The Hunger Strikes Back!

Yes that’s right; I just made a Star Wars reference. What?!?! Don’t hate.

This past week at my Weight Watchers meeting we touched on the subject of hunger. When do you notice it…how do you notice it…What’s your game plan to tackle it??

I’ll admit that I’ve never been a huge “emotional eater”. I mean sure, if I get bored I want to snack but most of the time if I’m upset I usually want to turn to beer, which then kind of turns into wanting to eat…so maybe I am an emotional eater a bit, or just an alcoholic, who knows, but anyways….
There’s a way, and I’m sure it is different for each person, to tell if you are really, truly hungry. And learning what those signs and signals is what keeps you from starving & stuffing your face most of the time.

Personally, I have a pretty set schedule on when I eat (at least during the work week). I have learned over time that I normally get really hungry around 10:30 am and about 3:00 pm so I have developed a plan for the week that seems to work for me. Here’s how it normally goes:

9:00-9:30 Breakfast- I start work at 8 and by the time I get settled in and such this is normally the time I get to go make up my breakfast. Plus I’ve never been the type who can or wants to eat as soon as they get up.

10:30-11:30 Snack- Somewhere in this hour I usually get pretty hungry plus I start day dreaming about lunch so I make sure to have a snack to avoid any binge eating at lunchtime. I try to keep it 2 pts or under.

12:00-1:00 Lunch- We get an hour for lunch and thankfully we live right around the corner so we are able to go home.

3:00-3:30 Snack- I’m usually starting to get hungry again at this point. Knowing that I won’t get home till about 5 and we don’t eat till 6-7ish, I try to have another snack. Again, 2 pts or under if possible

6:30-7:30 Dinner- No matter how hard we try, we always end up eating way later than I want. I’m not a huge night time snacker so eating this late for me really is not such a huge problem, unless of course I don’t have an afternoon snack.

So…how do I know if I’m really hungry or if my mind is just playing a trick on me?? Sometimes…a lot of the times, I don’t! That’s why I find if I can stick to a schedule like the one above and try to set out certain points for certain times of day, I don’t then have to worry about having hunger pains in my stomach, or fighting with my mind to stop thinking about food. Of course, this plan is not fool proof and there are many times where I end up having to really ask myself if I’m hungry or not, but for the most part this seems to work for me.

Image (the horse is ok, no worries)

I made a joke in my meeting about how I eat more now that I’ve lost weight and sometimes I feel like the “fat girl” in the office because I’m always the one eating her snacks and such. But hey…it works, so screw it!
Also of course, there is the biggest trick in the book and that is to DRINK YOUR WATER!! I drink a lot of water through out the day and I really think this helps me to slap hunger in its ugly face.

When I first started Weight Watchers, like most people I was STARVING ALL THE TIME. Or at least I thought I was. In reality I wasn’t but I was just in the learning process of knowing what it was like to really need food to fuel my body.

Two recent examples of ways I’ve learned how my body tells me I’m hungry:

Yesterday I ran 11 miles (longest distance yet people!) and before my run I had a 3 egg white omelet with 1 slice of FF ham & ¼ cup of rf mozzarella cheese. Then during my run I had a GU gel. After I was all done and showered and clothed for the day I sat down to watch some of the Yankee game and found that I was STARVING!! I mean physically starving….tummy growling and making horrible tight pains. I knew that I had not eaten enough or had the proper foods to keep me fueled throughout my workout. Plus it had been almost 4 hours since I’d eaten last…it was time to get some food in my body for sure!

Then there is today. For breakfast I had a banana and a yogurt. Another key to tackling your hunger is to learn what foods work for you and what don’t. I will be honest…a banana and yogurt do not really fill me up. Well, I think they fill me up physically pretty well but mentally not so much. I knew I would be hungry and want a snack. So around 11:00 I thought to myself…”man, I’m not really THAT hungry but I want to eat. Plus I’m taking the late lunch today so I won’t be eating lunch till after 1. I want something crunchy & salty.” So what did I do…I pulled out a bag of WW pizza pretzel thins from my desk and ate away!! Sure, maybe I wasn’t 100% truly hungry but it fixed my mental hunger. And now I know that I won’t be starving when it comes to lunch or raging mad to eat. I fought off what could have been a huge point disaster later on with a 2 pt tackle plan now.

So try different techniques. If you are a WW member, another thing I switch up is my journaling technique. Sometimes I find that when I just write my foods & points down, I obsess over them. And I end up eating just because I know the points are there so when I find that starting to happen, I switch to what I call mental journaling, or maybe to the e-tools journal or another WW-friendly app I have on my phone. Experiment with eating at different times during the day. Try to figure out which foods fill you up and which foods don’t. Where, when and how can you get the most bang for your buck??

I hope everyone is having a great week!! XOXO


  1. Congrats on the 11 mile run! That is fantastic!! Rock it girl!!

    I totally know what you mean about always feeling like you are eating and no one else is. I am not even being close to my goal of 150 pounds but I am feeling better and better about myself these days. I'm on my way for sure. But if you look at everyone else, are they healthy like you are? What are they eating? And do they eat breakfast? Most of my coworkers wait until they are STARVING before they go get lunch. And most don't bring lunch. They go out and get it.

    Rock on my friend. You are such an inspiration to me.

  2. 11 miles?! HECKS YES! and you are so lucky that you get to go home for lunch! i wishh i could! i used to, but we've moved offices and now i'm about 20 minutes away from home.. and 40 minute travel time to be home for 20 minutes totally isn't worth it!

  3. Look here...

    I just started following you on twitter and have seen a few of your comments on other blogs. I freakin love you. Completely in a non-creepy-anonymous-internet sort of way.

    I'm a huge fan. That's all I'm saying.

    Oh yeah, I have a work-week-food-schedule too. What a life saver it is!


  4. 11 miles. What a WIN!!


  5. lol @ the part about being an emotional eater or an alcoholic...are you sure your attending the right meetings?

    You gave some great tips. I'm thinking I need to put myself on a set schedule. What throws me off during the school year is eating breakfast at 7:00 and lunch @ 10:30. Hopefully I can get it together by the time school starts.

    How long do you wait to run after you eat? 11 miles...WOW! You are the wind beneath my're inspiration! And 79 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE LOOKING GOOD! I find the more weight I lose the more the guy I "date" likes to slap my a$$ in public..random

    Great post!!

  6. Sarah- Thanks Doll!! You are looking great and so happy!! You HAVE come a long way and you are making amazing progress. Keep going strong girl!!

    Lor- It truly is a blessing that I get to go home for lunch. It makes it a lot easier to have a good lunch. I'm sorry you can't go home too, but you are right...a 40 minute commute just isnt worth it.

    Jafg-Awwww, you are just the sweetest!! I freaking love you too!! ;) I saw your most recent blog post and I am *so* proud of you!!

    Missa- Thanks dear!! Only 2.1 more miles and it would have been my 1/2 marathon distance. I know I'll be ready in 95 days!!

    MeSoHongry- LOL...I question myself about the meetings sometimes. Thanks so much for all the kind words. You and your hilarious ways keep me going on Twitter!!
    I try to wait at least a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes maybe. An hour if I'm doing a race just to make sure my stomach isnt upset or anything.
    And I totally started laughing out loud as I was reading the part about slapping your I was answering the phone at work LMAO. Go on girl...give 'em a little shake with them fries ;)

    You guys are all the best!! XOXO

  7. I hope someday we get to have a beer together! I love how the meeting topics are all the same... even in Canada! Its such a cool club to be a part of ;)

  8. Keri- Me too...Having a beer together would be AWESOME!! And it is really cool that all of the meetings tend to have the same topic. It makes it easy to relate and I love reading other peoples thoughts and takes on the topic. Plus it helps I think if for some reason you cant stay or make it to your meeting! I was a little leery about doing post-meeting blog topics but I think I kind of like it. It helps me and (hopefully) helps all of you guys as well to really look at the subject matter, not just sit through the 1/2 hour and then forget about it.


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