Anchors Away!

If you’re not a member of Weight Watchers you are probably not aware of what they call their ‘Tools for Living’.  There are 8 different “tools” they provide you with for helping you to not only help you to make better choices when it comes to food and fitness but just to help provide you with a better life overall (in my opinion overall).  I want to talk them for a second (and focus on one in particular) because I think every one should know about them!  They are:
  • Winning Outcomes- What are your winning outcomes? Dream up your goals!
  • Storyboarding- What's going to lead you to your winning outcome?
  • Empowering Beliefs- Believe that you *can* reach your goal!
  • Mental Rehearsing- Try to mentally put yourself in every type of situation that might tempt you, or empower you.
  • Motivating Strategy- This is similar to Mental Rehearsing in my opinion…play mind games with yourself people…the good, positive kind!!
  • Positive Self-Talking- You should all be doing this now anyways!!
  • Reframing- By far my favorite “tool”.  Recognize, realize, rethink and REFRAME your habits and your mindset. 
  • Anchoring- Well I’m about to tell you what that's all about in this post :)
Honestly, I use a lot of these tools in everyday situations, not just food related ones.
Lately, I have really been finding myself leaning on the ‘Anchoring’ tool and a recent blurb in the October issue of ‘Fitness’ magazine helped to remind me how important having an anchor can be.
The kind of anchor I am talking about is one that motivates you to keep moving onward, not keep you still.  You want to find something in your life that keeps you motivated and keeps you wanting to grow and become stronger!

Recently for me, my anchor has become my medal from the 1/2 marathon.  Every time I look at it, or even think about it for that matter, it motivates me to want to get out and go for a run.  It makes me want to be a better, stronger runner.Just this weekend I went and ran with more desire and fight than I have in the past few months!

Another anchor I’ve had recently is my black Nike dri-fit shirt.  I bought this before the 1/2 marathon and I wore it while I ran the race.  I wore it today just as a regular shirt all day (its really comfy!) because as soon as I looked at it, I knew that it would remind me of how strong I have become and would help me to stay on track with my eating since its smaller size than my other dri-fit shirts (I’m not into Nike Medium size shirts…their shirts tend to run a bit small & now the larges are too big!!)…as you know, my eating is something I’ve been trying to tame back down to normal .  And guess what…it worked today!!

I’ve had other anchors in the past.  Some of which will *always* be anchors for me, such as my 10% locket from Weight Watchers along with the 25, 50 & 75 lbs washers that are on the locket that I got from Weight Watchers as well.  See…Weight Watchers knows how important these anchors are and they are great at helping to give them to you.

But you can give them to yourself!!  I’ve also had necklaces, bracelets, clothes…silly things that have all been or are anchors for me.  I once had a red rubber band that became an anchor for me that I wore on my wrist for MONTHS!  When I would get hungry, or I should say when I would *think* I was hungry, I would play with it and flick it around on my wrist.  95% of the time, it really helped!!

The important thing to do is to go out and *find* an anchor for yourself.  It could be a piece of paper with a word scribbled on it…it doesn't matter as long as it motivates you and helps to keep you on track with whatever healthy lifestyle plan you follow!

It doesn’t need to be expensive, or fancy, or come from Weight Watchers or some other weight loss group.  Only *you* will know when something is an anchor for you!

Everybody deserves to have something they can look at and think to themselves “This is why I am doing this.  This is why I am here.  This is why I am awesome!”  So go out there and try to find that special piece that reminds you just how awesome you are, how far you have come and how much farther you are going to go!  And who knows…if that $450 coach purse is the *only* thing that could be an anchor for you, then I’ve just given you the excuse to go splurge. ;)

You guys think Beer is my anchor in disguise??  Hmmmmm…


  1. I play mental Yahtzee with myself, but I can never get the Large Straight. Grrrrrr!

  2. i love this post!

    i had my anchor tattooed on my wrist, so i can't lose it (or drink it)!

  3. I think you make a really good point, too, that anchors can change! I used to have this email in my inbox stared "persistency + consistency=success" But I've noticed that "it" hasn't really been working. Thanks for the great reminder about anchors!

  4. Well I'm guessing it's the big M, but that made me cry. Of course, these days, breathing makes me cry. I'm pumped to find myself an anchor.

    Back in MI, at our meeting, every week we'd all take our name tags off and wrap them together into a ball. It was our anchor ball. Anyone that thought they needed it would ask for it and take it home that week. The last meeting I attended before coming to FL I was presented the ball. I'm going to put it out on my cupboard where I can see it always when I'm here. I'm going to take it to our meeting this week and explain it and ask if everyone would add their name tags to it. Kind of my bridge between there and here. Oh Suzi I love this idea.

    Now I just need something I can wear always for when I'm not home. Hmmmmm perhaps a big diamond?????

    Ohhhhhhh a tattoo...hmmmmmm maybe another tat???

  5. I just love love love this post! Great idea! I just started back at weight watchers two weeks ago (after a 3 year hiatus) and sometimes it is so hard to stay on track. Thanks for this :)

  6. I loved this post (and the vintage artwork). I need to come up with an anchor for myself and this inspired me to do it. Sometimes something as simple as getting a manicure for myself can be a great anchor.

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