Two 5K’s in 2 Days!!



So I’m doing something pretty neat this weekend.  I’m participating in TWO 5K events this weekend!! (When I was telling people at work & at my WW meeting they were like “omg that's crazy!” but it doesn't seem that way to me.  It’s like running 3 miles on two separate days, a little more, and that's not hard at all.  But I guess putting yourself in the “race” format is different and does take more out of you so I guess I will give myself some credit here.)

Sunday as I’ve mentioned is the Weight Watchers Walk It! Challenge and my WW’er group is getting together to walk/run at our local parkway. 

Well on Saturday Frank and I had plans to go see The Charlie Daniels Band at The Taste of Syracuse.  We really can’t wait!!  Not only for all the great music but also all the fabulous food sampling we get to do and of course…BEER!!

Anyways, there is a great 5K run that same morning, in the same area called Paiges Butterfly Run where all proceeds go to fighting pediatric cancer.  This 5K race is pretty much the biggest 5K in my area.  It attracts a lot of runners, not only because of the great cause but also because of the Taste Of Syracuse event that takes place right afterwards.

I wasn’t planning on running another race anytime soon but I think that the amount of runners that this race draws will be great experience for me and will be able to help prepare me better for running with a larger group coming up with my 1/2 marathon.  Plus, it will feel great to know that I have participated in this wonderful local race and have given to a great cause.  Also the route is a bit different this year I guess and the total distance is 3.4 so that should be interesting. 

And I might just feel a little less guilty about eating all those tasty treats & drinking all those frothy beverages come later on in the day ;)

Depending on how I feel come Sunday morning will depend on whether I run or walk at the Weight Watcher 5K.  Part of me will feel guilty and selfish if I am the only one running so I might just stick it out and walk with my fellow members, but we will see.

So there we have it kids…Two 5K’s in 2 Days!!


Today was also my WI and I was down 1.4 lbs!!  That’s 76.8 lbs gone FOREVER!! I’m now 10.2 lbs away from goal weight.  How exciting!!

I didn’t get to stay for my meeting since I had to go sign up for Saturday’s race but today's topic was about points.  I think that Sheryl aka Bitch Cakes did a great job posting about the meeting topic here.  So if you haven't already checked it out, make sure you do!! 

Have a great weekend everyone if I don't get a chance to post until after my races!! XOXO


  1. Awesome job on the loss!! That is great. You are so close to goal!! I know you are going to make it!!

    And that is great about the 5K's!! Sometimes I miss going to meetings but I just can't see myself going back to them. I'm doing so great with the online thing right now. It works for me. I do miss my old leader though. She was great and lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for over 15 years!! Amazing.

  2. Thanks Sarah!! I can't wait to get to that goal weight #!! It may change after that but it will be nice to see what that # feels like.

    You have been kicking butt girl and obviously it is what works for you so I wouldnt have any worries!! I'm also sure that if you wanted to you could always swing by that meeting and visit your old leader if she is there. I'm sure she would love to see you and how amazing you look!!

    I hope we can be as strong as she has been and be able to keep the weight off for that long (and longer!).

  3. Wowzer with the 5K's girl!! I wish I was within 10 lbs of my goal weight. I know I will be someday, and I must be patient, but... Good to see you up and running and feeling better in general.

  4. congrats on your loss gf!! Have fun on your 2 5ks... I think our WW walk isn't till the end of June. I really should join in!


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