Hey man, want a beer??

A few blog readers (along with some people on Twitter and people I see in the flesh) have asked me how I manage to still be a heavy (I know…I’m being modest there ;) beer drinker and still lose weight. Honestly…I have no freaking clue, LOL.

No, no, that’s not entirely true. For those of you are new to following me, and just as a refresher for the rest of you, I used to drink about 12-15 beers a day before I started Weight Watchers. Does this make me an alcoholic…Oh I am sure! But the simple truth is this…I love the taste of beer! There is nothing more enjoyable to me than coming home after a day at the office and cracking open a few Coors Light’s (I totally sound like a dude here, ha-ha). Problem for me is that (or maybe this is a blessing?) it takes quite a few beers to even give me a buzz, let alone get drunk. I can easily down a 12 pack and be alright.
(Now please note that I am not drinking these beers to get drunk. If I want to get drunk I usually opt for drinking a bottle of wine and to be honest, getting drunk is really not my favorite thing to do. Though of course it does happen but that would take me mapping out a plan to get drunk & that doesn’t happen very often at all)

It also doesn’t help that Frank is an even bigger beer drinker than I am and does not go a single day with out a beer, LOL. Oh man…I can see the e-mails now!!

This of course never got me thinking about just how many calories I was consuming in beer alone!! That’s 1,248 calories…or 24 WW points in one night on beer alone….24 WW points is my TOTAL daily point’s allowance, LOL.

I’m happy to say though that my drinking is not an everyday habit anymore. I’ve learned to enjoy other beverages during the work week (mostly diet soda of some kind) and very rarely do I touch a beer during the early part of the week. Now the weekend, that’s another story….

Recently I switched over to the Budweiser Select 55’s. They are pretty tasty for being such a low-calorie beer. Plus, they are 1 pt a piece. ;D

I usually have a couple Thursday nights after my Weight Watcher meeting and then Friday and Saturday I do my “indulging”. I have to be honest…I rarely ever actually count and journal my “beer points”. I know, I know…I can hear the WW Police knocking on my door as we speak. Now, I don’t condone NOT counting and journaling your food or fluid intake, but for me personally, this seems to be working. Do I feel better when I do track them?? Of course I do, but I give myself that Friday and/or Saturday to just enjoy myself and not feel like a “weight watcher” for a couple of hours and that feels pretty darn good too.

This is actually a picture of Jack Sh*t's time machine...don't let it fool you.

This kind of goes along with what I may eat on a Friday night or Saturday as well. I do what I have coined as “the every other.” For example: If I know that Frank and I are going to go out Friday night or order in some pizza & wings or Chinese food, I make sure to keep my breakfast & lunch light on the point side (but filling of course…think veggies people!) so that way when it comes to me downing some beers & pizza slices later, I get to enjoy them with a little less guilt. Then of course, the next day is a new day and there are healthy choices to be made all around. :)

We just took bottles & cans back last week, LMAO!!

I can already see some of your eyes burning holes through me right now LOL. This doesn’t work everyone. Everyone’s bodies and metabolisms are different and work differently. Believe me; I do not have some crazy super-human fast metabolism. It is in my genes to be “heavy”. I usually am able to follow a night of “bad” eating & drinking with a nice run the next day to help burn some of it off. But this is what works for me. My first time on Weight Watchers a few years back, I had the same philosophy. When I was living by myself I used to go to a local bar down the road every Friday night with my mother & a friend after work. We would go there for a couple pitchers of beer & their delicious fried food. I never deprived myself of it because I knew that if I did, I would never be successful on this journey.

See...even Amelia likes to relax with a cold one every now and then!

There are three things that I would NEVER give up while being on Weight Watchers and they are 1.) Beer 2.) Ranch Dressing (I have switched to light though!) and 3.) Cheese. I make these things fit into my life. Do I eat a brick of cheese at least twice a week anymore….nope! But I do still enjoy a brick every now and then (very rarely though!). I still love, love, LOVE my beers. Do I drink a 12 pack a day anymore….nope! But I do allow myself to have my day or two a week where I can just sit back, relax, and pop open some cold ones and tell myself “no regret’s…just for today”.


  1. I completely understand where you're coming from! My problem is that I don't like light beers. I lurve thick, rich, dark, calorie laden beers :( What's a girl to do?!

  2. I have been following for a bit now, but this is my first comment. I am a Mom, a devoted weight watcher (trying to loose number 3 baby weight) and a beer lover. I love how honest you are, and hope to start running once baby is old enough for a jogger stroller. You live your life with no apologies and after baby number two, I could have beer every day and still loose. It's managing your points, like you said, and finding where you want to indulge. Go Girl!


  3. Great Post! There's nothing wrong with doing what works for you and enjoying the things in life that you like best! *CHEERS*

  4. Muffin- Yeah, that can be a tough one. Thankfully I mostly only enjoy wussy light beer, LOL. Though a nice Guinness is heavenly now and again. The only kind of advice I can give is to somehow or another try and make it work. :/ Don't deprive yourself of it. Maybe take a heavy beer and pour it into a different glass...break it up into two glasses or something. I drink diet soda out of a wine glass sometimes LMAO.

    Liz- Thank you so much for the nice comments. Congratulations on being a terrific and proud mommy!! Its great that you have goals you want to aspire too!! I wish you the best of luck on your journey!! Thank you so much again. I'm so happy I got to hear from you :) XOXO

    Do you guys think I use this this--> "!!" too much?? LMAO

  5. Thanks Ashley!! That's exactly the message I was trying to convey...that and how I love beer, LOL. *CHEERS*

  6. get it, get it, get it girrrl!

  7. It is so nice to find someone that loves the stuff as much as I do. I love it in the summer with camping or just sitting out in the sun on my deck. I am NOT losing weight as fast as I should be because I am drinking beer but I am doing this as a lifestyle change (losing weight) and it is not a diet. Therefore since beer is going to continue to be a part of my lifestyle, I've got to work it in while losign weight....

    Sound like a plan! :)

  8. Proof positive that you don't have to strip everything you love out of your life.

    I've cut way back on my beer consumption, but a frosty cold one is still on the menu every so often.

    And I can't believe my time machine actually worked! I'm gonna be rich!

  9. Okay, I am totally not trying to be all hokey or whatever (wait, is "hokey" a word?) but I strongly feel that it was MEANT for me to see your blog today! I love my beer and I struggle with that a lot while trying to lose weight. I will give up the chocolate, the sugar, the bad carbs, the soft drinks, but I WILL NOT give up my beer....especially not during these hot summer months! I have changed to Ultra, though and I'm kind of liking it, actually!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw. I so look forward to checking you out! You are gorgeous, smart and funny. You got that whole trifecta thing going, girl! Dangerous! ;) Thanks again!

  10. Oh, and I was LMAO about your "Oh Oh Oh Oh...Oh My God" comment to Bitch Cakes! So PERFECT, SO TRUE! That "bitch" ROCKS!

  11. I firmly believe in eating/drinking what you want but in some form of moderation. When I started Weight Watcher's I swore I couldn't stop my Saturday night clubbing/drinking escapades. I learned to say "Bacardi n Diet" please and now that's all I like.

    Funny blog. I just recently started following.

  12. Lor- HaHa...thanks!! I totally sang that in my head as I read it too ;)

    Sandra & Jack- You guys are just more proof that this whole thing is a "lifestyle", not a diet! We've cut back yes, but not cut OUT. Damn...I need to copyright that phrase or something. I like it!!

    Sloan- You are too sweet!! Thank you *so much* for all the kind words. Haha...you said I was a Trifecta...how awesome does that make me feel?!?! And I am glad that we got to "meet" each other today in this big blog universe. Sheryl is fantastic and I consider her to be a friend away from "the blog" as well. We all share the same great tastes you could say. ;)
    Way to go on switching to the Ultra's. A friend of mine did that too and he loves them now. It's all about accepting your weaknesses and again, cutting them back, not cutting them out....
    ok, honestly, I just wanted to use that corny catch phrase again. Think I could edit my whole blog post so I could throw that in there? ;)

    Irresistible- Hi!! Thanks for following & commenting :) That's so great that you have found something that works for you. So many people think that you have to completely swear off the things you love...I say that unless your love is crack or heroin, you can make it work one way or another.

    You know what they say...You just have to cut bac....ok fine, I'LL STOP!!

  13. Suzi,

    Love your blog, love your attitude! It's one of the reasons I've been able to stay on WW for so long (2 1/2 years) and lost 70 pounds on it. Can't handle the deprivation. Even if I don't indulge, I like knowing that I can if I want. Love your progress pics. You look fantastic!

  14. I am SO WITH YOU on this one! When I lived on the East Coast, I easily downed a case or two of Miller Lite on the weekends, no problem! And when I had my first stint on WW, I kept the beer completely out of my journal, and was able to take off 20lbs.

    But now that I live in Beer-vana (the Pacific NW), I've switched to drinking heavier (read: MORE AWESOME) beer, and that has taken a toll on my weight. I've definitely had to cut back this time around to make it fit with my weight loss plan. But there is no way that I would ever cut it out completely.

    Congrats on the weight loss, though - you look amazing! (And no, that isn't my drunken stupor talking)

  15. Deb- Thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS on losing 70 lbs girl!! That's awesome!! It's an amazing feeling to know that you can still enjoy the things you like to do (or eat & drink in life I should say here) and still be able to say you are healthy & making good choices!! Keep up the awesome work!!

    SlowlyButSurely- That's awesome that you were able to take off those 20 lbs all the while still enjoying yourself!! I can totally see where drinking the heavier beers would cause a problem though. But it sounds like you have it under control and now how to still enjoy a cold one while losing the weight. I see your tweets girl...you are rocking it!! ;) Thanks so much for the nice compliment. And please, feel free to talk to me with a druken stupor ANYTIME ;)

  16. hey suzi
    i read your twitter yesterday and now read this post. my bf is a beer drinker too and that doesn't affect his weight either. my theory is that all the liquid is good for the body and the body doesn't mind all the calories :-) here in germany drinking a LOT of beer doesn't make you an alcoholic. people even drink it at lunch already. so take it easy. you are such a strong women for loosing so many pounds and i guess being on a diet is stressful enough so enjoy your beer and as long as it doesn't affect your diet that's totally fine :-) wishing you all teh best!

  17. hey girl, I could not be more like you. Its crazy. Friday is my weigh in and I just can't wait till friday night where we order pizza and I throw back 10 beer.. um at least. Thats just me warming up for the weekend so I totally get it. I have tried those select 55 things but I actually like a little buzz and I drank 12 without feeling a twinge. I don't need to get drunk but it just felt weird to me. If I could just drink 6 I would love it but that never happens... lol I also don't feel like an alchey because I just enjoy it and only drink on the weekends. I don't drink anything else I just love love love the taste of beer. I love it in restaurants, by the pool, with pizza, when its finally friday. Nothing better than a cold beer!!!

  18. Lou- Thank you so much for all the kind words!! Maybe we should move to Germany, LOL. And you might be onto something about the liquid and the body liking it kind of thing. Are you a scientist or something????? We'll say yes, LOL.

    Keri- Seriously...I think we are twins and we dont know it! Everytime I read your blog (which is all the time, I'm just so horrible at commenting steadily on ANY blogs. Hell it took me how long to start actually becoming regular on my own LOL), but every time I'm like ok, thats soooo me!! I am the SAME way about the beers (obviously as you read) and yeah, the bad part about the Bud 55's is that seriously, I couldnt get drunk or even catch a good buzz if I wanted to and honestly, sometimes a good buzz is what this gal is looking for!!
    I'm kind of mad at you right now though because after reading your delicious comment, I just want to go home, go to my WW meeting and then come home and crack open a beer ASAP! AAAHH!!!

  19. First of all your latest pic is fantastic!!!! Secondly, damn you crack me up. Third, if you don't drink beer for a buzz, would you consider non-alcoholic beer? I am going to start drinking it for the same reason: I love the taste of beer and sometimes just want a beer. It won't get me drunk so why bother putting the alcohol in my body? I am going to do some taste testing/calorie comparisons over the summer to find one I like.

  20. Thank you *so* much Sheryl!! You know, I have thought about the non-alcoholic beer. I'm not really sure of many brands around here other than whats that one...O'Douls?? My Aunt drank that when she was pregnant (LMAO...man that sentence gets me rolling each and every time) and said that it tasted like dog pee pee. I would totally be on board with that though for when times are tough during the week. I think this summer we need to test some out together ;)

  21. You crack me up. Love the pic of the cat in the beer case. I don't drink...cuz, I like to get drunk when I do. Then I drink a little more cuz I'm having fun, then I drink more, then I get sick...ya....

  22. Ok, Lil' Sis, I didn't get an opportunity to chime in here yesterday, but this is just more proof that we are related!! I, too, love my beer and I drink Miller Lite and I drink a couple cold beers after work everyday and I don't track them either. And I don't plan to start. I am still losing and I might lose faster if I cut out the cerveza, but I would be one miserable cookie. Its not something I want to eliminate. There are few enough pleasures in life and I am not getting blotto every nite, just relaxed. I don't think there anything wrong with that!!

  23. I absolutely love beer. My bf Tony loves beer. Actually he's the one that made me love beer. He's sad that he's had to slow donwn but like you he's still a pretty heavy beer drinker especially on the weekends and he's managed to lose 40lbs.

    Our new fav beer is MGD 64. I cannot drink the 55 cal beer it tastes like water to me. I tried to like it just because it was 55 calories but it was a no go.

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