And the Winner is...

I wanted to make this as fair as I possibly could. Of course I wanted ALL of you to win, but that’s just not possible. I decided that the fairest way to do this was to go through and tally up all the comments that were left stating what they would weigh with the scale, tweets, blog links and just general ass kisses. This number came out to be 38 entries total. So I decided to use the Random Number Generator on

The number picked was…..

True Random Number Generator
Min:1  Max: 38 
Result: 15

So that means that the fabulous LOR at Lighten Up Lor! is the winner!!

Lor, please e-mail me your address so I can send you your prize :)

I’m so happy that she won!! She is getting married soon and she is really ready to start kicking ass and taking names when it comes to this weight loss war. Also, she kissed my ass so hard that I now have bruises.

Lor definitely deserves the scale AND the support. She has shared with me what many people have and something I personally have experienced and that is a “bad karma” Weight Watchers meeting. It does happen people. Not every meeting is perfect and not every leader is a “leader”. I’ve run into some leaders that I plain and simply could not STAND.

Not that I am trying to stereotype or anything here but there seems to be something with Weight Watchers having ladies of the older persuasion as leaders who only want to talk and help people similar to their own age and look down on the others. Join a book club ladies because you are not fit to help people change their lives!!

I am lucky that I love my leader Cathleen so much. She is fantastic and is a huge support, cheerleader and inspiration. My meeting are a bit on the large size but they are the greatest people I’ve ever met.

But when you can’t find that just remember that you have that here! You have that support and encouragement with me on this blog, twitter, email…anything (but facebook cause I don’t do that shit)!

When I’m not feeling very inspired or like I’m on top of my game, I turn to all of YOUR blogs. They remind of me that I am not alone and that the cheerleaders out there are screaming so loud and I want to add my voice to that cheer!

So congratulations again Lor!! I am very happy and honored to have you as my very first blog giveaway winner. :)
P.S. This gets me out of having to get you a wedding present by the way.

*Also...I want to THANK EVERYONE who entered!!  This was a blast.  I'm excited to do it again in the future.  For those of you who said you would weigh beer...I love you :)

As a side note, I got really upset last night. Earlier in the day I was EXCSTATIC about the race. Then my confirmation email came and I learned that I am in the 18th corral. I don’t know how many corrals there are total but I know that I’m at the back of the pack. I put my estimated finish time around 2:30 so I guess this makes sense. I just felt like such a loser when I saw that. Plus I got my race # and if you add up the numbers together they total the #17….for those of you who don’t know or remember the #7 and anything related is a HORRIABLE number for me. No good can come from something with the #7 in it. This also has me down a bit.

Stupid things really. I just need to shake this trivial crap and not think about it.


  1. Don't let that number thing derail you! Defeat the number!!

  2. WAHOO! I WON I WON I WON! I SOO need this, girl! thank you SO much!!! i'll email you my address. WAHOO! XO THANK YOU!

  3. Grats to her and YOU GO!! Don't let some silly number beat you. YOU ROCK THAT RACE!!! =)

  4. Yay for her! As for the race number, if you go further and add up 1 and 7, that makes 8. 7. =)

  5. Oh congrats to your winner..Please don't let that number thing get you down!!! I am so sure you'll do great. I have a thing for the #3..Don't ask lol. And you are so far from a loser no matter what corral!!

  6. I was in the 2nd to last corral for my 1st 1/2 marathon. Don't worry about it. I weaved my way to the way back so I could pass a bunch of people and make myself feel better. Ha! Selfish but TRUE!!

  7. I did the VA Beach Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon last weekend, and I understand. Just know there are *TONS* of people who start after you. I was in the 15th corral and there was still a LOT of people behind me. Also, during the race I saw people in closer corrals near me and people from way in the back near me, so no worries! You're going to do well and have a blast :)

  8. Oh, also the race expo is a lot of fun too! I like the free samples lol just try not to mix too much because having Snickers Marathon bars, free beer samples, GU, and everything made my tummy unhappy. Thankfully I felt better before the race the next day! Brooks has a fun exhibit, with a lizard costume and he runs on non-Newtonian fluid. It was funny seeing how the kids reacted to this costume. Anyways - have fun and I hope to hear all about your race!! Good luck :)


  9. How did it go????? And love the new LBD...

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