Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news

So tomorrow I go to the Dr’s for a full physical.  Last week I had to go to get my blood work drawn.  And this week I had to fill out a packet of information that looked a whole hell of a lot more like the SAT’s:
IMAG0253IMAG0255That’s right people….139 freaking questions!!  WTF?!  And some questions are just ridiculous.  Like, how often do you cry? Or, have you ever told your doctor that your tonsils have been enlarged? 
Needless to say, so far I have only taken the time to fill out the important information.  Like my age, history of illnesses and current medications and such.  I will tackle the SAT portion of the packet today.

Before my physical starts though I am having a stress test done.  As many of you know, last year I was diagnosed with asthma.  Yes people that is correct, I LOST weight & developed asthma.  Go fucking figure!  Anyways, I still have issues and do to my family history with heart problems, I am not 100% comfortable with the diagnoses I was given, especially since I am still having problems.  If you guys read my running posts, you probably know that the first thing that dies on me and hurts my runs are my lungs and my heart rate being through the roof.  Well the nurses agreed and set me up for the stress test before the physical.  I’m hoping this can make me more comfortable about the whole situation, if it is indeed just asthma.

Here’s the thing…this is a brand new Dr. for me.  He comes VERY highly recommended and get this, he’s a runner.  Not just any ol’ runner though….he’s ran over 300 marathons!!!!!  Yeah, thats right, OVER 300 marathons!!  He’s an older gentleman and he believes in being thorough and doing things right.  I have yet to meet him.  Tomorrow will be the first time.  I’m excited, yet somewhat intimidated.  I’m hoping that he is as nice as everyone says and comes across helpful.  I have a really hard time finding doctors that I like. 

The other thing I am nervous about is the results.  I mean, *I* think I am healthy, but will the medical results prove to be the same??  I haven’t had a physical in…well, I don’t know.  I had my iron tested last year and that came out fine, but I’m hoping my vitamin D levels and whatever the hell else they test you for also come out OK.

But the thing is, I really understand the importance of getting this done.  And this is what I want to stress here in this post. 

My main reason for scheduling this physical was to have one done before my 1/2 marathon so I could go in there knowing I was healthy and ready to go.  A lot of people recommend getting this done.  But then I started thinking and talking to a few other people and I realized, I’ve lost 84.8 lbs…my body has gone through A LOT of changes!!  That’s a lot of change to put on a body and I want to make sure that everything is looking as great on the inside as it does on the outside.

So remember, as the physical aspects of you change, remember to keep up on the internal aspects as well.  We are not all here to just “look” healthy, but to *BE* healthy, ALL AROUND!     

Yesterday I didnt stick to my eating well plan.  Oh well.  It happens.  The graduation party was nice though and then we came back here and cooked out steaks.  I got a 4.54 mile run before we left and for some reason it was an extremely difficult run.  Even though I am sore from yesterdays run, I’m about to head out the door to try again!! 


  1. I am really glad to hear you are going to get a physical. And don't poo-poo those weird questions. They will tell the Dr. a whole lot more about you than you may feel comfortable telling him in words. "How often do you cry?" Do you intend to discuss depression with this new Dr.? If not, an honest answer to this question could lead to an open and frank conversation on that topic. There is a method to their madness, my dear.

  2. I hear what you are saying girl, believe me. I plan to answer them all honestly of course. Plus this doctor has all of my past records, including all of my "mental health" records. I just cant believe how many damn ?'s there are LOL. I mean, I seriously am wondering if I earn any AP's for filling this thing out????

  3. I cry when I have to fill out these forms! ;-)

  4. WOW! That is a lot of questions. I've never had to do that before. I LOVE my doctor. She is simply amazing. I am sure you will have wonderful results though because you have accomplished so much!!

  5. How'd the doctor go??? Been thinking about you.


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