I like to move it…


…move it!!…sometimes :/

This past Thursday at my Weight Watcher meeting we talked about Activity.  At first I kind of sighed because I started to think about how I had not been “active” for close to 3 weeks.  Of course I knew that this was not 95% by my own choice, but it was still depressing. 

And thats when I woke up…it was DEPRESSING that I wasn’t able to workout at all.  It was really getting me in a funk!  For the first time in my life I was actually miserable about *not* being able to work out…WHO AM I?!?!  If you remember my story on how I started running then you know that not working out was my forte.  I would have rather chewed on nails than run for a minute straight.  Now I was missing running a mile or two or three or four!

The thing I really enjoyed about this topic is the way my leader went about approaching the term “activity”.  She was not Ms. GI Joe up there saying “run run run! walk walk walk! MOVE MOVE MOVE!”  Instead she was showing us that *anything* amount of activity that we normally wouldn't do, or even things we do but normally wouldn’t consider activity DO count!!  Simple things like tending to your garden, doing the laundry, cleaning your bathroom…these things add up people!!  Just for shits and giggles one time, I looked up “sanding wood” on the activity tracker and found out that I earned probably 2 AP’s for sanding the bench Frankie made me.  It’s only on there for sanding the floors, but I went buck wild with an electric hand sander for about 45 minutes.  Anyways…30 minutes on the elliptical is also 2 AP’s…catch my point??

This is also another great way I like to get my “activity” in:


Now, this doesn't mean I’m about to eliminate my runs or throw out my bike and stick to washing dishes…yuck!  And here is the reason why…CARDIO!  We need it, and we *do* learn to love it.  Someone at my meeting made a good point and that was that ‘if you don't sweat, it’s not working out'…of course we all corrected her by saying that the Pool is a great workout and you most likely wont sweat much since you are in water LOL.  We like to bust each others balls sometimes.  But I think what she was trying to remind us about was to not only think about our cardio workouts but also about what other “activities” we can change up or put into our routine because remember, these things all add up.

Maybe it’s parking your car farther away at the grocery store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator (I know, you’ve heard all of these before…I’m not that clever), or what I suggested in my meeting and that is that now that I’m thinner I have more space in the bed, so therefore I move around more in my sleep, therefore burning more calories!  Like my logic?? ;)  It’s science.

Making the little steps will lead you to making the bigger steps before you know it.  When I started running I could not even run straight for 30 seconds without stopping or feeling like I was being tortured.  Today I can run 4-6 miles easily and know that physically I’m able to make it close to 11.  I just keep making those extra little steps to get to that bigger step towards reaching the 13.1 mark. 

Another thing to try and do is to *NEVER* compare what you do to what others do.  There is a big difference between admiration and jealousy.  I see so many people out there who try so hard to meet goals that they think are popular or will get them more fame online or within their own little community.  You’re neighbor can hike 16 miles and you can barely walk up that hill by your house??  Well guess what…someone out there can’t walk up that hill!!  Be proud of the things *YOU* accomplish and that you set out to do.  We all wish we could do things better, stronger and longer than we are doing them right now.  Just try not to get caught up in all the hype!  I, like most other runners, subscribe to ‘Runners World’ magazine and I drool over the new fancy gadgets and what have you that I know I could never afford or would be pointless to have really.  I follow some of the highly visited running blogs and think they are fantastic as well.  Hell one of my favorite bloggers is Skinny Runner as most of you know, and while I envy her ability to run countless of miles at ease, her goal of running 6 marathons in 6 months (seriously…woman is fucking sick!  But she did it and I could not be more proud of her!!) is just not a goal I would ever want to have for myself.  I would be happy with just being able to run 6 miles with ease 3-4 times a week.  There is difference, in my mind anyways, between letting others success and determination motivate and push you, or letting it put envy into your heart and workouts.  Just something to keep in mind my friends.

So with that said, I will leave you all with this…

I know that a lot of you are Weight Watcher members yourselves but those of you who are not, this Sunday, June 6th, is Weight Watchers 5K Walk It! challenge.  I will be participating by meeting my fellow Weight Watcher members at our local park that morning.  I still haven't decided if I’m just going to run it (most likely by myself) or if I want to actually try to just walk it with the others.  We’ll see.  Either way though, if you can, try to do *some* type of activity on this day.  Whether it be to go for a walk around your neighborhood, or just weed out your garden…any type of movement is better than NO movement!! 

My moment of self-praise:

-This was the first week I have incorporated exercise back into my life since I got sick.  I managed to do 30 minutes on the Elliptical on Saturday morning.  Then later that day walk a trail and do some canoeing with Frankie.  Sunday I worked on the flowers in front of my townhouse (its supposed to count as *something* right?!).  Monday I ran 3 miles and today I ran 4 miles.

No matter how much time you may take off, small or large, you can *ALWAYS* get right back into it.  The only thing stopping you is *you*. And more likely than not, it will be far much easier than you expect. 


*Special Note:  If you for some reason have some medical reason why you can not be highly active, please do not let that get you down! Getting the rest you need to heal and recoup is the best thing you can do!  This note really goes out to my dear friend Bethany who just had surgery on her hip.  She is very down about not being able to workout at all and is in much pain.  I am constantly thinking of her and wishing her the best in her healing process.  And I just *KNOW*…I really, really know, that she will come out of this stronger and better than ever!!  Your time will come my friend. :)


  1. Thank you love.

    Thank you so much.


  2. Love the picture with the ape, too funny.
    I agree with you, every little bit counts. When I first FIRST started years ago, I used to park at the back of the lot at work, and take the one flight of stairs to the office as my exercise. It helped, it helped b/c it was WAY more than I had been doing previously. Once I had that down and it didn't feel like extra anymore, I moved onto adding more activity into my life.

  3. Becca- That's GREAT!! And see, you are just living proof that what my leader talked about DOES work. All it takes is just a few simple extra steps of movement a day that will eventually lead to bigger movements. I'm super proud of you girl!! xoxo

  4. LOL @ the face in a hole pic!

    Activity for me can be a sore subject. We had a temp leader and she asked me why I don't do more. Another member actually stood up for me and said I was disabled. Well...that was sweet of her but not totally true. lol I do what I can! I think it's important to do what you ENJOY doing, what does not hurt you if you are limited to what you can do. Am I bummed I'm not a RUNNER, yes- I would love the calorie burn on a good long run, but I will take my lil pool exercise routine and get my Nemo butt in there when I can! :)

  5. TJ- Wow...I seriously would have slapped that leader. I will say one negative thing about WW'ers and that is that sometimes their leaders are AWFUL. In my time of going to meetings I can easily name 4 people who are "leaders" who I cannot stand and have been very, VERY rude...thats a pretty high number if you ask me (for the record most of them are much older women). I once had a .2 oz gain and I was happy with that considering the week I had. The sub-leader actually said to me "You shouldnt be proud of that. You are at Weight Watchers. You are supposed to lose weight. You need to change your outlook."
    Now, believe it or not, being confrontational is not my thing but I polietely told her to f*ck off and left.

    You are absolutely right!! You should be doing things that you LOVE to do!! It's not about getting the best burn for your buck or whats the most popular. It's about doing what YOU love to do!! I love to ride my bike, and yes I know that running is a better workout but a lot of the times, I enjoy the bike more. To be honest, after doing the 1/2 marathon, I dont see myself being as crazy about running. I mean I like to do it, and some days I love it, but I also like to mix up my workouts and just get lost in my head and HAVE FUN!!
    Your pool workouts are crazy and the fact that you do them consistently and love to do them is what counts. You rock girl!!


  6. this realllly is about meee. LOL. i had my wisdom teeth out a week ago today [last friday], and while i was hardly active then, i have been getting my mind going to becoming active and getting back on the wagon.. and honestly, no excuses.. right when i'm geared up mentally to make this jump, whammo. i'm in bed all week with a throbbing mouth. i'm gonna give myself another week or two before i do anything but walk, and it is SO frustrating. =(


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