Super Suzi

That is how I feel….like a Super Suzi!!

Something happened when I woke up yesterday. Something inside of me transformed and I just knew it was going to be a great day! And for most things considered, it really was. I had many blessings come into my life. I got to start the day off chatting with my best friend, then found out that we got a chance to make a little *MUCH* needed extra cash on the side to help us pay the bills I couldn’t pay last month (oops!), then I got a very touching email from a blog reader whom I hope I get to hear from again….things just fell into place yesterday and normally that just does not happen.

Oh yeah…and I was down 2.2 lbs at my WI. ;) That makes for 79 lbs total. And now I’m only 8 lbs away from my goal weight. How insane!! It really doesn’t feel real.

But back to being Super Suzi….

I don’t know if it’s the new highlights or what but I’ve been feeling super hot. Oh yeah…I got new highlights!! I got more brown ones put in, but this time more chunky so you can actually see them, well not really well in this picture but whatever, lol….

But it’s not just about my hair or looks but also about my body!! I have actually felt FIT and dare I say….thin?? I know I’m not really “thin” but for myself, I actually don’t feel overweight. It’s amazing. I can’t even describe it. Of course, I am more aware of the toning I need to do and I really *really* do need to start working on my arms, but I love that that’s what I am focused on at the moment. It’s not….ewww, look at all this fat! I can proudly say that for the past 2 days I have walked around with a self confidence that I have *NEVER* ever experienced in my life!! I don’t want it to go away!!

So with that said, and because every one keeps yelling at me LOL, I am presenting you with my most recent “after” picture.  I will start from the heaviest to the most recent which was taken yesterday, at 79 lbs down!!

When I started WW'er at 252 lbs. (My heaviest was 261.2 which was about 3 months before I joined):
About 25 lbs lost here....
About 50ish lbs lost....

Still lingering in the 50's-60's lost...
And now the onto the most recent!!  173 lbs & 79 lbs lost....
We took two, LOL....

So there you have it!!  I still have some work to do, but as my dear friend Emily said, I am *so* close I can taste it.  Nom Nom NOM.....

We covered 'hunger' at our WW meeting tonight and I hope to have a blog post up this weekend about that. I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Friday!!  XOXO


  1. You look amazing - good for you!

  2. YOU LOOK AMAZING! :) XOXO Congrats on being SUPER SUZI! :)

  3. You look totally hot and amazing!! So glad you finally took a recent picture! I am so f*cking proud of you!!!! Not to mention you really are so close to goal you can see and TASTE it!!! LOVE YOU!

  4. Thank you *SO* much everybody!! You guys are the best. My mom wants to take another picture of me today because she says you can really see my weight loss in my clothes today since the shirt I had on yesterday was a tad big. So we'll see....maybe I'll have ANOTHER after pic, LOL.

  5. Damn, girl! You look awesome!!!

  6. Holy crap! You look AMAZING. SO glad you had a good day!!!

  7. Awwww...thanks you guys!! You are the best ever!! I swear to god....ugh...simply amazing!! xoxo

  8. Suzie, you are drop dead gorgeous!! You have morphed into an amazing beauty and you SHOULD have that confidence. Its a battle losing this weight and like any warrior that has won his day in the field, you deserve all the applause and confidence you can suck up. May that confidence give you strength to maintain once you reach your goal. You inspire me (and I can use all the help I can get right now!)

  9. YAY! This is a great post. You look amazing and are such an inspiration! Love you!

  10. Thanks Ashley!! Love you right back!! :)

    AZ- You are the sweetest!! Thank you *so* much!! And I hope you are right about the maintaining part. I cant even think about that right now you know. It's so surreal.
    You have been kicking ass too woman!! You are back from vacation had your it's time to get right back on the horse, which I know you will do!!


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