing them sad breaks my heart and I will not stop until I see them smile.  Sometimes…this gets the best of me. 

I want to talk about this because right now, the idea of “putting myself first” is being put to the test.

As many of you know, I am in the middle of the “maintenance” period after reaching goal.  Maintenance is 6 consecutive weeks of weigh-ins and at the end of it I have to be within 2 lbs of my goal weight to reach “Lifetime” status at Weight Watchers.  This is the ultimate status and is the true goal on this journey. 

If I meet this, I will become a Lifetime member on December 23rd…what better Christmas present could I ever give myself??  There is none that could even come close to comparing.

But I feel as though I am put to the ultimate test…

During these 6 weeks I have to deal with the following:

  • Holidays…Thanksgiving and Christmas are all within my maintenance period.  One of my meeting members pointed out that I get more points during this time, LOL.  But still…this is a very hard time.  Especially since my meetings are on Thursdays and most of these holidays fall ON Thursdays and I cant attend my regular meeting.
  • Family issues…My mother is having surgery this week.  Thursday to be exact.  Now this isnt as extensive of a surgery as before.  I wasn’t blogging at the time but last year my mother had very extensive brain surgery.  Half of her skull had to be removed and replaced with plastic due to brain tumors.  This surgery coming up is just a complete hysterectomy so while its not as invasive, it is still an issue since this is dealing with a possible cancer and it has her being laid up for a few weeks poses some issues.  I am the only person she has around so this puts quite a burden on my shoulders.
  • Weight Watchers decided to change NOW!!  Are you serious??  LOL…now I know I just wrote about how change is good, and I really do believe that.  But I also know that I said I was scared and this is mostly because this is the SCARIEST part of my journey so far on Weight Watchers.  I now only have FOUR WEEKS to reach lifetime status and I have to learn to adapt to a whole new program in that short period of time, all the meanwhile maintaining my weight???? 

This is one sick fucking joke.

OK…but truth be told…this is where we grow.  This is where we become stronger human beings and where we win our biggest battles. 

It would be easier for me to give up or call a time out.  It would be easier for me to blame my mothers surgery, Weight Watchers new plan, the holidays…for a reason to take a “pause”.  But I can’t do that with a clear conscious.  I HAVE done that before and I know that all you do is come out of the other side feeling worse and even more horrible, feeling guilty.  I can’t make excuses for poor behavior based on the elements going on around me…they do NOT rule me nor control me. 

Just as this Thanksgiving…there was no meeting so I had to go a day before.  There is no if, ands or buts here…I have to weigh-in for 6 weeks and a row, so I found another place to do so (and I became Dr. Suees).  I didn’t use the excuse of “the holidays” and neither should you!!

This Thursday (12/2) is a very hard day for me.  It is my mothers surgery but it is also the day where I am supposed to go to my meeting and learn all about the new Weight Watchers programs.  Now, I am an e-tools subscriber so I will get an idea through there, but I have already gone over my dilemma with my leader, and my mother. 

On Wednesday I will go and get weighed-in a day early,..again (UGH!).  This is just incase something happens and the surgery takes longer or what not, but I wont have to worry about missing my weigh-in this week.  BUT…at the same time I have expressed to my mother how important Thursday’s meeting is to me and considering that we will be in the hospital by 6AM…she thinks I will be fine to make it to my meeting by 5:00 PM.  We will play it by ear and see how the day goes,

The point I am trying to make is that when something is important to you…I mean REALLY important, you make no excuses for it.  You don’t try to cover it up, hide it, or push it to the side.  The people most important in my life know how serious Weight Watchers is to me and how it is who I am and I will NEVER give that up.  I will never again put it on the back burner to let life step in because THIS IS my life.  Me saying “No I’m sorry I can’t do Weight Watchers right now” is the same as my mother telling her doctor she wont have this surgery right now because of the holidays…you have to do what is right for you.  Not everyone will agree with this, but that’s ok.  I don’t do this to please anybody fucking else but myself.  I have no regrets and I have no shame.  I am awesome because I make myself that way and I let nothing stand in my way!!    

Every moment of every day is a choice.  As long as you stay true to what you want and remember to put yourself first, then it will be good choice!  If you don’t put love for yourself and your happiness first, can you really expect others to put love and happiness around you??  You cant buy love or happiness…you earn it. 

Love yourself most, because you are the only person you can truly count on…and that’s not a bad thing. 



I realize that not all of you are Weight-Watcher members, so please bear with me on this post.  But I thought it was important to express how I feel about the upcoming changes that the North America Weight Watcher members will be seeing, as soon as tomorrow if you are an e-tools subscriber!

Honestly…I’m excited about it!  Sure, it is scary in some aspects.  Any kind of change is.  Especially when something works so darn well…why change it right??

Well, science changes and evolves all the time.  And one of the reasons why Weight Watchers works is because its based on science…scientific studies of the body AND mind!  That’s why Weight Watchers isn't a diet…it’s a lifestyle.  Corny I know, and I sound like a paid advertisement, but it really is true! (and no I’m not being paid, although with Christmas right around the corner, I really wish I was!)

Don’t you like the idea of knowing that Weight Watcher keeps up with these changes and finds ways to adapt to them to make sure that program does indeed still work. 

We had some skeptics in my meeting about the new changes and I made a point I came across while seeing a commercial the other day for sugary cereals…Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks….NOW WITH ADDED FIBER!!  Think about all the foods that now have “added fiber”.  If you are a Weight Watcher member you know that Fiber is very important in calculating how many points a certain item of food is…usually the more fiber, the lower the points. 

The science of food has changed. so therefore that tells me that the plan we are on now may not still work as well in 5 or 10 years.  So I’m glad the people at Weight Watchers got to work to make sure this well oiled machine they call the “Points Program” still works!!

I’m sure they will be some flaws and some things we hate about the updated program.  Nothing is ever 100% to our liking…especially to us woman.  I mean “WE” are perfect as beings…but you men already know that…it’s science.

When Weight Watchers introduced the “Flex Points” program, I thought it was a load of crap.  And honestly…I still kind of do.  It’s just not for me.  But I was thankful for the set-points it gave to some foods.  There’s a silver lining in everything.

My leader Cathleen asked us a great question…Do you trust Weight Watchers??

If you are a member, the answer is YES!  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t go to your meetings or follow the program online.  And unless you like wasting money I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be throwing away those hard earned George Washington’s on the program each week or month.

If you are really terrified try to think of these things…

  • You are NOT ALONE!  Think of how many people you have out there who will be going through this with you.  There is going to be support ALL around.  We are all going to need each other!
  • Try to not think of this as a “new program”…because is reality, it’s not.  It’s just an UPDATED version. 
  • If you are stuck in a rut or a plateau, this might just be the kick you need to start being a fat-blasting-machine again!
  • If you are like me and are at goal and/or lifetime, maybe you are confused or upset about the fear of the program getting boring now that you are not in the losing weight phase anymore…well now we have something to spice it up and work on again!!

There’s been a lot of talk about what the changes will be and I’m trying to not pay any attention them.  But I am pretty sure I already know what they are…Beer and cheese are now 0 points and for every mile you run you earn 10 activity points. 

Winking smile

Happy Thanksgiving


It’s been a busy week so I’m sorry for the lack of posting.  I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am so thankful to have all of you in my life…even if its just on this here blog and/or on Twitter.  All of your support, encouragement and wisdom makes me a very grateful woman and gives me many things to be thankful for in my life.


I hope you guys enjoy your holiday!!  Some of my own personal advise on how I deal with the holiday-

  1. I bring my own Fat Free gravy with me to dinner.  I like gravy a lot and by using the fat free version I save a bundle of calories.
  2. Pick one or two items you really want to indulge in.  For me, that’s usually mashed potatoes.  Then just be sure to fill up extra on the good stuff like veggies & white turkey meat.
  3. Have at least one “safety dish”.  Make at least one thing that you know you can have and not have to worry about feeling guilty when you eat it. 
  4. ENJOY!!  It’s one day people…sure, you can do some damage in one day but just enjoy TODAY.  Enjoy the moments with your family (or try your damn best to), enjoy the spirit of the season, enjoy the smells, enjoy the food….semi sparingly Winking smile 

I am off to go run my own little turkey trot 5K…then cook up a couple dishes to bring to Frankie’s parents house.  Have a wonderful and very happy Thanksgiving!!

I leave you with these funnies…


A couple Tips & Tricks

So many people, here on the blog, twitter and in real life ask me what I’ve done to lose weight. The obvious answer is “Weight Watchers” of course, but that doesn’t really help people out.

I don’t have the secret recipe to losing weight. If I did I would be paying someone right now to write this blog post and I would be lying out on the deck of a yacht (does that make sense? I know nothing about yachts or boats) drinking myself an ice cold Bud Select 55 all the while laughing at all you suckers who are reading this while your at work (HI BOSS!).

Anywho…There are some things that I live by and just do on a regular basis so I decided to just throw some of the ideas that came across my mind into this here list to share with you all…Enjoy!

  • Drink your H20!! Seriously people, at first it won’t seem like it makes much of a difference…until a couple months down the road when you go a day without drinking at least 20 ounces. I have a SIGG water bottle which I fill up at work at least 4 times a day. The bottle hold 1.0L (so about 34 ounces
Image Source
Find drinking water difficult?? Well are you finding drinking soda as difficult????? It’s a mental game people…GET OVER IT!! Suck it down and shut up and in time, you will find you love it, believe me. Add some lemon, lime or even an orange slice to help you out at first. Try it ice cold & at room temperature. If you can make drinking soda work for you, you can make drinking water work as well.
  • Keep staple foods in your house. There are some items that I always make sure are around. Items like: Arnolds Multigrain Thins, Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges, beer, baby carrots, light ranch, 100 calorie almond packs, lean deli meats (turkey & ham), eggs, reduced fat cheese slices for sandwiches, beer, at least 1 can of Progresso Light Soup, a bag of Alexia brand fries in the freezer, oatmeal, beer. With these items I know that I can always make a sandwich and have some soup & a beer… and that’s the meal that keeps on giving folks.
  • Keep salads fun and exciting! Some people might gasp when they hear that I still put cheese, bacon bits, eggs & creamy dressing on my salad…but I don’t care! I’m not about to eat a bunch of dry leaves. That’s just not going to satisfy me and one thing I really believe it…If it’s not going to satisfy you then why eat it. Instead I found healthier options of those goodies. Like Cabot 50% (they even sell a 75%) reduced fat brick of sharp cheese which I dice up into cubes and then weigh out the 1 oz portion on my handy dandy Weight Watchers electronic food scale. I found Hormel 50% reduced fat real bacon crumbles (1 pt for 1 tbsp) that I use sometimes. I use light ranch dressing. Fat free is just gross!! But ranch dressing is something I would never and could never give up. Oh, and I also add chick peas!!
  • Give yourself a damn day off!! This is probably my #1 advise, honestly. Also I’m pretty sure that it will be the #1 thing that when I start working for Weight Watchers, they will tell me to not say LOL. But seriously….I have always given myself that “one day”. Usually for me, it’s Friday or Saturday…of hell, sometimes even both! Sometimes I chose to track what I eat & drink on these days and sometimes…GASP…I do not!! OMG, how do I survive right??
Listen, you can’t think of this like a diet. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE! You can’t think “oh well once I get to goal I can start buying Doritos again”…it doesn’t work like that. So what are you going to do…swear off Doritos for the rest of your life?? NO! You have to still enjoy the things you love and desire when it comes to food, you just have to enjoy these things LESS OFTEN and in smaller quantities. You have to play around with it a little bit but after awhile you will learn where the balance is.

  • Pick your food battles. For example…My ramen soup battle Wednesday night. It’s 8 pts for one package of Ramen Chicken Noodle Soup. I was craving it! So I made it, took two bites & said this is *SO* not worth it. It’s not that it tasted bad cause everyone loves a little “crack head soup” every now and then, but the salt was just too much for me. Especially for a night before weigh-in. So instead I made a can of Progresso Light Italian meatball soup (2.5 pts), a turkey (1) bacon (1 pt…used 1 tbsp of those bacon pieces) cheddar (1 pt, I used 1 slice of rf) melt on a piece of wonder smart white bread (1 pt for 2 slices) and a can of Coors Light (2 pts). So for an extra ½ a point I got to have MORE food & a can of beer, compared to one measly package of Ramen noodle soup.
Sometimes weight loss is a total brain game and you really need to put your thinking cap on. I once had a post about “thinking outside the box” and that kind of thinking is something that really has contributed to my success.

  • 5 days too much to workout? I gotcha. You’re not the “athletic gym-going” type. I gotcha. Work out 3 days a week then and stop making excuses. Do something. Anything. Don’t like walking on a treadmill…try treadmill dancing. Of course I have a treadmill in my bedroom so it’s not as embarrassing as doing it in the public place but jam out those tunes and start walk-dancing away!! Don’t want to hop on a piece of equipment (Oh boy!...who doesn’t want to hop on a piece of equipment ;) well then pick up a workout DVD! Don’t want to do a workout dvd….clean your house. House already clean? Mess it up and clean it again! There is NO excuse for not getting up and moving a little bit more than usual for ATLEAST 30 minutes, 3 days a week.

  • Cheese lovers…if you are like me you can’t bring a brick of cheese into the house without eating it all in one sitting, I have an alternative that works sometimes. Buy some Townhouse reduced fat crackers, take one serving (6 crackers for 1 pt) and take one wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese (1 pt) and VOILA! Cheese & crackers….sorta. You’ll still end up eating a brick of cheese sometimes, but with this light swap it will happen a lot less often.
Theres so many other tips and I'm sure I will think of more after I post this, but these are some of the ones that I think relate to the everyday aspects of this journey.  They wont help everyone, but they sure help me!  So who knows...maybe they are just more of  little reminders really or kick in butts to help remind you the most important tip of them all....


Smaller Size=Smaller Bottles

Ladies and gentlemen, let me fill you in on a very important piece of advice that you may need to carry along with you on the weight loss journey…

As you lose weight your tolerance for alcohol will decrease…who would thunk?? :/

For example…the 252 lb Suzi could drink an entire 1.75 liter bottle (yes folks, thats the BIG bottle) of wine in one day and just feel slightly shitty the next day.  You know that semi-hungover stage where its not like you are going to run a marathon or anything but a little Tylenol and H2O are all you need to get by.

HOWEVER…the 159 lb Suzi CANNOT handle that amount of wine anymore!!
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  But it does take an entire night of puking 2, 3, 5 times along with a day of work missed to realize that my body just cannot stand this much alcohol anymore (should it ever really??). 

I tried to put on my big girl panties and make it through the day, but I just couldn’t.  I left for home around 10:00.  I was physically shaking so bad that I couldn’t even type. I’m almost positive that I gave myself alcohol poisoning on some level.  

So kids, what did we learn…Yes that’s right, stick to beer.  Beer never makes me sick like this, and I know that even at my new size, I can down a 18 pack and be a super trooper the next day. Smile

Tomorrow I will handle the task of cleaning up the trail of red vomit marks that go from my bed to the bathroom (you’re welcome for that).  I tried to hold it in my hand as best as I could.  It kind of looks like a murder scene since they are just small spatters…neato! 

Non-alcohol related:
Thank you *SO* much to everyone for all the wonderful comments on my last blog post about me reaching my goal weight.  You have no idea how amazing they made me feel and the gigantic smile they put on my face.  I’d be lying if I said that I don’t go and re-read them daily, hee hee.  You guys are the best!! XOXO

I reached my goal weight!!!!


Almost 2 years, and with LOTS of hard work and dedication I am proud to say that I have lost 92.6 lbs!!!!

I was and still am in shock. I was honestly certain that I wouldn’t lose the 1.6 lbs I needed to reach goal, let alone be down 2.2 lbs!!!!

As soon as I saw her write down a FIVE after the 1, I started sobbing (my goal weight is 160…I weighed in at 159.4 as you can tell by the picture so I don’t even know why I’m telling you this). I grabbed my face and squatted down in front of scale. I couldn’t believe it. I was really prepared to have to wait another couple of weeks to get to goal and drive myself and all of you insane.

I pretty much cried for a while. All while calling Frankie, my mom and letting my tweeps on Twitter know of the news. I cant describe the feeling.  My leader had me stand up infront of everyone and talk about the journey a little bit.  Seeing the tears in some of my fellow memebers eyes just touched me in so many ways. I’m at a loss for words about it all.

It all seems too surreal. I’m almost quiet. I feel like I have 10,000 emotions and I don’t know what to do with them all. I want to scream, smile, punch something, cry, scream again LOL. I go through waves of happiness, then waves of sadness.

It’s a lot to process mentally and I think that’s what I will be focusing on this weekend. Maybe unplug from the blog & Twitter for the most part and collect my thoughts. Get together a plan in my head about how I will tackle the 6 weeks of maintenance I now have to do to become a lifetime member. And really just reflect on this whole part of the journey. It’s just simply amazing and I can’t believe I did it. Well…to be completely honest...I can.

I have to thank every single one of you *so much* because without your support & love, this journey would have been so much harder. The advice and encouragement and inspiration that many of you give me just overwhelms me sometimes, but in a good way of course. I couldn’t have gotten here alone and I thank you guys so much for being with me.

The journey doesn’t end here…another journey has just started. Obviously I will keep on blogging about Weight Watchers because that will *always* be part of who I am. Thursday nights will always be my “Weight Watcher Night”. I have the journey of maintenance now to work on and I will need your guys amazing support more than ever!!



Because TJ asked for an updated progress pic...I took one.  Kind of silly in a way since I just did one and you cant really tell the difference between the last one and this one where I'm 3.2 lbs lighter.  I think I look skinner in the other one LMAO...but here you go....

Let it be


Dane Cook said it best on Twitter today:


I am driving myself INSANE this week people!  Ever since I realized last week that I am only 1.6 lbs away from hitting my goal weight at Weight Watchers, the thought that keeps creeping in my mind over and over and OVER again is…

“This could be the week I hit goal.”

Well sure, that is true on some level.  It’s also very dangerous on another.  1.6 lbs is a mighty chunk to lose in one week, especially at this point in the game.  Sure, I’ve had a couple of good loses but the reality is, we’re down to ounces a lot more lately people.  Asking for 1.6 at a single weigh-in after having a few good regular weeks is asking for a lot. 

I’ve been getting on the scale every morning and even sometimes at night.  It’s driving me fucking crazy!!  Every time I step on it’s either creeping up a couple of ounces or staying around the same.  I’ve been a pretty good girl this week.  I’ve tracked *everything* (again!…2 weeks in a row if we are counting here people) and I have gotten some really good runs in.  I’ve gone over my points most days but only by a couple and I still have activity points left…I’m not in the negative for the first time in a LONG time!!  I’m mentally expecting it to go down and the fact that I’m not seeing that is getting my spirits down…BUT IT SHOULDN’T!!  Last week though I consumed 90 points over my weekly allowance…that includes what activity I earned too…but I still managed to lose 1 lb.  Awesome right??  Hell yeah it is!!  So can you kind of imagine what I am expecting this week considering how good I’ve been?? 

But thinking of the past and comparing it to my future is only setting myself up for disappointment.  And honestly, I know better.  I know a lot better.

I need to practice what I preach.  I always tell my dear friend Emily that patience is one of the hardest parts of this journey.  She is awful with it just as I can be, and I often want to slap her to knock it off and wait for the greatness that she is working so hard for.  Well I think it’s time I slap the shit out of myself! (Emily is doing amazing by the way and is so close to hitting her 10%! I’m very proud of her!)

Hitting goal will happen when it will happen.  It might happen Thursday, it might happen next Thursday, or hell, some Thursday next month.  I can NOT control when it *does* happen.  All  I can do is keep making the smart, healthy choices that I know I need to and want to make.  All I can do is keep running and working on my fitness goals.  Because essentially I know that these are the things that will get me to reaching goal. 

I also preach a lot about how this journey is not number based.  About how we *CANNOT* focus on the number on the scale.  This road we are traveling is a life long trip, with some detours along the way, but it’s the way we feel during about 90% of our trip that counts.  I didn’t join Weight Watchers to become skinny, or lose 92 lbs in 2 months.  I joined Weight Watchers to become a healthier and better version of ME!  To finally BECOME the person I wanted to be.  It’s about more than just weight.  So much more.  It’s a journey to learn more about our deeper selves and I guess right now I’m on the chapter where I need to learn about persistence, patience and of course…letting it be.

So…I need to settle the fuck down and keep doing what I am doing and try to not let my mind drive me too much more loco.  It will happen when it happens, whatever Thursday that happens to be…we will just have to wait patiently and see.  

(am I rhyming wizard or what?!?!)



I just want to wish *everyone* running the 
2010 ING New York City Marathon the

*best* of luck!!



I know a few people who are running it, such as the ever so lovely and supportive Melanie (@Mpkann) and of course the killer fabulous Skinny Runner.  Also a woman named Claire who runs an amazing blog called Will Run For Beer will be running it too.  I’m not sure if she knows of my existence, but I’m pretty sure we were separated at birth. 

And well there are about 1000 other people I follow on Twitter who are running so this shout-out goes out to them all!!   

I am so proud of all of them and I cannot wait to hear all about their experiences.

Maybe it’s just because I’m from New York (the state, not the city) but running the New York City Marathon to me is way cooler than running the Boston Marathon.  Not to knock the Boston Marathon…just saying…I get way more excited for this race.  My local NBC station will be showing highlights from 2-4 PM tomorrow so I plan on being glued to the TV…even though honestly, watching people run is pretty damn boring LOL.  But I’ll try to watch the highlights.

BUT for those of us not fortunate enough to be running the NYC marathon, remember that tomorrow is World Run Day!!


So in the spirit of the race and of the day, get out there (or on there if you will be treadmilling it) and pound out a couple miles!!


Move your ass!


This past Thursday at my Weight Watcher meeting, I hit another milestone…most likely this will be last milestone before reaching goal and then lifetime.  I was down 1 lb which put me at a total of 90.4 lbs lost.  HOLY SHIT!  In my head I kept telling myself “omg Suzi, you’re only 1.6 lbs away from goal” but then something else kept screaming in the background…”YOU JUST LOST 90 LBS!!”  Yeah…pretty crazy shit right??

I have a feeling the next 1.6 lbs will be a bit tough…not only physically but mentally as well.  Of course, having this awful cold doesn’t help because my ability to get a good workout out in is kind of being poo-poo’d on.  Speaking of working out….

That was the topic at my Weight Watcher meeting this week.  It was all about metabolism and how to jump start it. 

So how do you jump start it you ask?? By working out baby! Feeling the burn! Working up a sweat! Making babies! Eh…the world is populated enough, so please practice that last one with some protection. But if you must….

Many of you have asked me how I started running.  I explained it all in this blog post here.  But in a nutshell…no I wasn’t a runner ever before in my life.  I hated even *trying* to run.  I started by adding a little bit of 30 second running intervals into my walking routine and then adding some more, and more and more and VOILA…before you knew it, I was running a full mile, then 3, then 5, then 10, then 13.1 Smile. <----what the crap is that smiley face?!?!  Do you guys see that??  New on Windows Live writer I guess??  That scared the shit out of me!!



You don’t need to be a “runner” to lose weight or to be considered active.  There are *SO* many ways to add activity into your everyday routine.  Here are some of my ideas that might help someone out:

  • Find something you love!  Do you love swimming??  Find a community pool or maybe join a gym with a pool.  Love dancing??  Try Zumba classes (OMG *so* much fun!) Looking for something more calming…try Yoga.  More of a gym nerd??  Get on the elliptical and work that fine ass you packin’!!  Note: You probably wont love this activity at first, but I truly believe that when you try it, something will click inside of you and you will just *know* that you want to do it again.  That’s how running happened for me…I wanted more and more 30 seconds of running.
  • Start small.  Don’t expect to go balls to the wall the first time you do something.  If you do zero activity now, maybe try adding in small things like parking a little bit further away from the store entrance.  Carrying in bags from the car to the house one bag at a time.  I know these are cliché ideas, but they really do make huge improvements over time and really give you the confidence boost to want to move more!  Set a realistic goal and work from there.  I’m notorious for doing too much too soon and this was difficult for me but really, by taking small steps I was able to move into running comfortably and injury free.
  • Grab a buddy!  If you’re afraid to go it alone, try dragging some poor smuchk with you.  And if it’s going to be a really crazy, intense workout…ask someone who you really don’t care for to go with you. Smile(aaaaahhhh! scary smiley is back!)
  • Make a list of the reasons why you want to make exercise a habit.  Is is really just to lose weight??  Most likely not.  Is it to get tone & fit?  Sure.  I bet its just to feel overall AWESOME though!  And take it to the next step…after you work out, write down how you feel.  Tired, sweaty, strong, fit, lean, happy, ready for a beer…
  • Find motivators…whether its songs and a spiffy little playlist on your music player, pictures cut out of a magazine, power words (examples….strong, lean, perseverance, don’t quit, strength), or maybe its even day dreaming.  I’m a rare gem I’m told because I actually enjoy treadmill runs.  I think the reason why I do is because I find I zone out easier while I’m on the dreadmill.  I day dream like a mother fucker!  I cant even tell you how many people I have killed, how many red bikini’s I’ve worn or how many marathons I have won while running a treadmill.  Oh and lets not forget the many hit albums I put out and sold-out concerts I performed.  Man, I lead a busy life.



It’s not as difficult as it seems.  When my old WW leader would talk about exercising I thought “what a hassle!”.  I never enjoyed exercising or even liked entertaining the thought of it.  And I still have many days where I dread it, but I also have even more days where I lust for it.  Not being able to run for a few days kills me, physically and mentally.  If you do something enough, it will become a habit.  Ask any crack-head.

What’s one thing you could do to move more? What’s something you want to try activity wise that you haven’t tried *yet*?

Ghoblins & Goo

I hope everyone had a very safe & Happy Halloween!!
My Halloween this year was pretty low-key….compared to the past couple of years. I decided not to throw a party this year & just keep it simple with Frankie & myself at home, watching movies.  As most of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I usually go all balls out...but this year I kind of just wanted to keep it simple.  Of course, the inside of my house was still decorated to the extreme.  ;)

There are certain “rituals” I do each year that of course stayed in the plan…like ordering Chinese food for lunch & watching The Wizard of Oz or Snow White…Snow White won this year thanks to its release on Blu-Ray. :) I crack open a bottle of wine that used to be made and imported from Transylvania but the company got bought out so now it comes from California…it’s just not the same anymore. Anywho, once the sun sets I turn on the old classics which are by far my favorite…Dracula, Frankenstein…the oldies but goodies (that’s also what I say about Frankie, hee hee).

My eating and drinking…well they weren’t the best of course. Lots of cheese, booze, and Chinese food. And I had all intentions of being good yesterday but since I had the day off I found myself snacking on pretzels & queso dip halfway through the afternoon. :/ Oh well…it happens…today is a new day!

So while my Halloween evening was calm and peaceful, my morning started out a bit differently this year…

This year was the 18th annual Brueggers Bagels Halloween 5K at Beaver Lake. This is a trail run and it is a relatively flat course, minus a few hills. This is normally one of my favorite places to run for a nice, relaxing, easy run.

This race also marked my “anniversary race”. This very same race is the first race I ever ran in! Last year it was on October 25th though. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. I can remember what songs I listened, when I felt like dying, what it felt like to come out of the trails and see the finish line….ahhh memories.

Needless to say I was very excited about this race. I even bought my Halloween costume primarily to run in it that morning, but due to the weather I didn’t wear it. :(

I did wear it to work on Friday though...

So how was the race you ask?? Well…

It sucked! I hated every part of it. And here are the reasons why:
  • There were A LOT more people in the race this year compared to last year. In fact, there were 157 more people. Now picture 652 people trying to run a race on a trail that is about as wide as say an F150 Ford truck…yeah, NOT fun!
  • What the fuck is with all these kids!?!? I’m serious people…I almost ran over two 8 year olds. What happened to having to be at least 13 years old with parents consent to run in the race?? There is a kid’s fun run before the 5K…have your children run in that!! I mean I am happy to see kids being active, but seriously?? And these kids were dressed in jeans and boots and when you tried to go past them to get out of their way, well they just thought it was funny and would try to speed up to beat you. It was annoying and pain in the fucking ass.  
  • The weather was not pleasant. It had been raining all night and into the early morning and yes THAKFULLY it had stopped, but on trails like these…it was a little too late. Last year Beaver Lake was kind enough to try and clean up what leaves they could so we wouldn’t slip on them. Well they didn’t bother to do that at all this year. Not only did they not clear the trails but it looks like that morning they had driven on a few of them with an ATV because there were a bunch of tracks filled with mud and holes. Considering I just took a nasty fall a few weeks ago…I was nervous as hell about falling. I actually did slip a few times but I caught myself. And don’t even get me started about the boardwalk portion of the trails…you want to talk about slick?? I think I had 50 people I let pass me by because I was so scared of falling. Overall, just very shitty running terrain.
  • I wasn’t feeling it. I just couldn’t get into this race. I wanted to just have fun and a good time, since I knew I wouldn’t PR this one…even everyone in the crowd was saying how you don’t run this race for time, thank god because I ran a sad 32:42…that’s over 3 minutes slower than my last 5K and my pace was a whole minute slower. Yuck! But even without really worrying about my time, I just couldn’t get into the run. I wanted it to stop and be over with. I didn’t want to be there and I certainly did not want to be running. The air was so cold wet that my lungs were SCREAMING….along with my shoulders due to some gas pains in my stomach.

They can’t all be winners and they can’t always be “memorable” races. It’s kind of sad that I had to have a real crappy run (as far as I can remember, this is my first real shitty race so I guess I should count my blessings) on a run that was monumental to me…but now I guess it’s monumental for two reasons, LOL.  
I didnt even get my 3 free bagel coupon this year. I did get a nice long sleeve shirt though...in baby blue...way to go on the Halloween colors people.  :/ 

Oh, and thanks to the conditions I now have a cold and feel like shit…lovely.

How did you spend your Halloween?? Did you have more treats than tricks??

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