PR & Pain

PR & Pain…no, those two things are not related but they sum up how my weekend went.

I’m about 3 days late on posting this because I kept forgetting to send the draft to my email so I could work on it at home. This just goes along with how my week has been going.

I’m in a real funk people. If you follow me on Twitter you already know this. I feel like crap (you will learn why below) and I’m eating like crap and well…none of it can add up to me feeling good.

First let me start out with the positive…

The Hometown Hero’s 5K was amazing!! The race itself was a bit of a bigger deal than I thought it was going to be. It’s funny cause sometimes you never know what kind of race you are getting into. Will they have chip timing? Is there a large crowd? Will you get a race bib?

Well this race had all those things. There were close to 200 runners and a pretty decent amount of family and friends there supporting everyone. Even the local news station was there. They have a local chip timing company there and we got race bibs, which always help to make a race feel “real”. We also got a goodie bag with a pretty nice T-shirt and a box of Wheaties Fuel. Score! There was a production problem with the Military Medals but they said they are going to be sending them out to us in the mail.

Here’s the best part of the race…I set a new PR!!!! My finish time was 29:10:42!! That’s more than two minutes I took off my last record. My pace was 9:24. I came in 6th in my age group…I actually wasn’t towards the bottom!!

I ran my butt off...I was WHOOPED!!  Can you tell??

Where's my bed??

I can’t even begin to express how happy I was with my time. I wanted *SO* badly to beat 30 minutes, but I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but I did!! I crushed it!!

I was also a tired little puppy after that…seriously…all that fast running knocks me right out…

The coolest and most inspiring part of the race…the members of the 174th National Guard in Afghanistan were also running at the same time that we were. How amazing is that?!?!

Now here comes the pain part…

I took my very first road spill while running on Sunday. I decided to go for a “long” run…well for what I had hoped would be a long run. I left the house about 15 minutes before Frankie had to leave for his softball game and I got the genius idea to run the 6 ½ miles to the field and catch the last part of his game & surprise him. Well there was some construction I came across and I ran out of sidewalk….I knew there was construction in the area but I thought the majority of it was over. Well anyway… I was trying to avoid a grate that was about 4 inches off the ground and also avoid oncoming traffic…well I must have just shaved the corner of the grate with the tip of my foot because it caught the corner and I went FLYING!!

At first I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. This wasn’t just some little stumble or fall onto the ground. I literally FLEW. My first reaction was to see how close to the road I was and to make sure I didn’t get hit by car. Then I saw the cuts…then I moved a bit…then came all the blood.

I still had about ½ to ¾ miles to go. I almost called for help but I was so shaken, all I could think about was getting to that softball field and being around people I knew. Thankfully the bar/restaurant next to the field let me use their bathroom to clean up my wounds a bit.

Here are some pictures right after I cleaned up in the bathroom:

My knee & elbow are all cut up & gashed open and swollen to the size of softballs. My hand is all cut up too. I’ve done peroxide washes, and have them covered with Neosporin and gauze pads. I've done some ice to my knee too obviously since its the size of a balloon now. My knee is SO sore. Actually…my whole body is today….especially my neck and shoulders. Ugh.

Here are some pictures of the battle wounds from Monday night....

Needless to say I’m not in the best place right now…physically or mentally. Knowing that I can’t run for a little bit is a downer. Plus, my eating and drinking habits this past weekend were awful….lots of cheese & crackers, chips and dip, beer. Blah!!

I'm so sick of gauze, pain and stinging.  I'm sick of barely being able to bend my knee.  I'm sick of not being able to rest my arm on a table.  Ugh...just sick of it all.

And everyday that starts fresh I say to myself “today I will make great” and then I fail. My birthday is Tuesday (the 19th) and we are going out this weekend to celebrate.  I'm already up a few pounds on my scale at home so of course that isnt putting me in the best "birthday week" type of mood. I think my plan right now is to just continue to take it easy and rest up. Not go crazy with eating or anything, but cut myself some slack and heal up. Then go into next week hopefully recovered and ready to kick ass again!!

I know it will get better. I just have to try and be patient and rest up. And not beat myself up too much mentally.

Have any of you ever taken a pretty serious spill while running or working out at all??


  1. Ouch! I would have been a complete mess. I've never had a fall, but I'm often on my treadmill and it's harder to fall on that I guess. Of course, now that I've said that...

    I think you've got the right idea. Rest up, relax, heal. Those few pounds will be gone before you know it. You know exactly what to do. Trust yourself. You got this.

    And Happy Birthday!

  2. Wow! What a crybaby! Just suck it up and run. Sure, it'll hurt for a little while during... and it'll hurt for a little while after, but geez... I've continued my training even though I've got this wicked hangnail... talk about hurting!

  3. The important thing is you're well enough to be able to post this!! I have actually fallen on a sidewalk twice this year, and fell on a trail run at the beginning of the year, but fortunately didn't get banged up too badly. Hang in there!

  4. First off, way to go on your PR!! That is so freaking awesome - i think i would die of shock if i was able to run a 5k in under 30 min. :)

    And sorry about your spill, it looks painful. I feel on the treadmill once...i think it hurt my pride more than my skin.

    Hang in there and have fun on your birthday!!

  5. Aww, Honey, hope you feel better soon. (((Hugs)))

    Enjoy your birthday!


  6. I'm a first time commenter but a) I love your blog; b) I wanted to congratulate you on your PR; and c) I did have a nasty fall about three weeks ago. I run with my dog and we were doing my last tempo run before my half marathon. We were on the trail, good as can be, when he got scared. He darted with such force that he pulled the leash off my wrist and I FELL to the ground. It was horrendous and to only make it worse, I ran the two miles home. Anyway, to end the longest comment ever, I recovered. I was shaken but I was able to run my half. And PR. Don't worry!

  7. Owwwww this is one of my greatest fears...falling!

    You are still awesome for beating your PR!

  8. Congrats on your PR! That is amazing!

    So sorry to hear about your road spilL! That's one of my worst fears as well. HOpe you heal up soon!

  9. You are an amazing woman, I hope you know that! congrats on your new PR!!

    and honey, I've never had a spill like this. boy when you do things you really go for it, don't you? ;-)

    Back in November of last year I had a foot operation. I was sure it would be easy and I'd be healed and able to run the 10K I'd signed up for (my first race) beginning of December. Right before my op I finally hit 10K in my training (boy how things have progressed!). I was absolutely gutted when I found out not only could I not run my race, I couldn't do ANY training at all until I got my stitches out (3 days before the friggin race). One week after I got rid of my crutches I threw my back out. Like, I couldn't effing move at all. All I could do way lay flat on my back all day. I couldn't go to work. I couldn't go play. I couldn't go to the company holiday party, but mostly I COULDN'T RUN. And how I cried. I cried every day for WEEKS. I ended up completely out of commission for almost 7 weeks. As soon as the doc and PT said I could run again I hit it like I thought it would be my last chance to run again. And then I cried some more because I COULD RUN AGAIN. And you know what? There was tons of snow and ice on the ground and it was FREEZING outside but I didn't care. I was RUNNING AGAIN.

    Point is, it sucks, getting injured. But this is temporary. And when you are ok again you are going to kick ass like you NEVER kicked it before. Because Suzi you are AN AMAZING RUNNER.

  10. awww my poor Suzi! XOX looks awful, but the good news is that it will all heal up and you will get back to the pavement (on your feet this time! lol) soon! :)

  11. OMG, Suzi! I had no idea it was that bad. I knew you were in pain, but sweetie! That looks so bad!! ((((hugs))) The best thing is rest, rest, rest!! And YES, I have had to do that before. When I started running in 2004 (back when I did this before) I injured myself and I had to rest for awhile. It's so hard when you see and hear others talking about it. But rest is the best thing right now. Get well and get back on it.

    BTW, that last picture of you after the look so TINY!!

  12. I took a horrible spill in my kitchen. I know, how ridiculous is that? I was carrying my son getting ready for work. I tripped over the broom and landed on my knees and elbow. I didn't want to drop my son or fall on him. I couldn't run for 2 weeks because of the pain in my knees. Take it easy. You will get back on your game! Let your body heal as hard as it is to do.


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