In the mood for something crunchy??

I know I am!! And by crunchy I don’t mean salty like chips or pretzels or a crunch bar even….or wait, do I????
No, No, No of course not! I mean CRUNCHES PEOPLE…like ABDOMINAL WORK!! Or as some people like to call it, “core work”…that makes me think of apples for some reason so I always feel funny saying “Hey man I’m going to work on my core!” It just doesn’t sound bad ass at all. See now “Hey man, I’m going to do some CRUNCHES!” Now that…that sounds bad ass. T.U.F.F. tough!!

OK enough horsing around people.

I have decided that next to arms, the body part I am the least happy with is my stomach (I’m pretty sure I am alone in the world on this one). A lot of this is thanks to all the beer I drink I’m sure but also because other than running, I don’t really do anything to work on that area. Now before every starts getting a philosophical on me about how you scientifically cannot “burn fat” away from your belly by doing crunches…I know! But you can build muscle which can therefore burn fat which means I win this argument so ha!

So here is what I am offering here people….a challenge of sorts. I say of sorts because I don’t have any big awesome prize to give away and really, it takes some time to really see any physical “results” from doing crunches but the sheer act of making a commitment, a goal, a *promise* is what this challenge is all about!! It’s about stating here to myself and everyone else “I will do this!”

I started doing 100 crunches yesterday but for conversation sake we will say that this challenge, which I am coining as “Crunch Crack”…don’t ask me what that name means, it just popped in my head and it made me think of butt cracks and giggle so that’s what it is called.

Ok so “Crunch Crack” will officially start on Sunday, June 20th. What I am vowing is that for ONE MONTH I will do a set of crunches EVERY DAY. Now, there is no limit on how many you have to do. Yesterday I did 100, but today I might only be able to do 30. I know that some people can barely get in 5 of them…IT DOESN’T MATTER!!

But here’s the thing, another *part* of the challenge you could say….whatever your highest # is that you do during the week, for example I am going to say that more than likely 100 crunches will most likely be the most I can do in one day this week, so NEXT week I have to do at least 25 MORE crunches for just ONE DAY.

So that means that some day next week, I have to do at least 125 crunches in one sitting. Get it?? Of course you guys do…you’re all far smarter than I am LOL.

We will check in every Sunday to say how we did, or didn’t, and tell what # we are up to. We will all cheer each other on and motivate each other to keep pushing to those next 25 crunches!!

Pretty soon we will all look like this:
Ok maybe not but seriously, the woman has a killer body & some diamond cutting abs!! I read in a magazine recently that she does like 2000 sit ups a day or something ridiculous like that. Of course she probably gets paid to do them or something. Lucky bitch.

Any who…let me clarify something here people about what I mean by “crunch” because I know some people’s opinions and view are different, so here is how I do them:

-Lay on the floor with your feet on the ground and your knees pointing at the ceiling (I am not a personal trainer so sorry if I don’t know the “technical” terms for describing this).

-Put your hands behind your head (as if you were being asked by a cop & about to be arrested). You can loosely lock your finger if you want, but don’t grasp them so tight that you break a finger or anything.

-Keep your eyes to the ceiling but slightly in front of you (does that make sense?) and slowly lift your upper body so that your shoulder blade are off of the ground. To do this though make sure you are using your “core” muscles to pull your body up.

-Roll back down and repeat! :) Try to keep the pace slow. Don’t go up and down like a jack rabbit...that might be a different kind of challenge ;)

Here is kind of how it looks (minus the fact that I dont curl my head in on my way up):

Some people prefer the old method of hands across the chest or pulling all the way up to your knees. I have reads too many articles and have suffered too much back pain to believe that that is the proper way to do one. But…do what ever you want, just don’t hold me responsible for the pain ok?? ;)

Ok people…who’s with me on this?? Even if you don’t think you can handle every day, THAT’S FINE!! Maybe 3 days a week or something?? The main objective of this challenge is to get us to start doing abdominal crunches on a regular basis and to increase the number of crunches we can do in one sitting by the end of these 4 weeks.

Now I just need to something about my damn arms….

First of all, I'm so happy to see that you guys are on board and ready to rock this!  Again, there's no competetion here, it's just about making something as simple as doing crunches a *habit* & to help hold us accountable.  Anyways....

The wonderful and super fabulous Lor...seriously, she is great and you should really all go check out her blog Lighten Up, Lor.  I didnt realize until today that I was following privately, LOL. Sorry Lor, I'm a little slow sometimes, all the time, whatever!  Anyway's she suggest an arm challenge!!  Since you guys are probably sick and tired of listening to me bitch and complain about my arms, why not just fucking do something about it already!!!!!!!

So here we go...if you want to partake in the arm challenge you can but you dont need to.  Here's how it will work:
-10 "girlie" push know where your on your hands and knees (omg you people are killing me!! do you know how hard it is to NOT make explicit sexual jokes here!!) but just lower your arms. 
-1 or 2 (I'm doing two because again....Fun Fact Friday: I only like even #'s. Like if I eat pretzels or M&M's, I have to have 2 or 4 pieces) "Real" push ups.

Each week, increase the push ups by one or two.  Lor has appropriately named this the 'Gun Show' and I think that is fantastic!!  People better start lining up to get tickets cause this show is going to sell out FAST!!

Thanks again Lor for the fabulous idea!!  We will all owe our guns of steel to you ;)   

Crunch Pillow
Jennifer Aniston


  1. Ok, I'm in. I just had a baby (c-section) so those muscles are in desperate need of some attention!

  2. I'm in. I've been laxydazy about my core lately and this should bring me back on track.
    I saw that photo recently in Oxygen and my first thought was how beautiful she is.

  3. Oh, I so need to get crunchy!

    Especially with the new man friend in the pic. No way am I revealing these "abs" any time soon!!

  4. i'm in!! awesome idea!

    for arms, maybe we could do push-ups? now i can't do more than 10 girly ones and ONE men's one.. so believe me when I say I'll be starting at square one. i'll think on this. maybe the goal could be similar, but smaller. increase the number of push-ups you can do per sitting by 2 or 5 each week? and call it the "gun show?" hah.


  5. I'm on it, this is so something I need to do! Think I may add the pushups too...

  6. I Love This. I am sure there are abs underneath my flabby belly. Pretty soon it'll be an "abby" belly--as in "abs." Sorry for the pun.

  7. WOW!! You guys kick so much ass!! I knew I could count on my fabulous readers to join me in this.

    And you know what else...I *LOVE* to the idea of adding the pushups!! I mean HELLO, it's one of my goals for 2010!! And since I'm already down on the floor I might as well flip over.....uuuuuuhhhh....Hmmmm :/ Nevermind.

    Ok but seriously...I'm going to edit the post in a second and include that. So people, if you want to throw some arm work in there too, please do!! Since I only enjoy things in even #'s (dont ask) I'm going to do 10 girly ones & 2 "real" push-ups. LOVE IT!!

  8. On top of all my other crazy goals and workouts, I can't, I should, but...but, I will commit to do 5 crunches a day, on top of anything else I do...just for you :)

  9. Ohhh...I am so in on this!! My brother's wedding is in October...and we are going to the Cape in August. Bring on the crunches...and the gun show!

  10. What a lucky girl I am! I just stumbled across your blog tonight! I am laughing out loud and excited about sit-ups...who knew! I want to do the challenge, too. I absolutely hate my arms and abs! Let me know if you do a butt or thigh challenge too. :)

  11. Awesome idea! I'm definitely in!!
    I love that arms are added to this too! I'm also least satisfied with my arms and stomach!
    Bring on the crunches and pushups!

  12. Dude. I'm in. Starting tomorrow.

    I hate you already.


  13. LOL....I'm loving all this love/hate I'm getting for this challenge!! I'm sure we will all be cursing my name at the weeks end. It starts tomorrow people so GET READY!!

  14. hahaha! no worries, suz! <3 YOU READY, GIRLFRIEND!?!?!?!

  15. just confirming on your blog now, I'm IN!

  16. I'm totally in.
    My baby brother is getting married in a year and his lovely bride-to-be (no, really, she's cool)
    has picked sleeveless, strapless bridesmaid dresses. The horror.
    I could fly to Europe with the wing action I have going on my arms. I even wore a short sleeved wedding dress (when I was "thin") because my arms suck so much. win. Great idea!

  17. I'm late but I'm in for both! YAY something more to push me to get that body moving!

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