I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now.  I think every runner has, no matter how many miles you log a week.  At first, I always said ‘NO WAY! That is NOT for me!’ and as my mileage increased, that didn't change.

Then I ran my 1/2 marathon.  Everyone afterwards asked me, “what's next?…when’s the marathon?” and I still said “No thanks!”. 

But somewhere in the mind of my mind, I questioned it over and over.  I kept asking myself…Do I really want to run a marathon??  And the answer apparently is…Yes!

So, on October 2nd, 2011 I will run my very first full marathon…I will run the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY.


Now, there a few things I want to point out as to why I picked this race and instead of putting them into long, drawn out paragraphs I will list them into question and answer form instead.  These are the common questions I asked myself over and over…

Why wait till October of 2011 Suzi??  That's like a year away!!

  • It is far away.  By the time October of next year hits, mostly everyone I know will probably have ran a marathon BUT…I’m not choosing to run a marathon just to call my a “marathoner”.  I give a shit about that, or about becoming part of the “elite” group of people.  Seriously.  Who gives a fuck?!  Saying that “I'm a marathoner” doesn't get my anything special.  My troubles and worries don't melt away and I don't win a million dollars.  If I am going to run a marathon I want to be prepared and ready.  I don't want to just run a marathon to say I ran a marathon.  Just as with the half…I want to run it to prove *I CAN* run it!  I can say I am going to do something, set a goal, make that goal public and ACHIEVE my goal.  I have a few other goals first I want to accomplish…hitting my goal weight with Weight Watchers and becoming lifetime.  Getting my pace down around the 9:00 minute mark.  And I want to run AT LEAST one more 1/2 marathon by summer!  I have a year people.  A year to become the best I can be, because becoming great does not just happen overnight.

Why did you pick some unknown marathon in the middle of nowhere??  Why not run the Chicago or another Rock N Roll marathon??

  • Honestly…I picked this one because its close and I don't have to travel 5-8 fucking hours to get to it.  You all know I am poor and travelling is not something that easily fits into my budget.  Corning NY is less than 2 hours away from me and less an hour away from my family who live nearby.  It is a beautiful small town and I enjoy that its not in a huge crazy city with cars and lights and sounds all over the place.  AND if you think this isn't a “real” marathon…Well Runner World has some words for you…the Wineglass Marathon has been named one of the ‘Speediest Marathons’ in 2010 and also 4 years + prior.  This is a BQ (that means Boston Qualifier for you non-running nerds and most people like me who do not care :) course.  This is a beautiful, fast course in a location that is very serene and close to what I know.  What more could I ask for??

Why run a marathon??

  • I already said it…to prove that I can!! This is for me and no one else.  I mean this in *no* offence what so ever, but I don't give a shit about letting any of you down if I don't do it (ok, that's lie but it sounds good right??) and I don't care about letting Frankie down (that's a lie too) or my family (eh?).  I need to do this and I am *ONLY* doing this for ME (that is NOT a lie!).  No one here is going to give me anything that will change my life if I run a marathon.  Frankie will not whisk me away to some magical land and we will live like Snow White afterwards.  I need to do this because for some reason, I wont feel complete in my achievements until I actually do it!

So does this mean we get to see all your blogs and tweets on training!?!?

  • Ummmm…NO!  Don't you guys remember when I ran the 1/2 marathon?? LOL.  I don't do that shit.  Yeah sure, I might start some hokey pokey marathon training program on my Nike + and dump it within 2 weeks.  Or look up a training plan on Runner World only to print it out then put it in a respectable recycling bin. I run when I want to run.  I run for as many miles as I want to.  If you tell me I “have to run X amount of miles today to train!” I will say to you “are you paying me to run X amount of miles today?? No??  Fuck off then!”.  This doesn't mean my running will be as light as it was the few months leading into the 1/2 obviously, since I have other goals I want to achieve before running the full marathon.  But I have no interest in geeking out and speaking in “runners lingo” that no one wants to understand but some pretend to.  I’m math retarded by the way…a split to me is what people with no penis’s do…or it has a banana and ice cream involved.

Wow, how coincidental…It’s alcohol related!!

  • Yeah, this is funny.  I didn't pick it because it was alcohol related.  I mean yes, it helps, but honestly that's not why.  I do love wine but hello people…we all know I’m a beer gal and I’m sure I could have found something beer related if I really wanted to. Just an awesome coincidence and sign if you ask me ;)

So there you have it folks…I’m going to run a marathon.  26.2 miles I will run!!

Don't worry…you wont see every blog from here on out be all about marathons. Like I said…I have A LOT of other goals to work on

Tomorrow is my Weight Watcher meeting and I'm getting on that scale, no matter how awful it is going to be.  I cant wait to get myself back on program and feeling great! I cant wait to start making the choices I really want to make.  And of course…I cant wait to meet goal!!

My anniversary race is coming up too and I am *SO* excited for that!!  There will be a whole blog post about that coming up!!

Here’s to goals my friends…goals that you can make happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. 


*I just want to take a quick second, and actually there will be a whole blog post dedicated to this great product once I’ve thoroughly tested it but, I will be running and training for ALL my goals with the support of Generation UCAN.  You can also find them on twitter @GenUCAN  This stuff isn’t your little brother or sisters energy supplement.  This is SUPERSTARTCH baby and its the real thing!  As athletes, of any kind on the scale, we are not working out to just waste the muscle we are building or add on to the fat we have. We want the muscle we have built to stay and work with us and Generation UCAN can help to that….along with many other wonderful things.  You’ll see along my journey…you’ll see!!


  1. You rock my friend! (GF! Lol) amazing dedication you have! So proud of you!

  2. good luck! good for you giving yourself time to train the way you want to and be ready come marathon day. i've heard good things about the wineglass marathon!

  3. HALLE-f'ing-LUJAH!

    You're smart to wait a year to do your first marathon - the longer the mileage buildup period, the easier time you will have leading up to the loooong training runs.

    I'm not a fan of training schedules either, since listening to your body is more important than any other element of training - but if you have any questions along the way, hit me with 'em!



  4. Best why I am doing a marathon post ever.

    Hell yes!

  5. I think your next one should be the "Suzi's House to NYC Super-Uber-Extra-Ultra-Marathon"

    Seriously, though- I'm proud of you for making a decision like this! If you feel half as great as you did after your half (my math is rusty, but I'm sure there's an algebraic equation in here somewhere), you won't even need any wine.

  6. Thanks everybody!! I appreciate the support. After re-reading this post a few times I thought I came off sounding a little cocky and that wasnt my intention but oh well.

    I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with training programs, or talking about training all the time, or even what the right and wrong reasons to run a marathon are....these are just my reasons and I think a lot of you already know me and how I roll so I hope everyone understands.

    It's a ways a way but it's exciting to think about!! I think it will seem "real" once the registration open in the beginning of the year :)

  7. Woo Hoo! This is great news! You can totally rock that marathon next fall!

  8. I like that you only put your training plans in respectable recycling bins! That cracked me up!

    Congrats on the marathon decision!

  9. Totally awesome - i think you're choosing to run it for all the right reasons. I'm still in the "no way in hell could i ever run a marathon" boat, but maybe SOMEday! :) Best of luck!!

  10. Hell yeah! Love your goals! I'm looking forward to your journey to the 26.2. :)

  11. Rocking FUCKING star! Biotch, you are awesome! I freaking LOVE YOU!!! And you are going to rock that marathon. I am afraid to say I want to run one, but I do. But I'm not thinking about that right now.

  12. Holy shit woman! That's crazy! Awesome, but totally crazy :)
    I'm trying to convince myself to run one, but I'm just not quite there yet...

  13. I love your posts, but especially this one. It made me laugh. And I totally understand the "no way, that's not for me not gonna happen" but hope that someday soon I will see that it will. I have heard alot of people have said that. I have chosen my goal. And even convinced the other half to join in after telling him you get beer at the end- HA!


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