Uphill, Downhill.



Where there is a uphill there is a downhill and vise versa right. 

I guess you could say that my weekends are like that.  I will be 100% honest right here & now.  From Thursday night until Saturday night, I pretty much forget about Weight Watchers and being on program.  I know I touched on this in my post about my beer drinking on the weekends, but I’m not talking about the beer.  I’m talking about letting the mentality of the “weekend” take over your brain.

I said before that I usually allow myself some leeway on the weekends and try to follow one bad decision with a good one (uphill, downhill) but sometimes it doesnt always happen like that.  Sometimes I find myself making one bad decision followed by another one and the next thing you know it’s Sunday morning and I am feeling physically and mentally sick.

Of course, I most always get right back on plan on Sunday.  I try to get an awesome work out in to help ease the guilt some and of course, burn some of the thousands and thousands of calories that I’ve put on.  Then I usually spend the next couple of days before my Weight Watcher meeting, aka, my judgment time with the scale, being as strict and careful as I can.  Maybe I will even try to leave some points left over at the end of the day to try and help “even” out the weekend.

This is a bad habit people.  I mean, I’m sure cocaine is worse, but this shit can creep up on you like the runs after a strong cup of coffee.  The next thing you know, you are doing this *every* weekend. 

When you sit down and really think about it, you (me) are spending almost almost 50% of your week trying to play “catch up”.  So can you really call that week being successful??  If I have a loss on the scale that week, and believe me, I still do (and I know many of you hate me for that), can I still call that a good week??  I often say to myself, “Well I was really bad over the weekend, but I have done awesome these past 4 days so YAY me!”…do I give myself far too much credit there??

I am about *NOT* depriving yourself of the things that you enjoy and I am all about giving yourself that one day off.  But when does one day become one weekend, and when does one weekend become every weekend?? 

So how do we stop this vicious circle??  How do we learn to just have our one day, or our one meal, people let me tell you this right here and now people, I am not giving it up!  But I need to break a pattern.  I want to be able to say and believe that I am at least 90% successful in my week.  I don’t want to spend the rest of my week trying to undo the damage I did.  Well, OK, Saturday morning burning off the Chinese food is acceptable, but you guys know what I mean.

I think the first step is trying to break the mindset.  The mindset that I can “un-do” what I put into my body by the time I hit the scale.  And to get out of the mind set that the only time my weight really matters is when I’m ON the scale at the meeting.  This is a lifestyle, not a diet, so therefore I should be focusing on how I feel everyday, not just on Thursdays at the scale.  I usually feel amazing on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s because I’ve been so good and have made healthy choices.  I should feel somewhat close to that on Friday & Saturday’s too.

It’s really all about re-framing and that exactly what I need to do.  I need to reframe my thinking about the weekends and I need to plan out and stick to a one meal or one day rule.  I need to believe that I can still have fun without abusing my points during the three hardest days for me…Thursday night, Friday & Saturday.

I don't know what the scale will bring me tomorrow.  Most likely I am feeling that it will not bring me my much desired 80 lb star, but I know that is no ones fault but my own.  I again sit here on a Wednesday night and am careful not to eat anything heavy or salty for dinner, and I have even added in an extra workout, though it was a light one.  My mother took me to Red Lobster today for lunch and I actually made good choices, where believe me, they could have been very, VERY bad.  So I guess I have to look at those accomplishments instead. 

What do you guys do to help stay on track over the weekend??  Do you do the same things I do??  Is it an every weekend occurrence like it has become for me??

How do we break the circle?!?!  


  1. I'm really no expert at weekends, but I'm working on balance in my life in general and thought of something that might help. It's all about head games.

    You, like me, like beer. :) I assume there will be beer in my weekend. If there's beer, there's usually unhealthy foods like cheese fries (yum). So I hedge my bets and think about the *possibility* of unhealthy choices and pick better ones just in case. Mental monologue example:

    "Breakfast...breakfast...hm. Yogurt? Portioned cereal? Ah, eff it. It's Saturday. mmm...donuts and bacon. Wait. I'm going out with Friend later. Hm. Better go with the yogurt."

    Whether or not I actually make unhealthy choices later, I'm working on the healthy weekend breakfast habit.

  2. Suzi, would you be interested in partnering up with someone for a while? As in, if you show me yours, I'll show you mine...Points that is!!

    Maybe if we agreed to show our Points to each other daily, it might make both of us behave a little better as I struggle too, not just on the weekend, but often during the week as well. Whattya think?

  3. I usually do better during the week. One the weekends I makes plans and stay super busy. I'm naturally more active which leaves me with less time and desire to eat.

  4. Oh Suzi, yours is the 4th blog post that I've read in a row that I could have written myself. Weird!! And here I was, thinking I was going crazy... in fact my thoughts are so mixed up in my head, I can't even get them written out in a blog. Many thoughts here, but I also need to pack as we're heading away on holidays in a few hours. Thank you for reminding me that I'm not mad.

  5. i am the exact same way. except i don't pull those losses like you do! :p this weekend, i am trying something new. i'm getting married NINE MONTHS from saturday, and i have 30 pounds to lose before then. (i'd like to lose more, but let's be frank....)

    Tonight is when i usually start my weekend eating. it's not going to happen. the end. i'm going to track, and stop when i've hit my daily points target of 26. THE END.

    tomorrow i'm going to be good at work and not eat treats if anyone brings them in. tomorrow night i vow to NOT EAT PIZZA. if i have a beer or two, i'm not going to let that derail my eating. i will eat a portioned-out size of pretzels or some baked doritos if the mood strikes.

    saturday i'm going to strive to eat like i'm at work. same fruits, veggies and snacks. maybe i'll indulge a BIT at dinner.

    maybe you can try getting your GHGs in before you eat ANYTHING ELSE. if you want pizza, you better have 5 servings of fruits and veggies in, milk oil & etc. if you even want to think about having a slice. maybe try to eat a serving of fruit or veg. BEFORE you eat something you "shouldn't." if you're eating something you "shouldn't," maybe make a point to at least eat slowly. if you're eating those additional calories, slow down long enough to enjoy the taste.

    chin up, girlfriend. i go through the same thing. i'm an angel all week, eat like ass on the weekends, then gain at weigh in.

  6. I have been doing the same thing for years. I blow it on the weekends. I only wish I still had a loss, because all I do is "maintain." Totally sucks.

    I am addicted to wine. I can go 6 months without it, but I don't want to. I don't drink any during the week, then by the time the weekend gets here, I go crazy. Never more than a bottle a day (Friday and Saturday), but I still drink it.


  7. It's not important to break the cycle, but to realize it doesn't matter whether you get the 80-lbs start this week, next week, or the week after. In the long run, as long as you average more good days than bad days, you'll be OK.

    Not having this intense pressure to BE GOOD OR ELSE has really made it easier for me to relax on the weekends. I don't need that third beer because I know I won't be deprived during the week, or that I can have it another day. There's no "OMG I won't be able to do this during the week," so I don't feel the need to go nuts on the weekend.

    You've done so great so far! I'm sure you'll figure out how to break your own weekend cycle and continue. :)

  8. I tried to switch my weigh in to sat instead of friday so I would behave on friday and go crazy on sat but it didn't work. I'm like you, friday is my cheat but it tends to carry over to sat. As long as I'm good for the rest of the week and get runs in I can usually see a loss. I dunno, it works for me, so I'm probably not the best to give advice on the subject.

  9. I had a really hard time with my weekends about 3 months into me really losing weight. I would do exactly as you described.

    What has worked for me is planning. I plan 2 meals & 2 snacks and leave 1 meal up for grabs to be anything I want without over doing it. It works really well when I have busy weekends with parties & such. I can control how much I eat during the day and even get my exercise in and burn extra calories before I splurge without having to really worry about it.

    I also make a pledge to exercise at least 1 weekend day for at least 1 hour.

    So far (with the exception of 2 weekends ago) it has worked out perfectly. I also hate the whole catch up during the week, thats not healthy and it messes with your mind & makes you feel guilty.

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