Some things never change


So I had my physical yesterday.  All in all I will say that it came out with pretty good results.  My cholesterol and HL level were near perfect.  My vitamin D needs to go up a bit which I expected so starting today I am taking a 1000mg supplement.  I have good bowels (um…thanks doc!) and was even told I was a very beautiful young woman…I don't know if that was said just because I had to stand there naked for most of the physical or what, LOL.

The Dr. did find a small heart murmur but he said he is not concerned with it right now but he will obviously keep an eye on it when I go in for check ups and what not.  My stress test went pretty well (and exhausting!) and he said I did really good.  Overall I was deemed to be pretty darn healthy.

He feels that I do not have asthma but have issues with post-nasal drip.  Yeah, I could have told you that!  That explains why I choke to death on mucus while I’m running.  Anyways, he took me off my singular and has me starting the nasal spray ‘Veramyst’ so we’ll see what that does.  I go back in two weeks to re-take my asthma tests and if these come out negative than that will be final proof that I do not indeed have asthma. 

The doc does however wants me to keep my heart rate on or under 164…are you nuts?!?!  I exceeded that probably by 40 beats tonight just masturbating while Frank was out.  ;)  Anyways, I will try to keep a close eye on my heart rate.  I don't have a heart rate monitor nor can I afford one so unless someone wants to send me one, I’ll just have to do my best.

The Doctor was very nice.  I can see why he is so highly praised in our area.  He’s very thorough with his patients, especially his runners.  Like I said before, this man has ran over 300 marathons.  There are pictures and medals all over the place.  He is very down to earth and old school.  I can see where we butt heads on some things, but again, I just take some of the things he says as “advice”, not a necessary need.

Thank you again to all of you who wished me well and sent me calming words to help settle my nerves. 

In other news…

I don't think I really got too into this since I was kind of keeping this to myself but as you all know, I got my hair highlighted back in July, well actually once in April but they were not as visible as I wanted so I went back and got bolder, blonder ones done.  Here’s a picture I took about 2 weekends ago…


Cute huh??  Yeah, I really liked them.  I liked them so much that I decided I wanted my entire head blonde.

Now, my hair has been jet black since I was about 13 years old.  I’ve had every color in the rainbow, and even then some.  I had a moment where I was a red head for a few years, but then went right back to the black.

I was determined to be a blonde though!  I thought on some weird level that with this weight loss, turning into a blonde would make the accomplishment seem “real”.  Like somehow, I was still going to look like a fat-ass with raven colored hair. 

I talked with my stylist and she told me that the whole transformation could take up to a year.  No bleach could get me to the blonde I wanted (think Anna Paquin blonde!).  A YEAR!!  A year of ugly poop-brown color hair with weird highlights.  She’s been my hair dresser for YEARS now…you think she would know that when it comes to my hair, I act on a whim and I’m extremely inpatient!!

Needless to say, I had an appointment for 2 weeks from today to get a color-out wash, which was to *try* and make the black and dark brown (????) and get a full head of highlights.  Did I mention that I am BROKE??  That I haven't even been able to book a hotel room for Philly yet and that Damon's birthday is this Friday?? 

So I started thinking…I’ve already invested $200 in semi-visible highlights.  I’m about to spent $140 on turning my jet black hair into a dark brown…I hate brown hair….is this really worth it??

NOPE! The truth of the matter is, I love my black hair!  It’s *me*.  It matches my complexion, whether tan or pale as snow, perfectly.  It makes my gorgeous ocean eyes stand out and twinkle.  It makes me feel exotic, sexy and strong!  Sure, I hate what comes along with being “that girl with the black hair & tattoos” but what the fuck ever.

Maybe one day, maybe even next summer, I will go back and do the highlights again.  Who knows.  

But here I am today:



And I was being silly with this one but I thought it looked kind of cool:


So there we have it my friends.  Some things never change…for long.


  1. Yeah, I don't know if I could see you as a blonde. You definitely suit the dark hair (and brunettes rule anyways!). Glad you're healthy!

  2. Thanks Blossom!! It would have been fun to try but in the end not worth it. It wouldn't have given me what I need, that much I know. Us dark haired lady's sure are a force to be reckoned with ;)

  3. A real-life story on how weight loss helps to fit into your favorite sexy bikini can be accessed right at our weight loss blog.

  4. LOVE the hair but got lost in your art.

    how had I missed all your tattoos before?

  5. Happy you got the thumbs-up at the doc (I wouldn't be overly concerned with that "keep your heart rate under whatever" either... do your crazy thang and keep pushing yourself (but watch that masturbation talk... you got MY heart rate up)...

  6. Congrats on the great physical.

    I have had my hair colored "blue/black" for about 3 yrs now... I'm with you. Some days I want to go bleach blonde. At the end of the day, the black hair with the blue eyes is somethin' special that very few can pull off! Keep rockin' the blackness! It works!

  7. I love the black hair. You're a sultry sexpot!

    I'm glad your physical went well -- keep doin' your thang!

  8. my hair was black for yearsss. im letting it grow out now, and i feel you on the poop brown! lol. my stylist adds a really pretty red to help it as it works its way out. i miss it being black, though! mines been black since HS. le sigh. lol.

    what does your chest script say? love seeing fellow tattooed gals =)

  9. hey there! found your blog through another and just wanted to say awesome job on your weight loss. as far as the hair i love the black and like the girl said earlier only few people can pull it off. keep it and roll with it. happy to hear the check up went well.


  10. I think I have a new girl crush.

    Yup, I think I do.


  11. I LOVE your hair the way it is. I don't think I could see you as a blonde at all!! I'm glad your doctor's visit went so well. It's good to feel comfortable with your doctor.

  12. Hey girl!! I miss you since I'm never on Twitter anymore. You look freaking hot & I love you lots!! :)

  13. Oh Suzi - you always crack me up
    "I exceeded that probably by 40 beats tonight just masturbating while Frank was out. ;)"
    I spit dr. p on myself!
    You look great with your highlighted and you look great with the black - must be rough to always look good!

  14. I lost 80 lbs and dyed my blonde hair blue/black and chopped it all off. I think losing weight makes you feel like a new person. I look completely different than I did three years ago.

    Great job on your appt!


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