Fun Fact Friday

I am going to try and start a new weekly little post here…Fun Fact Friday.  :)

A place for myself and all of you I hope, to share fun little facts about yourself. They don’t need to be weight-loss or exercise related either. Anything I/you feel like sharing at the time.
But in the spirit of the 2-5K’s-In-2-Days event, I will present you with these gems:

-The very first pair of “running” sneakers I bought was Adidas Supernovas. They actually are cross-trainer sneakers but at the time I thought “is there really a damn difference??” Um yeah, there is.

-I’m 100% ashamed to admit this, but whatever…the very first song I listened to on my Ipod during my very first 5K race was The Black Eyes Peas ‘Meet Me Halfway’.

-I hate most physiques that a male runner’s body transforms into. I think they look scrawny and gross and need to eat a cheeseburger or something. Why do most male runners look like this?? I don’t get it.  Please note that I mean a lot of the hardcore, proffesional distance runners.  People who run for a living.  And not all of them look like this, I know. 

So that’s it for today. What about you??

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!! XOXO


  1. Fun Fact about Emily... I hate peanut butter and ice cream. I think it is the texture for both!

    PS - LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!

  2. Emily- OK seriously...Peanut Butter- weird since most people love it, but I can understand. But seriously....ICE CREAM?!?! WHO HATES ICE CREAM?!?!? What's wrong with you woman?!?!

    hee hee ;) I love you lots cream hater.

  3. Who hates Peanut Butter and Ice Cream? Honestly?! OMG! WOW! Lol

    Um Fun Fact about me.... my middle name is really Sundae. Like the ICE CREAM! lol

    Enjoy your 2 5k'S this weekend!!

  4. Fun Fact about me? Um, I sucked my thumb until I was 16 years old!! Ok, thats just weird, right? Strange but true!!


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