This time next month…


I will be running my very first ½ marathon!  I will be running the Rock & Roll Philadelphia ½ marathon on September 19th.  But you guys already know that huh?? 

ingThe hotel is booked and the request has already been put out there for some great suggestions for Frankie and I to do while we are down there.  I’ve been a few times but this will be his first time and I’m very excited to be able to share this experience with him and learn and grow together. 

So here are some questions for you folks…

  • Any of you running a ½ marathon…or if you are completely nuts, a full marathon??
  • Do you plan to or have you been following any specific training plans??
  • What are your thoughts on Carbo-loading the night before??  Anything in particular you know you want to go carb-crazy on??
  • When you day dream about crossing the finish line (don’t lie, you know you do) do you imagine yourself breaking down into tears??  No??  Just me?? Oooookaaaayyyyy then…

In other running news, I completed my very first “official” 10K this past Sunday!!  There were not many participants (only 59 people) which was kind of awkward but it was a lot of fun.  I was hoping to finish in less than 75 minutes and I did just that and then some…my official time was 1:09:53!  Just a pinch under 70 minutes.  Considering that the race was on trails, I think this is a great success.  I feel like I’m on a good path for the ½ marathon.


This is the very first race I have ever done “unplugged”.  No music, no Nike+, nothing tracking me but the timing chip they strapped on my shoe!  It felt nice, really nice.  Considering the lack of people, I was alone a lot of the times and running through the woods and listening to the nature was quite beautiful and somewhat peaceful.

My only real complaint is that there was only 1 water stand.  Most 10K’s that I'm aware of at least have two.  Here I am 1/2 way through:


My only other complaint would be that while Beaver Lake is gorgeous, running the same 3 mile and some change route twice.  It was like looking at all the same stuff over and over again. 

All in all I had a great week for activity.  Sunday was the race. Monday I chose to walk 2.7 miles to and from the video store instead of riding my bike or driving my car.  Tuesday night, though I really didn't want to, I worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  Yesterday I had so many errands to do I didnt get a chance to “workout” but I did lots of walking.

I was up 1.2 lbs this week at my Weight Watchers meeting but that was to be expected.  Truth be told, I was up around 6 last week on my home scale.  I did some major repair and recovery so I’m ok with what the scale said.  I know what I did, I accept it and I have moved on.  Who knows, maybe I was up due to increase in muscle mass because I now fit into a *size 10*!!!!  Here is the fabulous new skirt I got yesterday…in a size 10:skirt

Did I mention the skirt is a size 10??  ;)

A few people were shocked when I said size 10 because they thought I was a smaller size (*thank you!*) but I’m 5’9 so a size 0 aint ever happening on this body.

All in all, I had a lot of great accomplishments this week that I can be proud of.  Tonight I am going to relax and let myself indulge in a few “naughty” food treats and wake up tomorrow ready and roaring to go!!  This week will be awesome!!!



  1. First off let me introduce you to my awesome friend Kelly. She is running the NYC marathon this year. Here is here blog:

    I LOVE THAT SKIRT! YOU LOOK HOTT!! And really when I heard you bought a size 10 I thought you were smaller, too!!! But you are a tall one aren't you? Smoking, girl! Just smoking!!

    I'm so proud of you! A half marathon! You're going to rock it!! Again. Since you already ran one.

    And you have the right attitude about the gain. NOT a big deal!!

  2. Awwww thanks hun!! I will definitely check out Kellys blog. Thank you for the link :)

    Wait...I already ran one what?? This is my first 1/2 marathon (insert nervous shaking here). But if you say I already ran one does that mean I can just say I've already accomplished this...pretty please?? LOL

  3. Congrats on the look so amazing! You're gonna rock your half marathon! Its actually better to carb load 2 nights before with pasta etc, and bfast the day before ie pancakes/toast then eat a light dinner with lean protein the night before. You want you body to digest so you dont have bathroom issues!

  4. OMG - love the skirt and YAY on the races. Awesome - just so proud of you!

  5. aw! you look super cutee!! i can't waiiiit to be in a size 10!! :D

  6. You are one hot piece of ass that is all there is to it!! So glad you got your hotel all taken care of for your trip!

  7. Um, no marathons in my future...would like to WALK a 5K this winter though.

    Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

  8. Thanks everybody for all the lovely comments on the skirt. You are all making me blush. :)

    Ashley- We arrive in Philly on Friday, race is on Sunday, so I pretty much plan to use the race as my excuse to eat whatever the hell I want on vacation. It will go a little something like this "But WW gods, I have to eat this! I have to carb-load for the race!".

    Debby- That's awesome about wanting a walk a 5K!! I'm still a huge fan of 5K races. They are probably my favorite to be honest. I totally think you should do it!!

  9. Haha! I came to post here and I see my friend Sarah gave me a nice introduction! You look AMAZING! You're going to do awesome at the 1/2. Philly is such a great city, it's on my list of to-dos for races in the future. To answer your questions:

    •I'm running NYC in the fall, it's my first full. Ack!
    •I am following the Hal Higdon training program. My peak long run will be 20 miles 2 weeks before the race.
    •I've tried carb loading in the past and it just made me feel sluggish. This is my experience only but I think it helps really fast runners, not back of the packers like me. I find sushi to be the perfect meal because it's a good mix of protein and carbs and it's a nice light meal
    •I think about the finish line ALL THE TIME and I've gotten very emotional. I was teary the first mile of my first 1/2 because it was such a moving experience. I didn't cry at the end though, I was just happy it was over. I expect NYC will be the same thing.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  10. you look great!! that's so funny there were so few people in the 10k, i am running my *first* FULL marathon on oct 17 in bar harbor, maine [mt desert island marathon] and i think its a relatively small marathon, only like 1000 people, but its voted the "most scenic marathon in north america" so that's why i picked it. i ran a half marathon in brooklyn in may and i hated it bc the first 6 miles were 2 loops around a 3 mile park (like your 10K .. laaame!) and then 6 miles on the HIGHWAY and then a mile on the boardwalk. it just was gross to look at and i swore id never run an ugly race again. i didnt follow a schedule for that half, even though i should have, but now i am following hal higdon - he does half marathon + marathon schedules. also, about the crying. it never occurred to me that's something that would happen, esp. bc i did a half the year before (that i COMPLETELY did not train for and had to walk a lot btwn miles 10-13) but this year when i finished i almost cried bc i was just like OMG i did it i did it and i didnt walk! i think i will almost definitely cry upon finishing the marathon!

    anyways, good luck(but you dont need it!) you are going to be awesome!!!!

  11. Dear WW Gods, please let me fit into a size 10 skirt someday? I mean, look at Sister Suzi, she looks awesome. Can I have some of that, please? I am trying sooo hard (ok, except for the margaritas last nite and a beer or ten this week), but I am trying. What you mean I have to run too? Ok, I will settle for a size 12!

    Love ya Babe, you look great.

  12. Yay for size 10 skirt!

    I'm doing the Philly Half in November! It will be my first and I'm already puking at the thought...

    It'll be great, I'm sure :)

    Congrats on your 10K! Kudos for running sans music; I have a hard time w/o it. Really keeps me going!

  13. Just found you (through Jck Sh*t!) and look forward to following!!
    I've run 2 halfs now...incredibly slow by some standards but I DID it!! What you might call "carb loading" was more like "oh - cool - I can eat pasta sauce over PASTA instead of zuchinni, I'm IN!" and frankly I have nothing to compare it to so I can't say if it helped or not. I did manage to finish 13.1 miles in just under 3 hours and meet my goal!
    Tonight's race is a 1000m swim followed by a 8k - and in 2.5 weeks it's a sprint tri!
    "Crazy" is only the tip of the iceberg...I've got a motorcycle race in the middle of all of that.

    Enough about me - you look awesome and I can't wait to read through your journey! You CAN do the half and congrats on the 10k - that's an awesome time!

  14. Here from JS also (I must say I admire the idea of losing weight while drinking beer)...
    But I remember my 1st half ('05) - they were giving out half-cups @ the 10K mark, & that was the BEST BEER I have ever tasted! It really hit the spot!
    (& I'm living proof BTW that if I can do a half, ANYONE can)


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