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Wow…what a difference a day makes!!  Just by taking that one day off to myself, writing my previous blog post, and then reading all of your amazing comments, the day afterwards, yesterday, was just simply terrific. 

So terrific in fact that I found the desire and motivation to cook a healthy meal & not only that, but try something new!!

I’m going to call this a “Recipe Remix” because I took a recipe I saw from Gina's WW Recipe site, Skinny Taste and my desire for a salad with grilled chicken. 

This salad is versatile and extremely filling!  You can add stuff to it to make it a whole dinner (as I did Tuesday night) or take a few things out to lighten it up for a lunch (which I did today, hee hee). 

So let me start out with the basics…

  • Chicken Breast
  • Lettuce (I use a fields green spring mix)

- I grilled the chicken on my little Cuisine Art Panini griller thing (a real grill just dries out chicken breast WAY too fast) and seasoned it with salt, pepper, dehydrated chopped onion, paprika.  Delicious!!  Here is how it looks on a beautiful bed of lettuce

100MEDIA_IMAG0225Chicken came in at 4 pts on my electronic WW scale….best $40 on kitchen equipment I have EVER spent.  If you attend Weight Watcher meetings and can get your hands on one of these, I *HIGHLY* recommend it!!

OK…so here what I call the “candy” of the salad.  It is a delicious recipe called Black Bean, Avocado, Cucumber & Tomato Salad.  If you head over to Gina’s fabulous site you will see the original recipe.  I decided to change it up a little bit.  Here is what I did different:

- Here recipe calls for red onions…I am allergic to onions so therefore I omitted these

-I had a can of chick peas (aka garbanzo beans) in my pantry already and I’m still new to the “bean” world so I decided to use these instead.  And while I was worried about them affecting the points value of the recipe, the chick peas I get are actually only 1 pt for 1/2 a cup, and actually have better nutritional stats then the black beans do!

- I only used 1 avocado, where her recipe calls for two.  I only tried avocado for the first time a few months ago & I’m still trying to get used to the taste & texture.  I’m not 100% sure if I’m on the avocado train yet or not. 

-I decided to only use 1 lime (again, she calls for the juice from two).  I wanted to save the other one for my water :)

Here is a picture of all the ingredients I used:

100MEDIA_IMAG0223Sorry for the poor quality of the picture.  My shitty camera is dead again and my phone was being a whore trying to take the picture.  But you get the idea. 

And yes my fellow perverts…I planted the cucumber and limes to look like a cock and balls :)  You are welcome.

So here’s a list of the ingredients:

  • 1 cucumber, diced
  • 2 tomatoes, diced
  • 1 avocado, diced
  • 1 can of chick peas
  • 1 juice from a lime
  • About 2 tbsp or to taste of minced Cilantro
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

And here is how it looks when it’s all mixed up together (mine is not as pretty as Gina’s obviously)

100MEDIA_IMAG0224OMG….this is *SO* delicious!!  I seriously could not believe how good it was.  Even Frankie ate it AND he liked it.  I couldn’t believe it!!

Now on Gina's recipe says that a 1/2 a cup serving (makes 10) is 2 pts.  Because I didn't use the other avocado & I substituted chick peas instead, I’m not sure if it makes mine 1 pt or 2 pts.  I would assume 2 still.  But maybe on a good day you could say 1, LOL.

OK folks, so here is what I did.  I cut up that lovely looking piece of chicken you see up there into chunks and tossed it around in the lettuce.  I then added a 1/2 a cup of the Chick Pea, Avocado salad mix.  Then, because I had more than enough points left and this was my entire dinner meal, I added 1 ounce of hard boiled egg (1 pt), 2 tbsp of Athenos Reduced Fat Feta Cheese (1 pt), & then 3 tbsp (I would normally only add 2 but there was a lot of goodies to cover) of Light Ranch dressing for 3 pts.  Obviously, the dressing is a bit much, but the one thing next to beer that I would never give up on a diet is ranch dressing!  At least I switched to light, right! :)

Here is how my delicious salad looked, which I counted as 10 points…even though it might have been 11…whatever, it was filling and worth it!!


So there you have it!!  My “MEGA” Grilled Chicken salad.  There are so many things you can do with this.  And Gina's fabulous recipe is so versatile too!  You can have this as a side dish, or even use as like a salsa mix or something.  I might even put mine on my fish tonight!  Yes people…it is THAT good!

I hope you guys decide to try it or something like it.  Right around now, with this heat and humidity, this is the perfect meal!

Speaking of meals…this squirrel was at the tree in front of our house yesterday when we came home from lunch.  He was snacking on a bottle of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Syrup!  It was *HILARIOUS*.  All of my neighbors were out watching the spectacle.  I actually got video of it but I cant upload it yet.  Here’s some pictures I got of it though…



Yes…the squirrel is staring me down in that last one.  YOU CANT SCARE ME SQUIRREL!!  I don't want your damn chocolate anyways!!

And for the record, the squirrel was all hopped up on chocolate and he managed to carry that bottle ALL the way up the tall tree, have it fall all the way back down, came back down, grabbed it & took it all the way up the tree again and to the top of our roof.  I hope that squirrel isn't a diabetic.


P.S. I know that I have gotten a couple of awards recently and I promise to acknowledge them & pass the good energy around very shortly.

P.S.S. Um…I’m pretty sure that President Obama already made a nightly address on it, but my fabulous friend Sheryl, aka Ms. BitchCakes hit her goal weight last night at her Weight Watcher meeting. She is simply and utterly amazing!

P.S.S.S. I am writing this blog from a Starbucks near my house that I rode my bike up to.  It’s only just about a mile & a 1/2 (3 miles round trip) but it’s better than nothing. I might go ride for a little bit if it doesn't rain.  Better go check the Doppler!

P.S.S.S.S  I just wanted to write P.S.S.S.S.




  1. LOL cucumber & funny...ok so I love BIG ASS SALADS so that looks GOOD!

    The Prezz announced that Sheryl got to goal? lol She efin rocks!

    The squirrel with the chocolate cracked me up! HAHA!

    Ps...I like your PSSS's lol

  2. I make something similar to that but it's considered more of a salsa...equal parts avocado & tomato, black olives, and a little jalapeno or green chiles. It's great with pita chips. That salad sounds yummy though. I've given up hating on the avocado; it's higher in cals/fat but so good for you (and tasty!)

  3. Actually, I think President Obama mentioned Ms. Bitch Cakes' milestone on The View this morning. Heard he's thinking of appointing her as Secretary of Awesome.

  4. Sounds like a delicious salad, I will be definitely giving it a try, or at least a variation.

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