Dear Beer,

Dear Beer-

Oh beer, I love you *so* much. You and I have been very good friends for many, many years now. I go to you when I’m feeling blue and when I’m feeling happy. I turn to you to help me unwind after a long hard day at work, or a long strenuous run. I even turn to you to just help me relax on a beautiful sunny day. Oh beer, I love you.

I haven’t always loved you though. There was a time where I thought you were bitter and nasty but then I learned that enjoy a certain taste of you. I love that you are not always perfect and like me, we have different aspects of ourselves that we don’t always want to show.

As much as I love you beer, you bring out a bad side of me sometimes. I don’t mean that you bring out an angry drunk kind of side of me, but you bring out a side of me that throws my health decisions out the window. You make me want to turn to the “dark side”. You make it harder for me to say “No!” to night time snacking and you make me say “Yes!” to eat that cheese in the fridge. I can have a whole day of making good, healthy decisions, but then after drinking a 12 pack of your delicious goodness; my day no longer feels like its been a healthy one. On most days I find myself spending more than half of my daily allowed points on you!

I can’t seem to just stop at one, or two, or three. You go down so easy and taste so delicious. Nothing else in the world calms me as much as a beer after work does. I’ve been blessed/cursed with having a strong tolerance to you, so getting drunk on you is very hard to do (depending on which of you I’m drinking of course) so it’s hard for me to say “STOP!” when you are calling my name from the fridge.

Just when I think I have figured out the perfect formula of consuming you while losing weight, I seem to spiral downhill and fall into an unhealthy rut for a few days.

But beer, you have gotten me through a lot. You have brought good times, and you have brought bad times. I could never imagine not consuming your deliciousness but I think we have to rethink our relationship and just how much time we spend together. Beer, I love you, and I can’t quit you.

With Love-Suzi


  1. I have written the same love letter to wine. Exactly the same. I lost my weight while still drinking wine and then regained. I couldn't stop. Then something happened. Perimenopause? A balancing out of my system by seeing a naturopath and being treated for some stuff? Or maybe it's the peace and self trust I've finally found? Who knows, but I can no longer drink more than two glasses of wine without seriously regretting it. At first I was pissed because I wanted my wine. But now I am able to have what I never thought possible: a glass of wine with dinner and that's it. And be happy with it.

  2. So touching, so true. I actually swore off alcohol for the next 16 days. My hope is to shed the final 10 lbs before heading to my homeland of Bend, Oregon to ride mountain bikes, backpack and or course drink amazing beer from the eight craft-breweries in town. I don't think I've gone more than two or three days without my "ambrosia" since I first discovered its, um, amazing powers if you will. Be that as it may I'm sure after my first long day in the saddle riding some of the best single track in the world, the taste and effects of that first beer will, no doubt, be incredible.

  3. I need to write this letter to wine.

    I was doing so well last week and had planned, and banked points for a couple of galsses of wine, but when i had them...oh my! The lovely healthy few days may as well not have happened. I couldn't get enough biscuits and cheese down my throat. I simply could not satisfy my cravings. I tried so so hard to ignore them and just enjoy my wine, but i ate 51 points that day, yikes.

    I shall commit to total sobreity for the rest of the month- want to join me?

  4. Great letter. You can do it Suzi!!

  5. Suzi you know you are beautiful no matter! Whether you are having a good day or a bad day. Just remember that sweetie! You rock!

  6. hehe!!! i absolutely love this post! it is too true!

  7. Is it bad that this post really made me want to drink beer? Haha, you're doing great Suzi, you'll pull through!

  8. I think Ben Franklin said it best: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”

  9. This post hits me right in the gut. I am too guilty of these sins...

  10. I hope that this is the right path.


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