Running just as fast as we can…


Holdin' onto one another's hand, Tryin' to get away into the night
And then you put your arms around me, And we tumble to the ground
And then you say…

Oops…sorry.  I got a little carried away there…I thought I was alone. :/

So ever since I ran the 1/2 marathon every one from ESPN, Runners World, and even Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall have asked me “Suzi, what is next?”

My answer of course is…I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!

What??  You don't believe me??  Well this is my blog…you don't have to!  :P

OK, but seriously…what is next?


The best part about this journey, the Weight Watchers part and the running part (and the journey of life obviously!!), is that it is *never ending* on how far you can go.  You never stop growing as a person and you never stop learning.  There is no limit! 

A lot of people have asked me if I would ever to or plan to run a full marathon.  My answer right now is…No.  Would I love to put myself in such an elite group?? Fuck yeah I would!  Would I love to be able to say to myself and others, “I ran a full marathon!”?  You betcha!!  But to be honest, I have no desire in running 26.2 miles right now at this point in my journey.  I have no desire to run even 20 miles right now, and to be honest, most times I don't even want to run 10 miles (and rarely do!). 

But that's my answer right now.  Will that change??  Maybe.  Who knows, maybe by my 30th birthday I will do one (I’ll turn 27 this October).  But for right now, it’s not something I want to work on.

So what do I want to work on??  One word…PACE!

I’m not a fast runner, nor do I think I ever will be.  I ran my 1/2 marathon is a slow (Slow to me anyways) 11:35 pace.  My average pace is around 10:20 to 10:40.  My doctor says I could be running around the 8:00 mark…eek!  That would be fantastic but I’ve seen myself run around the 9 minute mark and I think I’d like to work on that.  I’ve never really focused on speed work and I know that with the weather getting crappier it will be tough to do (hard to do speed work on a treadmill I’m told…but I’ll do it anyways.  That's how I roll!).

I love the 5K races.  They are short and sweet and you can feel the speed and determination all around you.  My PR to date is 31:32 at the Paige's Butterfly 5K ( I ran that race with a belly full of beer & Chinese food by the way).  I would *love* to break the 30:00 mark at a 5K.

My next race will be the Brueggers Halloween 5K at Beaver Lake.  This was the very first race I ever did, at the very same place.  I am going back this year with a vengeance!!  It is a trail run, so obviously the results differ a bit from a road race but I plan to give it everything I got.  A lot of the races lately, like the 10K and 1/2 marathon, I have ran them thinking “ok just finish this!”.  This one I want to run thinking “ok girl, time to kick ass”!  I know I wont break the 30 minute mark here and that is not my goal.  I haven't set my time goal just yet.  

I also want to do another 1/2 marathon!!  I am completely smitten with the Rock ‘N' Roll marathon series and I would really love to run another 1/2 through them.  This is going to take some planning and talking with Frank though.  As I stated before, money isn't thrown around easily here and we struggle a lot.  We have some things we want to work towards next year and planning for another vacation might not fit in.  But either way, whether its 50 miles or 500 miles away, I plan to run at least ONE 1/2 marathon next year (and a year perhaps??)

So it looks like during the fall/winter I will be working on getting my (comfortable) pace somewhere in the 9 minute mark (or maybe even faster!) and work on getting my 5K’s under the 30 minute mark.

I should say that there is one other big item I want to work on and that is…consistency.  My running the past few months before the race was not very consistent.  I want to be the person who runs 3-5 miles a few times a week and enjoys it.  That would be the true blessing!

I said this before and I will say it again…I was looking forward to the race being over so that way I could go back to running for fun because that's what it should really be all about anyways.  And this race taught me that you can have goals and train AND have fun.  I’ll never be an elite runner or even a semi-famous runner but as long as I know I am being the best runner I can be and WANT to be, that's all that matters!  I don't need to prove anything to anybody.  Just because someone can rust faster and longer than me doesn't make me any less or any poorer of a runner.  I have goals and as long as I keep working on them, I am the best runner out there!

It’s funny because since I have gotten back from the 1/2 I have been *bitten* by the running bug.  I’ve ran more and I’ve ran harder than maybe I ever really have before.  I actually *yearn* to get out there and run!!  I’m enjoying this little running high and I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon. 

This week alone I have ran 5 out of the 7 days!!  I believe that is a first for me!! WHOO HOO!!  Today I ran 3 1/2 miles around a 10:14 pace, getting down to the 9:20 marks a few times too.  My heart wasn't 100% in the run, but I exceeded in the goals I set for myself. 

You know, I had this vision in my head the other day looking at myself in the mirror, all dressed up in my running gear, which was all Nike apparel.  I thought about Nike, the company, and how no matter what your fitness level or weight level is, you put on a Nike shirt…you feel stronger!  I looked at myself in my black Nike Dri-fit Tee, and black and red tempo running shorts, and all the tattoo’s and I thought…man I’d be a kick ass Nike spokesperson.  A spokesperson for the non-elite!  A spokesperson for the “regular” people.  I could help out people locally to get fit and become runners.  My goal would be to spread the message of Nike to the general everyday people…JUST DO IT! 

Of course, no job or position actually exists, but I think it would be pretty bad ass and I think I would love it.  Nike should ask me to do this, and make me an official Nike Spokesperson for my hometown.  Just saying…JUST DO IT!!  ;)


On a side note: Tomorrow is my weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I’m pretty positive I’m still up from vacation but I know its nowhere near the 8-10 lbs it was last week!!  Either way I have been adapting the mindset to accept it and know that I am back on track and I am making healthy choices and *that* is what matters!!  :)


  1. You'll probably be down .5 knowing you. Just be a happy runner! :) love you!

  2. You know, one of the half-marathon's I'm looking at is actually at Disney World in January and flights are still pretty cheap.

    Now I am the pusher!

  3. I was JUST going to mention the Disney Half - Trixie beat me to it!

    Pace is an awesome thing to work on. Pick a lil race, get those fast twitch muscles in gear and practice sprinting your lil tail off! My favorite way to do speedwork? Pick a hill, then sprint up it 4-5 times in a row like someone's trying to kill you. Or steal your beer:-)

    Also, I'd re-consider the full marathon thing if I were you. It's an elite group... but not that elite. ANYONE with enough will and patience can complete a full marathon. Just trust yourself. An FYI - I NEVER EVER EVER in a MILLION YEARS ever had any desire to do a full Marathon. I didn't think I was capable of it, nor did anyone else. Actually, I signed up for my first partially partially to prove everyone.... and myself....wrong....

    What do you have to lose?

    Just sayin' :-)

    XO Melanie

  4. You're an inspiration! I just started running. I'm doing my first 5K next week. I would not even run for my life before this. I hated tag as a kid. But yesterday I did 3 miles in 33 min and I was so excited! I can't wait.

  5. I started singing that song as soon as I read the title of the blog post. and now? now it's stuck in my head!!

    Keep running girl!

  6. Did you ever consider doing the Disney Princess half at Disney World? I'm totally doing it one of these years!

  7. wow, ur progress is remarkable!! im really impressed with ur blog <3

  8. You say it all so well...I love your way with words. I really want to speed work as well after my half. If you come across any great tips or find something that works really well for you, PLEASE share, as I'm a little overwhelmed with all the different methods there are out there.

  9. So happy to have found your blog! Perfect timing too, as I just completed my first half and I now want to start working on increasing my pace. (I am a turtle. A true turtle! LOL)

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