Week 1 of the Crunch-Crack Attack!!


So here we are…officially one week into the challenge.  3 more to go!! 

How did everyone do??  I’ve seen some of your tweets and its really great to see that some of you are really making a great effort to get these little workouts in.

The only days I did *not* do either workout was Thursday & Friday.  Of course, these are also the days where I drink and usually do not eat my best, so I guess some habits lie hard with others.

However, I did manage to get them in and thinking about this challenge and knowing that I have to come and tell you what I did, did motivate me to get off my butt and do them.  Sometimes I did them right before or after a run, or sometimes I even did them in my full hair and makeup.  That’s what's great about this…you can do this ANYWHERE’S!!  OK….maybe at like a restaurant or mall it might be frowned upon but whatever.

So here’s my log…

6/20  - 75 crunches, 10 girlie push up & 2 attempts at a real push up

6/21 – 50 crunches, 10 side crunches on left, 10 side crunches on right, 16 girlie push ups, 2 attempts at a real push up

6/22 – 80 crunches, 12 girlie push ups, 2 attempts at a real push up

6/23 – 50 crunches, 15 girlie push ups, 2 attempts at a real push up

6/26 – 100 crunches, 20 girlie push ups

I also started my day today with 75 crunches and 12 girlie push ups so I’m ready to take on this week!!  Now according to the challenge I have to increase my crunches so I will vow to do at least 125 crunches in a row some day during this next week of the challenge. 

By the way…I look like this now:


Yes…I have an alien head now. I traded it in for my new killer body.

I hope everyone has had a great week and I can not wait to hear how all of you did!!  I know we have some rockstars on our hands!!

So please, leave how you did in the comments sections for all of us to see and cheer!!

I was a little on the bad side with my eating habits the past few days so I’m trying to be real good now.  Today I ran 4 miles and threw in some intervals so that felt good.  Now we are up and Frankie's parents in the country and I’m sitting outside trying to catch up on some blog work and emails.  Hopefully I’m not being rude.  I hope everyone has a great week!!




  2. This week...
    I did 4 set of 25 crunches for a total of 100, every day except Thursday and Saturday. I didn't do push ups this week, but my goal is to start that this week. I also did other ab work throughout the week at bootcamp, but I'm not counting those ones for here!!
    Looking forward to this upcoming week!

  3. On 6/23 I did 2 sets of 50 crunches and 2 sets of 5 pushups.
    Same for Thursday 6/24
    On Saturday I did the 2 x 50 crunches and 2 x 5 pushups, but I think I'm doing it wrong because it doesn't feel like I'm working my arms right. So I did some girly pushups too 2 x 10 reps.
    Thinking I'll stick with girly pushups and more reps until I get some strength. I have zero upper body strength.

  4. Way to go Miss Krista & Mrs. Happy Pants!! Sounds like you both had a rocking week!! Keep it up & I can't wait to hear about how awesome this week goes!!
    I hear you about having NO upper body strength. I'm definitely focusing on the girlie push ups first, then working my way up.

    I also forgot to mention this but if anyone chooses to post their weekly stats on their own blog thats great!! But please make sure you let us know so we can come pay your blog a visit :)

    Also, if for any reason there is a problem posting a comment on my blog here, feel free to e-mail me (suzistorm@gmail.com) & I will post the info for you.

  5. Great job, Suzi! Although I think you look find the way you are now so I hope you didn't trade yourself in for an alien head! lol

    And good job to everyone else. I myself am a slow starter. But I did manage 50 regular crunches and 50 reverse crunches on Thursday AND again on Friday. My abs were sore but that means I was doing it. I am back at that again tonight.

    Tomorrow I am back at the gym.

  6. Awww thanks Sarah!! I laughed my ass off later on when I looked at that photo. When I did it I was outside & the sun was out and it was so bright that I couldnt really see the thing too clearly. I look like an alien!!

    Way to go on doing those crunches girl!! And
    having sore abs is pretty kick ass!!

    Have fun at the gym tomorrow :)

  7. I love that you put your face in that pic! LOL :)

  8. This has been tough for me, but I did it 4 out of the seven days. 20, 24, 24, 25. I just had a c-section 8 weeks ago so no laughing at my numbers! Mostly just proud I did it more than I didn't and gonna shoot for 30 this week! Also did leg lifts (flat on my back raising legs with my nonexistent ab muscles), 10 each night I did my crunches =)

  9. Hey. Way to go Suzi! I went on vacation. Can I blame it on having kids that I couldn't remember all of the rules...but I did do crunches and push-ups! Girlie ones, of course. I did not even attempt the real kind. Sorry. I did a few days of 50 crunches and a few days of 100. Every day for 7 days!!!! Yeah me! Then I did 10 girlie push ups all 7 days...that's all I can do. I will improve upon that this week. Promise. I ran too! That is BIG for me.


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