5K my worries away…


First of all I want to *WELCOME* to all my new followers (and a huge thanks again to SR for bringing you all here)!!  I’m so glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy reading about how awesome and fabulous I am…I mean about living a healthy life and crap like that.

I decided earlier today to go run a 5K tomorrow at the local parkway down the street from me.  It’s called the Hometown Heroes 5K run and the proceeds go to help local Military families, which I think is just awesome!! I haven't done a race since the 1/2 marathon on September 19th and I was planning on waiting till my “anniversary race” on Halloween…

For those of you who are new or don't remember…my very first race ever was last Halloween and it was a 5K at a place called Beaver Lake and yes, it’s trails, but its gorgeous and one of my favorite runs.

Well I decided I didn't want to wait.  It’s only a 5K but I’m super excited to see how I do.  It’s been a few months since I ran a 5K race and my PR right now is 31:32…remember the Paiges Butterfly Run, where I kind of peed my pants at the end.  Fun times, fun times.

Anyways, I’m not trying to beat that time but to be around it would be nice.  We’ll just have to see how it goes I guess.  I’m excited to put my newly found speed to work a little bit.   

If you cross the finish line at this Hometown Heroes race you get some sort of Military Challenge Medal Coin which sounds pretty cool.  Plus you get a t-shirt…score! I’m really looking forward to this race overall. 

We are uber broke but I decided to treat myself to a little early birthday present (my birthday is October 19th for those of you who want to send me presents…which I’m sure is all of you).  I went to Sports Authority and found a pair of Nike Running pants that were originally $50 marked down to $30!!  Sweet deal if you ask me. 


I kinda look like a goob in them because they taper down and normally I hate pants like that, but they are good and practical for running so I guess I will surrender some of my personal style for warmth and comfort.

Oh and here’s a shot of me at Zumba class on Wednesday night.  I went back after not going for months.  I was too scared of twisting my ankle or something during training for the 1/2.  I was in *love* with these mirrors!!  I looked so skinny!! (thats me in the center standing up taking the picture obviously)

100MEDIA_IMAG0404I need to get those mirrors installed in my house!

Well folks that's all I have for tonight.  Time for me to go chill out and try to get some rest for tomorrow.  I’m hoping to get a couple posts up this weekend…one about my Weigh-In with Weight Watchers on Thursday (I was up .4 again) and how I handled it.  It’s coming soon.  I promise :)



  1. Military coins are awesome - enjoy your race! You're going to do awesome!

  2. nikeathena- Thanks so much lady!! I really appreciate that. By the way I saw the blog love you gave me....I'm so honored!! I'm going to blog about it this weekend :) You're a doll!! So happy we found each other!!

  3. I bet you are "uber thin" and don't realize it. I know I have trouble with my reflection sometimes too. You're awesome Suzi, have a great 5K today and that 31 time is something I aspire to reach one day - great job! (just don't pee your pants) And send me your address because I do want to send you a birthday thingy! xo

  4. Dude - I will totally celebrate when I can get to your PR!


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