Thank you’s that are well overdue


First of all let me start by saying *THANK YOU* to everyone wishing me well after my fall on Sunday and sharing their own experiences with me.  It’s comforting to know you’re not alone out here in this world of running mishaps.  I mean…everyone falls down, but sometimes you feel like maybe you’re over thinking the injury…it’s nice to know people had my back and helped to steer me in the path of getting healthy again.

I’m glad to say that I am starting to feel better.  The swelling in my knee has gone down a lot and I have a lot more movement.  I think I might be able to start stretching tomorrow!!  Not to be too gross, but the gashes are crusting up just nicely :) and my while my elbow is still sore as fuck, it’s getting there.  I try to ice is with my beer can as much as possible.

Maybe…just maybe…I will be able to run Sunday or Monday. I’m really hoping.

Mentally…I’m getting into a much better place.  I skipped my Weight Watcher meeting tonight, which I normally wouldn't do, but I felt it was something I had to do this week.  Last night I worked on getting myself mentally “in the game” again and I was feeling pretty good.  I know I’m up…about 2.4 lbs on my home scale give or take due to last night meal courtesy of Ruby Tuesdays ;) …and I didn't need to go there and deal with that.  I didn't even want to deal with the meeting and seeing my fellow members this week.  Everyone has one of these weeks now and then.  I know that when I return next week, I *will* be ready!!

On e-tools it says the weekly topic was getting back on track…a “fresh start”…so maybe I should have gone LOL.  Eh, I’m getting there…one day at a time.  Sometimes you just need to work through your funk by yo-self!

Anyways, I received two wonderful blog awards from two wonderful people and because I A.) never could seem to find the time B.) life throwing shit my way and C.) pure laziness…I never got around to thanking them for these great honors. 

The awards I received are…

the-versatile-bloggerI received this from my dear friend Bethany on her blog lifes little epiphanies…

Bethany is an amazing person who is seriously one of the strongest people I know.  She’s had to undergo some strenuous hip surgery and still is sadly having problems.  But the woman doesn't give up.  She still gets her ass on that treadmill and walks and runs when she can.  She doesn't come close to realizing how amazing she is and how determined and strong of a woman she is and will continue to be.  I just love her! 

Thank you Bethany for this awesome award!! XOXO

My next award was…

OneLovelyBlog5B15D This came from the amazing nikeathena over at her awesome blog Small Town Girl

Thanks to Skinny Runner we came across each other and I am so happy that we did!!  She is an awesome gal who is running her way through life and trying to stay true to who she is.  Just in a the past 2 weeks she has given such inspiration and encouragement through her comments and her blog! 

Plus, we both share a wicked love with running gadget and gear ;)  I really look forward to getting to learn more and more about her.

OK, so…both awards require that I list like 8 million blogs I want to give these awards to…Seriously, I’d have to name like 30 and I just don’t have the time for that garbage tonight. So please accept my kindest apologizes.  Some time soon I want to do a little blog-love shout out to a particular group so I think I will save it for that moment.

Bethany’s award required that I list 7 things people don't know about me, so I will give that a shot:

  1. I once bought a tank top that read “Mrs.. Timberlake”  If I still had it, I would rock that shit today.  And yes, I was in my early 20’s when I bought it.
  2. I got my first tattoo at the age of 15.  It’s the symbol for “passion” on my forearm.  I believe that if you don't live your life with passion…what's the point?
  3. I had an unhealthy obsession with the Karate Kid when I was younger.  I’m serious.  I even dressed up as the Karate Kid.  Every photo of me from the age of 7-9 is me rocking the crane pose.  I can wax on wax off like no other!
  4. When I make cd’s for people, I always throw one random rap song in there somewhere.  And it’s usually a pretty hardcore dirty one.
  5. I’m a HUGE Dave Matthews Band fan…some people are surprised by this I guess??
  6. I love reading magazines.  I buy at least one or two a week.  Mostly fitness/health reads.
  7. I don't really like beer…..HAHAHAHAHA…that not true. At all. Seriously.  That kind of hurt to even type.  I need a beer now…


  1. Mrs. Timberlake? Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Really? That is great.

    I knew about DMB. =] I remember that was one of the first tweets from you because they were in CT that night and you wished you were in Hartford and I told you it was 20 minutes from me.

    (((hugs))) Glad you are healing. And WW isn't going anywhere.

  2. Wow, I didn't really get an opportunity to comment on your Owwies, but they looked like they "Hurt like Fuck!". Those kinds of wounds have a tendency to do that. You have a lot of nerve endings exposed over a larger mass of tissue and they just plain suck!! I am just glad it was you and not me!! I hear beer is good for pain control!

  3. 1. I am a Justin Timberlake fan and I run to a couple of his songs. Now that you have come clean, I feel strong enough to admit it.
    2. Agreed. Right now, my passion is for Tim Curry.
    3. Nice!I LOVED that movie! My dad and I were most jealous when he got the free old car from Mr Miagi.
    4. People are often shocked when I know rap lyrics. I support your varied musical tastes!
    5. As for DMB, I see them as a gateway band to country music, so I will accept this and support you, but I may tease you about it, partner.
    6. I was doing that and then decided to subscribe to them to save money.
    7. I never asked, but what is your favorite beer?

  4. Ha! I love DMB too! I have seen him like every time he tours here - he's so funny.

    I hope you are feeling better soon huns, this is a great upbeat post :)



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