Sweet Treat!


As most of you know, I am not a big fan of sweets.  Thankfully the sweet tooth my mother has was not passed down to me…I’m more of a mouse.  Give me the cheese, the salt, the BEER!!

However…I do enjoy a little suttin’ suttin’ sweet every now and then.  And I think this beautiful fall weather has put me in the mood to bake.  Due to my current lack of funds, I had to do something cheap so I chose the following sweet treat to make tonight…

This recipe comes courtesy of the uber fabulous Gina over at Skinny Taste.  I just adore everything she comes up with and so far she has not steered me wrong!  You could seriously waste a whole day going through the recipes on her blog, as well as a few $100 in your wallet shopping for ingredients because you will want to make it ALL!!

I chose to make her Low Fat Rice Krispy Treats with an extra special treat on top.  Please make sure to go check out her site for the recipe!

*And yes, I know…technically I did not “bake”.  Whatever.  I see some WW friendly zucchini bread in my future bitches so watch out!!*

Easy ingredients…light butter, mini marshmallows and rice krispy treats…I added some reeses pieces ontop (just a few!)…the beer is just for drinking while you make these.


Melt that butter like its the fat on yo thighs!


Melt them marshmallows like….I dont know…like melted marshmallows :/


Now while all this stuff was melting…I may or may not have stolen a lick off of the spatula:


And I may or may not have stolen a reeses pieces or two (ok four but THATS IT!)


And maaaaaaybe I wanted to put the whole ooey gooey melted marshmallow mix in my mouth…but I didnt :(


Doesnt it look pretty?? 


Once its melted all pretty like that you have to throw the Rice Krispys in there real quick and STIR, STIR, STIR!  Also known as…get every utensil in your house sticky & covered with super glue krispys.

Then pour into your pan…


See that gorgoues cobweb of stickyness??  Nice huh?? 

I hope you are enjoying the high quality photos from my phone. HD droid pictures baby ;)

See…at this point Gina will tell you to use a piece of wax paper to press down the rice ball into the pan.  I did not have any wax paper.

I thought I could bypass this and just use the spoon…NOPE.

I thought I could bypass the spoon and use my hands…double NOPE!  My hands were literally STUCK.  I *so* wish I had gotten a picture of this, but the person (ahem Frankie) I asked for to come help me was busy playing video games and didnt come out so I had to get myself out of the mess.  Thankfully I didnt ruin them.  I decided to take another flat pan I have, spray that with cooking spray and use that to press down and flatten the mixture.  So screw you wax paper!!


I added a couple of reeses pieces on top for added flavor & to give it a Halloween/Fall treat look. 

Then just cut,eat and enjoy!!

In a 9 X 11 pan, it makes 16 servings at 3 points a piece…I had to use a 9 X 13 pan and it made 18 pieces but I also added a few of the candies so I’m still calling it 3 points per piece.  I enjoyed one tonight and will probably have one tomorrow but I am bringing in the rest of them for my co-workers tomorrow. :)

What kind of fall baked goods do you like to make??  Anything you’d like to share??


  1. Krispy Treats are my specialty, but I never thought of a reese pieces garnish! mmmmm...

    I bought some bananas and will be trying the pb banana bread that melanie posted about last week.

  2. Those look so cute and halloweenie (ha! I said, weenie) I also have to say that you definitely need to put more recipes on the blog. You're hilarious! Love the pictures. And I would love a zucchini bread recipe. I would like any ww friendly baked goodie. Because I love me a baked goodie. I've been playing around with pumpkin bread recipes trying to figure out how to make them low points. Fall makes me want yummy baked goodness.

  3. girl you crack me up! HAHA! you are too cute in those pics! xoxo :)

  4. totally going to do this! looks super yummy! i myself could have just sat and ate the goo ;) hahaha

  5. How great does that look! Yum. I have the mean sweet tooth. I love cookies, cakes, pastries etc.

    My fav to make in the fall is pineapple upside down cake. Yummy!

  6. Jack- We would melt TV screens!!

    Randi- Fall is your favorite time to make pineapple upside down cake?? LOL... I seriously laughed out loud at that because all I can think of when I hear pineapple is beaches and summertime, LOL. Bake on...bake on!!

    Trixie & Deb- I will send you guys my mailing address where you can send me the baked goods you make.

    TJ- Thanks cutie ;)

    Lor- It was tempting girl...it was tempting.

  7. I just found your blog...love it. Way to go on all the weight lost. Such an inspiration. I'm loving your marshmellow treats and the fact that you're still a beer drinker. I prefer wine, but nothing beats a good ole' Coors Light and maryland crabs!


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