Its the eye of the tiger in Philly!


So by now I’m sure that everyone has read my blog post about how I ran the ING Philadelphia Rock ‘N Roll 1/2 Marathon right??  Well if for some reason you were sleeping and missed it, please go check it out!!

But for those of you who are utterly sick and tired of hearing me go on and on about the marathon (which better not be any of you! ;) here is a little recap of the trip itself!!

We we’re looking forward to this little getaway more than you could possibly know.  This is actually the first time that Frankie and I got to take a vacation together, just the two of us.  Plus, things at work have been pretty tough for us (we work for the same company) and the time away from familiar faces, our house, even this state, was very much needed.

We are actually off the rest of this week as well.  Today we going to focus on cleaning this messy house and I plan to get the Halloween decorations out.  It’s never too early in my opinion.  ;)  Obviously as you can tell though…I am delaying the house cleaning by writing this wonderful post.  I ain’t no fool!!

I was hoping to have a butt-ton of pictures to show everyone but heres the thing…A.) This camera kinda blows and it ruined some of my pics. Grrrrr!!  B.)  When I’m on vacation, I just want to relax and enjoy.  If you follow me on Twitter you probably noticed that I was barely on there at all.  I dont check my email, or tweet, or text, or even like to take out my phone.  So while I didnt grab a butt-ton of pictures, I guess a grabbed a hand full. 

So we left Syracuse, NY for Philadelphia, PA around 10:00 Friday morning…here we are driving with our much needed coffees…


He looks so thrilled huh??

Pennsylvania welcomes ME!!  Awww thats so nice. (They probably wouldn't have been so welcoming if they found out about the EZ Pass incident years ago though huh??)


The trip through PA is excruciatingly boring!!  I mean I love trees as much as the next person but what the fuck?? 

Thank god for the Lehigh Tunnel!!  It’s by far my favorite part of the drive.  I always feel like batman driving through there.

Ladies and gentleman…please turn on your headlights and remove your sunglasses.




Frankie drove a few more miles then I took over at the next rest stop because I refused to let him drive anywhere near the city, or even within 50 miles of it.  Ok, so enough about the road already. 

We stayed at the Sheraton City Center hotel.  Or as we noticed that night, it must just go by the name “aton” now…


Here is the room we stayed in…total cost for 3 night was $427.  Mmmmm Hmmmm.  Dont get me started.


Frankie in his signature “Hi, how are ya?” pose:


Now let me tell you about the hotel right here and now.  The price may seem a bit high…$427 for 3 nights…surely is there is someplace cheaper right??  Not really.  Not with a location like this anyways.  We were within an mile of *SO* much.  It really is in the heart of center city.  And I was less than a 5 minute walk to the starting line of the race.  I didnt have to fight with 20,000 people on where to park or any of that nonsense thank god, so that made the price of the hotel worth it.

So to park your car at the hotel…$38 bucks a day.  How about kiss my ass??  Another blessing though is the parking garage across the street that is only $5 for the day or $18 for 24 hours.  We parked the car when we arrived and never took it out.  So it was in the garage from about 2:30 on Friday and out at around 10:00 Monday and it only cost us $34!!!!!  Boooooyah!!

Who wants to know about the $43 piece of bacon?????  Well first let me tell you about the night before

I tweeted the photo below (minus the fucked up bottom portion of the pic. no clue why this camera does this) on Friday night.  That my friends is a 12 pack of beer…that cost us $26.  Thats right folks…$26.  Here in NY…we by our 30 packs for cheaper than that.  I forgot about the beer laws in PA.  Obviously Frankie and I learned that we could never live there because they don't accommodate us us alcoholics very well at all. 


We found some Chinese restaurant that sold 6 packs so we bought two and almost threw up when she said the total.  Thankfully the next day we found a store farther away that sold actual 12 packs at the more reasonable price (but still high!) of $13.

So we put that beer on ice and decided to go out and see what we could do.  We had already eaten dinner at an Irish bar and restaurant…Con something or another's.  It was pretty good.  Expensive of course, but good.

Well after walking about 8 million miles we decided to go to McGillin’s Ole Ale House.  This place was great!  The perfect kind of bar for Frankie and I.  There were some irish dancers that entertained us for a few minutes…


And the best part…$6.50 pitchers!!  We had, oh…about 7 or 8 I think. 


Also we split some of the biggest Texas cheese fries we’ve ever seen.  And seriously, these things were AMAZING!!  We barely made a dent in them.


So between all the walking, the beers, and the cheese fries.  We were SPENT!

The next morning we woke up feeling not %100.  We were surprised that we didnt feel worse but still not up to par and not really in the best of shape to go wandering around philly looking for breakfast.  The hotel did not offer a free breakfast but there was a lounge in there that offered a full continental breakfast for a cheap price of $17. 

Now normally…I would never pay such a price but it sounded 1/2 way decent, it was right there and we were still close to our room if we had to make an emergency trip so we said screw it and decided to do that.  Biggest mistake of the trip!

The eggs were DISGUSTING!!  Seriously worse than egg beaters, and I like egg beaters!!  The “potatoes” were cold and not even seasoned.  The bacon was rubbery.  It was all so gross.  I ate 1/2 a slice of bacon and felt sick to my stomach so I didnt eat another thing.  Normally, I would have caused a stink and gotten my meal for free and maybe then some, but I was in no shape physically of mentally to fight about this.  But this mistake put us back big time on our fund situation. 

Anyway, here are some photos from Friday and Saturday of us around town:

100_0214 Ooops, did I do that?


100_0217 Sorry anyone??



That is Frankies “Im a tough guy in Philly” look. Oooooh scary!!




I look scared in that photo.  I think I was about to almost fall in the water fountain.


This is me Friday night…a little drunk…pin-up posing on a steam pipe, that I grabbed with my bare hand…that was hot. Yup.


This is also Friday night…infront of GlaxoSmithKline…a pharmaceutical company.  What I am doing with my hands is pretending to munch on pills.  I was like an addict who needed her fix.  Don’t show this one to your kids folks.


Why are we not in bed yet??  We can barely keep our eyes open.


This is from Saturday.  We went to the Mutter Museum.  Something I have *always* wanted to do.  And well, for $14 a person I’m sad to say that I was less than impressed.  It was pretty cool and I’m glad I got to say that I did it.  But it wasnt as impressive as I imagined. 

This however WAS impressive…


What you are looking at is cheesecake frozen yogurt on the bottom and then orange sorbet on top with some graham cracker crumbs.  OMG.SO.GOOD!


It was so good, I went back on Sunday too.  ;)


This place now houses a cafe and stuff.  We didnt go inside but I loved the outside.



We went to the race expo on Friday night.  I didnt take any pictures there.  It was alright.  There wasnt a big crowd thank god.  Basically there was a lot of stuff I couldnt afford to get but some neat things to look at it.  Not as glamorous as I thought it was going to be though. 

So next up would be the dress and fancy dinner right??  Yes and no.

Saturday night we were hanging out in our hotel room & eating Subway…why??  Because we were almost broke.  The hotel had to take $50 deposit from us, and between some of the meals, that awful breakfast, the $26 beer…we were CRAZY low on funds.  The only “souvenir” I got what an awesome pink Sigg water bottle at the Luluelmon shop.


We had reservations for dinner at the Union Trust Steakhouse.  I had even called to tell them what the special event was and everything.  We were really looking forward to this dinner.  But…a steak alone was $42 and to get a side salad with that…add $12.  We put away $200 for the dinner but even that might not be enough and besides that we had $20 to our name.  We still hadnt paid for parking and had no clue at that point how much it would be.  So, with heavy hearts, we cancelled our reservations.  This gave us $$ to go get lunch so we went back to McGillins where I got a 1/2 pound hamburger and ate every single bite of it!  It was the best post-race meal I could ask for…


We decided to still get dressed up and go out to dinner someplace else though.  So I mustered up whatever energy I could into looking good in my size 8 dress…



So…where did we go dressed up all fancy like that you are probably wondering????

CHIIIIIIIIILIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS Baby Back Riiiiiiiiiibs!!  Thats right folks…we went to Chilis!!  We had gone there the day before for lunch and we said you know what…its fairly cheap and we know we like it so we’ll go there.


I decorated this Chili which helped a Childs Cancer network:


Now some of you are probably wondering how the shoes were huh??  THEY WERE TORTURE!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I couldnt even tell that my body was in pain from the race because my feet were so beat up.  I also ended up with this awesome piece of flesh taken off of my foot…


Those shoes are the devil!!  That walk back to the hotel that night in those torture devices was harder than the 13.1 miles I ran earlier in the day.  Screw you Carlos Santana!!  Stick to making music, not shoes.

We decided to make our way back home early Monday morning.  And according to the money in our pockets, its what we needed to do anyways…

We were so happy to see these signs:




So, that about sums it up.  It was a fabulous getaway and its a moment I will be reliving in my head over and over again.  I couldn't have asked for a better race experience and I couldn't have asked for a better time with Frankie.  It was nice to get out and do something different.  We made a few mistakes money wise, but lessons are learned.  It’s an expensive city and there's just not much one can do about that. 

Now we’re back home…recovering and resting.  My eating has gotten a bit out of control but I’m getting back into the swing of things.  Sometimes you just need to let go a little and enjoy…which I surely did. :)  



  1. You are a rock star! Congrats on your race. Now give those shoes to someone you don't like.

  2. Honestly, I have read through this twice and your excitement is so contagious! I'm actually having trouble sleeping tonight and you have me looking up half marathons to sign up for. I'm so happy for you!

  3. I'm appalled by the price tags on everything! It's Philly for godsake. Anyway, I won't be drinking heavily there any time soon, that's for sure.

    Glad you had a blast. You look gorgeous and excited. Congrats on those 13.1 miles!!!

    Those shoes were killer... in more than one way apparently. Maybe you'll get them broken in and they won't hurt as much?

    Glad you're home, bitch! xoxoxo

  4. Don't stress about the money. Budgeting for vacations is our downfall as a couple. It's really hard for us, because you want to be *on vacation* and not worrying about money! One time, when we lived in Boston we drove to NYC and paid to park (and we were really poor at the time, just relying on 1 salary) and we were staying over at a friend's house. Well, we pick up the car at the end of the weekend (parked Saturday morning and left Sunday mid-day) and had to pay $150!!!!! I thought Josh was going to have shit. Anyhoo... But it looks like you had a great time!! And of course, ya know, kicking ass and taking names.

  5. woo! i'm glad you guys had fun! i got the food scale! i'll be blogging about it soon, too!

    and i think its cute that Frankie and my fiance, Chris, have the same "hi" pose, hahahah! :D

  6. Awesome! I live close to that tunnel, near Quakertown/Allentown PA.. And I just recently went to the Mutter and got the siamese twin skeleton key chain :) and my sister lives in upstate NY, Corning! haha


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