What a difference a day makes!

This week has been one of those weeks where everything is “so-so”. My eating has been so-so, my runs have been so-so (with the exception of a couple) and the scale has been so-so.
You know, I used to have this die hard rule about not getting on the scale any day Thursday and I only got on the scale at my Weight Watcher meeting. The past few months though I find myself on it every damn day. Some days it’s up, some days it’s down. It kind of drives me nut, but at the same time keeps me accountable. And here is why…

Tuesday morning I got on the scale and was not pleased! I wasn’t a bad girl the night before and I was really expecting to a lower number. But I didn’t. It was about the same. Now I know my “morning weight” is different than my “afternoon weight” so this pissed me off even more.

So what did I do?? I got my butt into gear that what!! If you follow me on twitter you know that Tuesday are TWIET…Tweet What I Eat Tuesdays. Not only did I log what I ate the entire day on Twitter but also in my Weight Watcher E-Tools.

I made a delicious and low fat healthy dinner…Tilapia with Laughing Cow Cheese & reduced fat cracker crumb topping, with 1 cup of spaghetti squash. YUM!

I also decided to be a complete nut and run home from work in the pouring rain. 3.6 miles in the pouring rain can take a lot out of a girl!! *Please note....that pouch around my tummy area is not mine!!  That jacket is 3 sizes too big but I keep it around to run "dirty" in since I havent gotten another one. I have a beer belly, but not like that ;)

And look what I found at the grocery store afterwards!! Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk!!!!! It’s 2 point for 1 cup and it is DELICIOUS!! Perfect for that post-workout recovery drink.

Now guess what I *didn’t* drink last night….BEER!! I know right…please don’t stop following me. I promise I will be back to normal soon.

I actually ended up having points left over at the end of the day. It felt nice to have that happen again. I went to bed feeling amazing and I woke up feeling amazing!! The scale looked a little better too. ;)

But making yesterday awesome makes me want to make today awesome!! So try to do something today that you know will make you feel good!!

Tonight I am going back to Zumba. I haven’t been since WAY earlier in the year, before I started training for the ½ marathon. I’m not bored with running but I want to spice things up. Though I do feel kinda guilty for not running :/ Weirdo!

One more thing…

One of my favorite bloggers out there, Skinny Runner, has me featured today on her Cat Lady Blog post!! I am *SO* honored to be part of this great list of bloggers she has featured.

Isnt her doggie just the cutest!! Plus fella's...SR is a hot piece of eye candy and her site it loaded with pictures (and not just ones with her post-run)  ;)

If you’ve been following me for some time I’m sure you have heard me talk about SR on several different occasions. Her blog is witty, honest and just a good kind of different! She is a huge motivational tool for me when it comes to my running. I cant tell you how many Sunday mornings I haven’t wanted to run but as soon as I turn on the laptop and go to her blog, that changes! Please make sure you head over to her site and check her out. She’s just super duper fun!! ;)

And welcome to the people that came her from her site!!

So my lovely readers…here’s a question for you….What kind of beer do *you* drink??


  1. You know i only ever used to drink local ales and sometimes Stella Artois, but after getting to know you, and realising there were low point beers out there, i switched to Coors Light, which i really like! And it's only 1pt a bottle! And sometimes on the odd occasion , i have a treat of one of these babies http://fruli.com/ The bottle is small, so i count it as one point- they are soooo tasty you are not even tempted to snack when drinking them.

    Go you on your running this week! You rock my world!

  2. congrats on a great day! :) whoohoo! :)

  3. Having a great day does rock and can totally trigger great days to follow :)

    So, actually, I drink beer but not regularly so I don't have a preferred brand. Dutch beers are already pretty good but I like Grolsch over Heineken, Amstel, Oranjeboom, etc. Don't get me started on Belgian beers! One of my faves is Delerium Tremens (has a pink elephant on the label even). When I can get my hands on it, Czech beer preference is Staropramen or Pilsner Urquell (on tap is the BEST, send me to Prague anyone!!). I love going to specialty beer bars and trying different brews. This weekend I was at a place in Amsterdam called the Beer Temple and a friend of mine had a brew called Raging Bitch :) You would LOVE that place!!

  4. Definitely a Guinness girl... also love me some Newcastle and ANYTHING Long Trail.

    I just found your blog today from SR and it's awesome to see someone with a healthy lifestyle that also loves beer! My motto: "I run for beer." :)

  5. Lesley- Coors Lights are just 1 pt where you are???? WHAT!!!! They are 2 points per can here. Thats would be my drink of choice. Thats what Frankie drinks actually. I still switch between the Bud 55's and Coors Lights.

    Renee- A placed called the Beer Temple?? When where you at my house?? :/

  6. Hey lady - I love my dark beers, I'll go as light as an amber (like say "Fat Tire"), but my true love is the thick, black, frothy kind.
    I didn't name my first born "Porter" on accident :)
    I'm super impressed/proud of your run in the rain - that's the sign of a true runner, when you look outside and say "fuck it, I'm doing this"!
    Love ya toots,

  7. Hi Jodi!! Thanks for commenting!! I love me some Guinness too but I only have it once in a while. I made a Weight Watcher friendly guinness stew once. I'll have to find the recipe and blog it cause it was AWESOME!!

    Amen...I love the motto girl!! Keep running and keep drinking ;)

  8. MT- Hahahahaha....you like them thick & black....hahahaha....I knew you did ;P

  9. Suzi- all i can think is maybe i buy a smaller bottle? My eSource tracks it as a 1 pointer....eeek! I hope to gawd it's right

    I might email Renee about The Beer Temple...i'm off to Amsterdam in just over a day!



  10. I prefer craft beers or specialty beers. I also really like white beer (Rickards White with a slice of orange is delicious!). I look for different ones, like Orange Peel Beer or there was a great pomegranite one I found last fall (hey that means it may be available again now!). Geez girl you're hard core running in the downpour!

  11. thanks for featuring me on your blog. its like cat lady beers!
    i know you're gonna hate me, but i don't drink beer so im going to be a poser and say whatever's cool to say. microbrews? or a mojito, blood mary, margarita, mimosa...

  12. Hi! Stopping by from SR.... I love corona. Its my favorite. Add grenadine to it instead of lime, it's life changing!

  13. Hi! Glad SR posted your blog. I always want to drink beer, but feel a lot better when I workout first. I'm a big lover of IPAs

  14. Hi - I'm new, love your blog. I stick to MGD64 or anything light, but I'm a sucker for fruity beers - Abita Strawberry, Purple Haze, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, Kriek Cherry Lambic, etc.

  15. I came over from SR also! :) I like what I've been reading so far! Looking forward to reading your future posts! :) .... It has taken me a while to get into beer and I still haven't found one that I can't live without. I like some of the Saint Arnolds beers. Have any suggestions for a good beer for a newbie?

  16. YAY! I found you through SR today as well. I'm so happy she posted about you because your way of thinking is one I can totally get behind. Congrats on all your progress and keeping it real! (Do people still say that?)

    Anydork, I am so happy to have found your blog.

    As for beer... I'm hard pressed to find a decent beer that I don't like but I will say my all time favorite one to sip is hands down Mich Ultra. Sure it's plain and boring but it's my GO TO. Ice cold and refreshing!

    That being said I'm smitten with Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Blue Moon's Harvest Moon brews for this time of year!

    I look forward to reading more - I'm in my own fitness revival, seeing your before and after pictures and reading your story is SO motivating! So thank you!

  17. I love SR and I am checking you out from her Cat Lady blog day....enjoy your blog as well so added you to follow..I don't post very well so I would say that my blog isn't so much fun to follow...work too many hours and exercise and have three year old, plus hubby so not much extra! Keep up the good work...you have done LOTS of work and that is inspiring! I love MGD 64!!! Yum...

  18. Visiting from SR's blog. I love a good Blue Moon on tap. Congrats on your first half!

  19. Tough question: I drink whatever sounds good! I like anything except IPA's. Right now I'm digging pumpkin beer, and I love going to microbreweries and local beer bars to try new beers. Big Boss in NC is an awesome microbrewery that makes a great pumpkin beer and a coffee stout.

  20. I'm so glad SR recommended your blog - i love it! I just started WW myself, so I've enjoyed going back through your entries reading about your experience.

    My favorite beer is a toss up: Boulevard Wheat (which i don't get out here in AZ) or Dos Equis Lager. It's a great summer beer. :)

  21. Hey! I too found you thru skinny runner! My favorite kind of beer is a nice, hoptastic OPS. Looking forward to following your blog!

  22. Okay my stupid (I mean awesome) phone auto-corrected IPA as OPS. Love me some IPA!!!

  23. PS: I'm leaving you some blog love on my blog

  24. I love the chocolate silk almond milk!! You're right - tastes awesome after a run. Of course, not as good as a beer tastes after a run :)
    I love beer. I go in phases as far as faves. Anything from Mich Ultra (preferred post-run beer) to Guinness. I know. But at least I don't say "I only like 3 kinds of beer: cold, cheap, and free."
    Oh man, I really want a beer now. And it's only 6am.
    Well, consider me a new die-hard follower. Can't wait to read more!


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