Thank god I drink 1 pt beers!


Last nights Weight Watcher meeting was titled “STOP the Eat-A-Thon!” and I loved it! It was about taking a look at what put you in these “eat-a-ton” situations and how you can get out of them, or even better yet, PLAN for such an occasion.

So much in our society is focused around food….weddings, birthdays, hell even funerals! I don’t know if some of you are like me, but I’m also a culprit in celebrating a weight-loss with, you named it, FOOD!! Talk about a double standard right?? Nothing says “yeah I lost 3 lbs this week!” like a Big Mac & Fries huh??

Sometimes, ok…maybe a lot of the times, these “eat-a-thons” do not happen at a celebration out and about. They can happen right in your own home, on your own couch, in your own fridge. You don’t even realize that you have just eaten a whole bag of potato chips until you reach your hand in the bag and there are no more potato chips to put into that beautiful mouth of yours.

So what do you do from there?? A side of you says “fuck it! I’ve already done the damage” and you get up and continue to find something else to much away on. Then there is another side of you that says “Calm down. Track it. Move on!” Both sides though I think come with a feeling of guilt and it is that guilt that you must try to let go of.

Use the Weight Watcher tool of “reframing” (one of my fav tools) and step back and look at WHY you are doing this. Are you truly enjoying this moment? Will you be happy about it in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days? What put you in this situation and what can get you out of it?

We also talked about planning for these “eat-a-thons”. What can you do to prepare yourself for when you know you will step into a situation that will tempt you to start eating like you are in a Man VS. Food competition. Of course, my favorite thing is RESEARCH!! If you know the kind of food spread that will be there, study the portion size and point values for the items you might want to have there. Before going to a restaurant look up their menu and if possible, look at the nutritional value if they give it to you. Or maybe if you know you have a big event and you know you don’t want to be 100% strict, maybe get in some extra activity & eat light before you go.

In our weekly reader there was a quote from a leader that I absolutely loved and it said

“Aim for about 80% ‘healthy’ and 20 % ‘unhealthy’.”

I really agree with that. You have to enjoy yourself on this journey and have a little fun, other wise you will fall into a rut and resent the reasons why you are doing this in the first place.

All of this tied in very well for what I did this week that was “special”. I even earned a “Bravo!” star for it from my leader. If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw me talk about it with excitement Thursday night.

For the very first time EVER, I tracked EVERYTHING I ate & (get ready for this….) DRANK!! Yes, that means every single beer, every single thing I put in my mouth (even that 1 pt of WW cream cheese I ate with my fingers in the fridge one night ;) was put into e-tools. Now, I have always tracked pretty well. But I will admit that I usually went lazy with it from Thursday night to Saturday night. Usually I only used my paper journal, but this time I used the e-tools and it was so much fun (and scary) to see the numbers.

Now, here’s the thing. My numbers we’re high this week & there were only 2 days where I didn’t exceed my points. The majority of point here are beer. I had a rough week emotionally and I drank pretty much every night. Not too excessively or anything so don’t worry. Monday night was the only night I went overboard with the beer.

But I still lost 2.2 lbs this week!! I had a feeling I did pretty good since my eating was really on target, and I had been peaking on the scale at home, but I didn’t expect to see that big of a loss. It felt good and made me feel like the effort I put in to track so diligently really paid off!

Here, take a look for yourself…



Also, by losing the 2.2 lbs that put my BMI into the ‘healthy’ range! I am no longer considered to be overweight! Talk about an amazing achievement right! So in a year and a half, I went from obese to healthy….even while drinking beer. ;)

So it just goes to show…We all have our moments. No one is perfect all the time (or even most of the time in my opinion).

Focus on your goals, TRACK, and forgive yourself….cause you kick ass!

I’m 7.2 lbs away from reaching my goal weight. Exciting/Scary stuff!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  Anyone doing anything exciting??  I have Frank's niece’s graduation party but other than that not much.  I’m hoping to get a long run in this weekend since it didn’t happen last weekend.  The clock is ticking away for my 1/2 marathon and I do not feel well prepared. :/



  1. OMG Suzi that is awesome!!! I know for a fact if I didn't track the last 4 weeks (5 now), I would not have hit goal. It's so important to just write it down, be accountable. I loved when my leader said "Even if you don't track it, your butt will." Seriously. Who do we think we are kidding? The scale and our body know - whether we write it down or not. Congrats on a huge achievement and your BMI milestone - it took me getting to goal to go under 25 (and I'm just slightly under it). You go, girl!

  2. Thanks hun!! It felt AMAZING!! After being in my "funk" it really helped to put me mentally back in the game. I know I wont be perfect like this every week (take today as an example) but just like you talk about every week...try, try, try. If I can do it 5 out of 7 days, I'll call it a success.

    Now excuse me while I go on Twitter real quick and NOT give you any #FF love. Greedy woman! :)

  3. You're amazing, woman!! Woohoo!! I want to be just like you. And I know I can have a few beers and not worry about it, too. Rock on!

  4. congrats on being in the normal range. thats a huge accomplishment!

  5. Wow, you are such an inspiration. Perfection is not attainable, put that out of your mind. The only think you can do is the very best you can and I think you do a pretty damned good of it. You look amazing and By God, I am gonna run one of these days. Just because you do!!

  6. Great job tracking! I just finished adding dinner to my tracker as I TYPE! :) I wanna get to goal...and I'm gonna fight my way to the finish line! :)

    Sunday is usually my 2 glasses of wine day...sometimes I use the BIG glass. lol Can't wait till SUNDAY!

  7. I had to comment again because when I was scrolling down I looked at your OLD pictures. You seriously look so freaking great!! Not to sounds mean- but you look 20 years younger! AMAZING! :) xoxo

  8. Great Job this week, I love my etools! I have actually used the line about your butt tracking it and promoting bitchckes blog at my meeting :0 you both are incredible and give me inspiration to keep going

  9. YES!! Success!! So happy for you!

  10. Great job tracking! You must feel amazing.

    I can't wait to be "normal" on the BMI charts. I want to smash my little Wii Fit every day when it says "that's OBESE." I'll be excited just to get into the OVERWEIGHT range.

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