Let The Challenge Begin…


OK my lovely Crunch Crack Heads & Gun Show Spectators…today is the day!!  Today is the day that we all vow to put forth the effort of getting our AB’s & Arm’s in SHAPE!!

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Here are the rules again:

-You do NOT need to participate in both ab’s & arms.  You can either one or both!

-You do NOT need to do a specific amount of crunches or push-ups a day.

-You do NOT need to do crunches or push-ups EVERY DAY. I am simply asking for 3 times a week minimum. 

-Somewhere logs your crunches & push-ups so that way you can brag on here about what days you did what & how many you did! (There just may be *something* for the person who really put forth a kick-ass effort…you never know)

-Another reason to track your crunches & push-ups…so that way next week you can meet the challenge of increasing that amount.  Now, I know I said 25 in the original blog topic, but I understand that for some that may be difficult so we will do it like this…YOU set the standard, but it better be a good one!  Say you can only do 5 sit ups now…what about 8 for the week after??  I’m horrible at math so I can’t really spell out a percentage here but in reality I’d love to see us DOUBLE our amounts in a months time.  Is that too much??  Maybe, but we’ll see as we go along. 

-We will check in every Sunday here on the blog and brag, brag, brag about what we did.  Or maybe what we didnt do…we are all here to motivate and cheer each other on to help shape up & tone up.

-And the biggest rule of them all…HAVE FUN!!  This isn’t a contest or a something that anybody is making you do everyday.  All we our trying to accomplish here is making another healthy choice a habit in our lives & increasing our stamina.

So there you have it folks!!  I look forward to hearing about your progress…if you want to leave comments on how you are doing during the week, please feel free to do so under this post, otherwise we will all sum up our first week on a post next Sunday.

::clears throat:: LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN…… (just so everyone knows, I was yelling that in a loud growling voice, like I was announcing the ancient roman games or something)


  1. Ok I am IN!

    *psyches self up for the inevitable pain that is to follow*

    Let's do this thing

  2. yay, this is awesome! I just started a little spreadsheet along with my weight loss/measurements/run times for pushups. started today with 10 and plan to add 5 every day. Would love to be able to do 100 in a row! These are all on my knees so really, more than 1 or 2 on my toes would also be excellent

  3. Thank god I have you guys...I've been drinking all day but I still did it....75 crunches & 10 way crazier than I thought girlie push ups & 2 horrible attempts at a real push up.

  4. Ohh this sounds interesting...colour me intrigued.


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