When I was 26...

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, HAAAAAAAPY BIIIIIIIITHDAAAAAAAY Suzi (the girl who kicks so much fucking aaaaaassssssssss), Happy Birthday to ME!
When I was 26…
  • I lost 44.8 lbs! (So far 88.4 total)
  • I ran my very first race ever! (A 5K in October 2009)
  • I ran my very first 1/2 marathon! (In September 2010)
  • I created a 5K PR, only to smash it and create a new one almost 12 months later! The difference was 13:07 minutes!
  • I started a blog! (This one duh.)
  • I met some amazing people via this blog and Twitter (@SuziStorm…I’m a private account but just request me & I’ll accept)! 
  • I’ve shaved around 4.14 minutes off my pace! I went from a 13:38 pace (from my very first 5K on 10/25/09) to 9.24 (my last 5K on 10/9/10)! 
  • I went to my doctors and got a full physical!
  • I started taking my vitamins like a big girl! Me so grown up!
  • I gave up beer……LMAO! Just kidding. Just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.
  • I switched to Bud 55…a LIGHTER beer! :) (which by the way, I have named myself the unofficial spokesperson for Bud Select 55…if you guys had any idea how many of them I drink on a weekly basis, you would agree completely)
  • I went to the dentist for a cleaning! This also makes me a big girl…dentist and devil don't both start with D for nothing you know!
  • I bought my very first ever Victoria Secrets bra! I still got big boobies but they are big boobies that fit into a Victoria Secrets bra now :D 
  • I went from a size 16 dress to a size 8! 
  • I took my first spill out on the road while I was running! Ouch! 
  • I got a cute new cruiser bike & I started riding again!  
  • I tried new vegetables like brussel sprouts, spaghetti squash, jicama (or is that a fruit? :/) and I loved them all!
  • I had awesome blonde highlights in my hair! I’ve since gone back to all black but it was fun to experiment a little during the summer.
  • I managed to buy clothes in bright colors like blue, yellow, and PINK!
I’m sure I did many other amazing things, but those are what stick out in my mind.

Honestly, birthdays have never been a huge thing to me. Age is really nothing but a number. I don't even hang out with most people my age. Hell, my boyfriend is 40 LOL. But it’s nice to reflect on this past year and look at all that I have accomplished and all the great changes I have made for myself.

For those of you who don't know, I have a phobia with the #7, or any number with 7 in it. A lot of very bad things have happened to me, all on days with a 7. When I turned 17 I was terrified that that would be the year I died. Obviously, I did not…..wait….nope, pulse is still beating.

I’m a little freaked out about going through #27 but when I look at all the things I’ve accomplished, I get to focus on making year #27 even MORE great!! What's in store?? Who knows….meeting goal weight and lifetime at Weight Watchers….running a marathon….breaking my 1/2 marathon PR….becoming a billionaire….winning an oscar…..winning a free medium fry at McDonalds…..WHO KNOWS!!

Only time will tell, but here is to another year!!

Now go drink a beer for me…….



  1. Happy Birthday !!
    Sounds like an amazing year...you should be very proud!

  2. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

    I was really freaked out about turning 27, think of all the amazing people that didn't make it past 27, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and then i got really freaked out that i hadn't written any amazing music by age 27 and ...hold up, why am i telling you this again?


  3. Happy birthday! I am down 48 lbs at this point in my 35th year. You have definitely been an inspiration since I located you on Twitter. Here's to a wonderful 27th year for you!


  4. Happy birthday, fabulous! It was a great year and the next will be even better for you I'm sure! I'm sure the most challenging on your list will be....winning that free fry from McD's. Even harder to win than an Oscar!!! xo

  5. Many Happy Returns of the Day!


  6. Happy Birthday!! It does sound like you had a wonderful year and only have great things to look forward to this year!

  7. Delurking to say I hope your birthday is awesome! A lot of accomplishments for your 26th year! I am sure your 27th is going to rock as well!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Have a great day and a great year with new accomplishments!

  9. Happy birthday! I hope it's a wonderful, memorable one.

    Your fear of 7s reminded me of "Where the Heart Is" (the book, not the movie, they changed the fear to 5 for the movie and it lost some punch).

  10. Happy Birthday Little Sister. Many more to come!

  11. Happy birthday love! Enjoy your day celebrating you and your accomplishments :)

  12. What a great list!!

    Happy Birthday! :)

  13. Happy Birthday, Rockstar!
    I just might drink a beer for you after my run tonight.
    Now go out and celebrate! Just don't celebrate hard enough to get a wicked hangover. :p

  14. I love you, you crazy BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a beer for you on Saturday night. Is that okay?

    That is a great list by the way. You are a freaking rockstar!! Enjoy your day/night. You deserve it.

  15. Go drink a birthday beer for you? Done and done (yes, that means two beers).

    Happy birthday, beautiful!

  16. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovee youuuu!! xoxox

  17. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had an awesome day!


    My birthdays are nothing special or spectacular but all of you on here, and on twitter, made it something unforgettable.

    I love you all so much!! XOXO

  19. CHEERS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looking forward to all the amazing things you'll do at 27.


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