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Hello everybody!! I (again) apologize for such the long absence. I have just in the past few days started to feel better after battling the infection from hell and after settling back in after throwing the big party…which turned out great by the way!! Frankie enjoyed it very much and that’s all that mattered to me. Right after the party was when I had to procedure done to get my tooth out and have the infection cleaned out. The healing process is still happening but I’m feeling *so* much better. I’ve been getting back into my better eating habits…of course there have been a few slipups along the way, but I’m getting there. And yesterday I had my first run in almost 3 weeks!! I ran 3 miles….and this was AFTER drinking 6 Bud 55’s, LMAO. Am I hardcore or what?? I don’t lie when I say those things are like water to me. I drank a 12 pack a couple of nights over the long weekend and could not even get the start of a good buzz, but hey, for 1 pt I will take it because I don’t drink to get drunk. I drink the beer because I enjoy the taste of an ice cold beer. If I wanted to get drunk I’d be drinking Jack Daniels and Diet Pepsi’s for a living. ;-)

Anywhooooo….I want to go into why my posting is so scarce at times, and who knows, maybe some of you can help me with this. So here are my main reasons why I don’t post as much as I should or want to:

1. I compare a lot. I don’t know why I do this, because honestly, I don’t do it in any other form of my life. I don’t compare my clothes or my look or anything else to what other people are doing/wearing but for some reason I compare my blog to others. I look at some peoples blogs and think “WOW! Look at all their followers. That must be why they post so much.” Or “MAN! Look at those really nice, long, personal, in-depth posts. They are so inspirational.” Or even “HOLY! Look at that person who has posted a blog topic 3 freaking times today!! Is that their job??” A lot of the times I think that my ½ assed little blog really doesn’t make a difference in the big weight loss blogging world and that no one would care if I post or not because you can all just go to one of these other blogs that are way more fabulous than mine. Sounds silly huh??

2. I don’t comment enough on other people’s blogs so in a way I feel guilty for putting myself out there and having them comment on mine. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of *your* guys blogs I read on a daily basis are seriously such an inspiration to me…but I seriously never get the time to comment on your own blog posts. I may give you all the congratulations and what have you on Twitter, but sitting down and commenting on them when I read them is a habit I just can’t seem to fall into and this makes me feel like an awful, selfish person. I don’t want people to think that I put all of this stuff out here to get all this amazing feedback and congratulations back and not want to pay it all forward. I’m not a hoarder when it comes to praise, I swear!! So sometimes I feel it’s just less selfish seeming if I don’t post at all.

3. Time. I work from 8-4:30. When I get home, I usually try to workout, cook dinner for myself, the man and the boy…this is usually all accomplished between 6:30-7:30. By that time I am whooped and now with Summer approaching and all this great weather, I want to just go outside and enjoy the sunshine while it is here….I live in Central New York, believe me people, we *cherish* moments in the sun! Also a favorite hobby of mine is to sit and watch the New York Yankees play with Frankie. Sure, I could write while the game is on, but my attention is only ½ there. And by the time the game is over, or we are done watching one of our programs, it’s about time to go to bed. I do not make any special time for writing, and this is definitely something that I should probably work on.

4. I’ve talked about this before and this is my constant thought to make all of my posts “meaty” and worth something. It shouldn’t matter whether my post is 1 sentence, or 1 page long….I should just post it. If it’s on my mind I should just write it!! I put so much pressure on posts and I really have to stop doing that. I’m not being judged or graded here…at least I hope not. But a lot of the times too I feel like I’m repeating myself and I can’t seem to find anything exciting or entertaining to talk about. I need to start writing down some topics and really work on some of the suggestions you guys have given me in the past.

So those are just some of the reason I can think of right now. I also know that I need to work on refreshing the look of this site, because like most things in my life, I have OCD when it comes to wallpapers and designs and to be honest, I can’t believe I have kept this layout for so long! Also my dear friend Emily has reminded me that my “recent” progress picture is quite outdated now and I need to update that. Thank you my dear!! Soooo maybe by revamping the site a little bit it will help to motivate me to be more active with it.

Being more pro-active with my blog is definitely a high priority on my list. I truly do enjoy doing this and I think if I take some of the pressure off I could really learn to enjoy it more and like everything in life, if I continuously try to make it a habit, then eventually posting will become a habit.

I want to thank all of you again for sticking by me and hopefully some of this makes sense. I feel like there was more I wanted to say but it’s at a loss to me right now. I cheated and wrote this up while I’m at work. ;-) But I only did that because tonight Frankie is going to play guitar and my plan after I work out and eat my dinner is to sit down and write a nice blog post about ‘Activity’ tonight!! It was our topic at my WW’ers meeting this past week and with the Weight Watchers 5K coming up this Saturday and my recent hiatus from exercise, I have a lot I’d like to say about being ACTIVE!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!!! XOXO


  1. We have all been there in feelings about our blogs you know I have! I know you will keep doing it, just post when you want to! Yes a blog refresh does usually help to :) XOXOX

  2. Glad to see a post from ya, even though I tweet with ya! Lol

  3. Glad youre back in action...we need a work email again! I miss you ladies. Ill will write tomorrow

  4. I related to all of this SO much. I can get SO down on myself and the things I write and it seems so silly when I really break it down. Sharing your life shouldn't have any pressure or stigman attached it yet I see REALLY popular blogs and just start hatin' on my own :( Refresh this page up and just be you!

  5. I am also glad to see an update even though we tweet! And yes, you do need a new picture, girl!! And so do I!!! *hugs*

  6. Thanks for the "meaty" post. It's all good. I'm just sayin'.

  7. I don't tweet and love to see your posts! I just like to know that you are doing ok, getting a good run in, loving and being loved. You don't have to write anything pithy! Hope you are feeling better and ready to get back into life in general.

  8. Thank you *SO* much everybody!! You really don't know how much this means to me to know I have your understanding and support. I just posted ANOTHER blog topic and it felt *great*!! I can't wait to re-design the page a bit and start working on some other topics that people have asked of me. Something that's foreign to me is "drafting a post"...maybe I should try that more. All I know is that it feels great to be excited about it again because I really do love doing this blog. Thanks again my dears. XOXO

  9. Glad you're back! I agree, just post when/what you feel like it. I wish I could be more like some people (funny, insightful, inspiring), but I just write how I can, when I can! Wish I had more followers too but what can ya do, everyone can't like everyone!

  10. Wow, this post kinda made me sad. Even though I know that we all probably feel this way sometimes I hate that you think we would ever judge you or think your blog is not "good enough" I love you and I love your blog (both your blogs) When you're not around for a while I miss you and wonder where/how you are. I can't speak for everyone else but I'll be here ready to read whenever you feel you have something to say. This blog should NEVER be a source of stress to you! EVER.. because then whats the point? You're awesome and beautiful and rock the most!!

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