Take That!



Hey everybody!!  I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.  I’m sad to see it come to such a quick end. :(

So unfortunately my Two 5K’s in 2 Days did not happen.  I woke up late this morning and before rushing around to get ready for the Weight Watchers 5K  decided to give my leader a call since it was pouring rain outside.  She was on her way home.  She said that about 6 people showed up but that the clouds were moving in and moving in quickly so they all decided to nix the plans.  To be honest…this was ok with me because I’m pretty sure I was still drunk from the night before.  ;-)

HOWEVER…I still had some pretty amazing success this weekend.

I PR’d my 5K time at the Paiges Butterfly Race!!!!  I totally did not expect this.  I finished in 31:32 with a pace of 10:09!!!! 

The race was fantastic.  The weather was hot and VERY humid, so that kicked my butt a little.  I am asthmatic so running in those conditions makes my breathing even more difficult.  But the course was a lot of fun.  There were a few bands along the way and lots of supporters and people cheering along the way.

I really was surprised to see that I did so well.  There were a few times where I wanted to stop and try to catch my breath.  I also had a little incident where all of a sudden I had to pee very badly.  It seriously came out of no where's!  And I even went before the race started.  I’m happy to say that I didn't pee myself completely.  ;-)  However this was hilarious to me…I probably looked crazy because towards the end I was literally laughing out loud to myself.  All I could think was “There is the finish line, time to put on your wings Suzi….oh wait, if you run any faster you might pee a lake!!”  HA-HA. 

Can you pick me out??


Just to note…I did beat those kids.  ;)

I’m happy that I stayed strong and managed to run a really great race.  They raised a lot of money and I’m happy that I was able to contribute and be part of such a great cause.  We then spent the rest of the day at The Taste of Syracuse which was a lot of fun.  We got to see The Charlie Daniels Band who totally ROCKED!!!!  It was nice to get out and do something. 

Today I have been uber lazy!!  I haven't even gotten dressed.  I’ve been drinking beer and playing online poker all day, LOL.  I am A-OK with this though.  It feels kind of good to do absolutely nothing.  And for once, Frankie is the one who has to go to the store more than once in one day.  ;-)

But something else pretty incredible happened yesterday too…

I learned something else about myself this weekend…I am much stronger than I give myself credit for sometimes.  I ran into a ghost of my past and instead of letting it drag me down, I fought hard and remembered just how awesome I am.  I remembered that I am a kick ass chick, who looks damn good and feels damn good!!  NO ONE can bring me down or break me… not even you…my biggest, greatest mistake.


  1. Congrats on both of your victories! To attempt 2 5Ks in two days is totally kick ass, as is kicking the ass of that "ghost of the past." Those "ghosties" ALWAYS get to me. Admittedly...I am dreaming of the day when I'm at goal and I run in to one "ghost" in particular. That will be, in the words of my 7 year old...my "HA HA NOW!" moment.

    You are absolutely a kick ass chick ... who is all the more kick ass 'cause she knows she looks DAMN good!

  2. Way to go - that is awesome!

  3. Congrats on your PR! You rock :)

  4. Suzi, you rock, Sweetie. Bet Mr. Biggest, Greatest Mistake is kicking himself now!!

  5. Thank you guys so much. I've been checking in all week to see your lovely comments and they mean A LOT to me. Sorry I haven't commented back until now. Works been crazy and I haven't been on the computer at home since I wrote this one.

    It took a lot of pride to keep my head up high, on both accounts. But I did it!! And I know that one of the reasons I was able to do it with such grace was because in my mind, I knew I had all of you here, cheering me on!!

    You know what Beth...we are all KICK ASS CHICKS (and dudes of course ;)!!


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