What if…


What if you woke up and were suddenly at the weight you’ve been dreaming of…

Would it be enough??

Would you really enjoy it??

Would you be able to stay at that weight??

Would you be upset at knowing that you’ve missed out on all the hardwork that goes into achieving that kind of success??

Would you still be as lazy as you were when you were heavier??

Would you tell everyone about your weight loss and write blogs about it and tweet about it??

Would you gloat at family functions and show off your new weight “loss”??

Would you still eat at McDonalds or Burger King every day for lunch??

Would you still take the elevator instead of the stairs??

Would you still pick up that gallon of ice cream at night and sit your newly slimmed ass down in front of your TV??

Would you still go to your Weight Watcher meetings??

Would you still sing and dance when you no longer fit into a size 20, or 18, or 16, or 14, or 12??

Would you still look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and say “Fuck, I am AWESOME!”??

Would you still try to give others advice on how to find the power within themselves to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle??

Would you still run a half marathon, or even run at all??

Would you have the courage to wear shorts, or a tank top, or a maybe even a bikini??

Would you still feel the same sense of accomplishment when you try on that favorite new dress or suit??

Would you feel as confident being naked in the same bed with your lover??

Would you be happy and jovial more frequently??

Would you try new things you never thought you would try before??

Would you miss the 5,20,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80 lb losses?

Would you be as happy about getting rid of your “fat clothes”??

Would you still choose a diet soda over a regular soda??

Would you still choose a salad over fries??

Would you still get that rush when your co-workers tell you how good you look??

Would you feel the same sense of pride??

Would you believe in yourself just as much??

No, not likely.  And that is why this journey, no matter how hard and long; it comes with the greatest rewards of all in life.


  1. AWESOME POST!!! Do you mind if I link it on my blog?

  2. Love this as well and, for me, the overarching question would be THEN WOULD YOU START LIVING? TODAY? WITH NO FEAR AND NO EXCUSES?

    xo xo


  3. Jess- Thanks dear!! I dont mind at all, so link away :D

    MizFit- Wow, I love your ending question!! Way to go ahead and show me up with a way better one LOL. Just kidding. ;) And I'm honored that you came to my blog :) Thanks so much!!

  4. Would I be happy. Kinda like winning the health lottery ! I would gloat my ass off.....

  5. First, congrats on the 80 pounds!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Second, LOVE the new bike!! I am extremely jealous and will just have to get a bike before the end of the summer!!

  6. I would get down on my freakin' knees and scream
    THANK YOU FAIRY GODMOTHER!!!! As much as we "gain" from this journey, the pride, the accomplishment, man...it would be nice to wake up and it be over!

  7. high-five girl. awesome awesome awesome. if i was you i'd stick to the running. :-)

  8. Howdy! Where are you?

    I gave you a present. It's waiting for you over at my blog.

    Also, I totally suck at crunchy crackhead gun show craziness.


  9. we miss you where are you???!!!!!

  10. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that I left you an award on my page...the Versatile blogger award. Go by and pick it up when you have a min.


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