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If you can recall one of my very first posts, here is where I listed all the things I wanted to set out and accomplish in 2010.  I figured that since we are about 1/2 way through the year, now would be as good of a time as any to get the ole list out and give it a check to see how I’m doing. Lets see shall we…


To lose another 35-45 lbs.- The year is not done yet people!  But from that point, which I was at 51.8 lbs so far, I am now at 76.8 so that makes for 25 lbs lost from January till now!!  I’m only 10.2 lbs away from being at goal weight so I think THIS goal will definitely be met for 2010!!

Train for & run the Philly Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon-  I’m still doing it.  We are saving for the trip & I’ve been being more consistent with my running.  Whether it’s 2 miles or 8 miles or whatever, I’m trying to get out there more and more.  Plus my 5K time just keeps improving!! 

Go to the Dentist for a cleaning- As most of you know, I had a little emergency with an abscessed tooth that had to be taken care of right away.  I’m proud to say that I took care of that AND I got a full deep cleaning done on my teeth.  I’ve also been taking much better care of them and actually flossing!  I wont be too ashamed to admit that I wasn’t someone who practiced the whole flossing routine daily, but I do now!!

Schedule a physical with my Dr.-  I have one scheduled for August!!  I was kind of hoping to get in sooner but I changed my dr. as well.  I found someone more local who is also a runner.  He has practiced sports medicine and is well known to deal with asthmatic issues.  I’m hoping we will be a good fit together. 

Start getting into Yoga again-  I’m still not doing this weekly, but I have been incorporating some moves into my stretching routine.  Its hard because I don't go to a gym where I can take a class and getting the TV downstairs to myself is next to impossible lately. 

Take a family vacation- Due to financial strains & our trip to Philly, this most likely will not happen this year. :(  I did throw a HUGE party for Frankie’s 40th birthday though.

Learn how to do a pushup!- I haven’t been working on regularly.  I *SO* badly need to and want to start working on my arms.  They are my least favorite body part as of lately.  But I did try to do some pushups today!! This really is my next thing to do on my list.  I *WANT* to be able to do a full pushup!

Go to the eye Dr's- CHECK!!  And as usual, because I am blind, it cost me an insane amount of money.  But this time I also got new glasses too so I guess I can’t complain.  Plus they are ‘Apple Bottom’ glasses…that's right, by the infamous ‘Hot in heeeeere’ Nelly.

Start painting/drawing again- I have not done this really.  I did buy some small canvases and started to paint a little but that slowly went by the way side.  I’ve barely been able to set aside time for this blog, let alone paint. 

No or WAY less Fast Food-  Well, like I said in my original post, I don't eat much of it now anyways.  But I am still in the habit of on Thursday nights either picking something up after my WW meeting or ordering take out.  Though I do think I have gotten better and I am finding myself much more aware now than I was say 4 or 5 months ago.  Its still a work in progress.  

Try one new WW recipe a month- I did this pretty consistently for the first three months, but I haven't tried anything new lately.  Wait…I tried chick peas today for the first time and I LOVE them!!  But I haven't tried any new recipes lately.  This I will work on.  Anyone have any good suggestions??  Maybe for the grill…a summer related meal??

Start a blog- Done of course!  I even have this blog…Twist The Heart!

So there we have it.  I’d have to say that so far I’m pretty proud of myself. I have accomplished a lot in just 6 months.  I’m on the right path and it’s a healthy and happy one, so that’s all that matters!  I know I have things to work on and I still have every intention of doing so!  XOXO


  1. I'm a list maker... I often start a new list before I'm even done everything on my other list...
    I have always wanted to make a check list like this, and really... I have no good excuses for not doing it yet!
    Thanks for inspiring me to make my list!! :)
    Congrats on your accomplishments so far, and keep pushing for the rest!

  2. Sounds like you're doing fab on your list - and an extra congrats on your weight-loss! Look at you go!

    As for your family vacation - you could probably do something way low budget for the weekend somewhere nice. Maybe using airmiles, or credit card points or something would cut the cost? I say you only live once, screw the budget, you can always figure something out.

  3. Awesome job!! I am so not a list maker. I wish I was. But great job!! You are doing so awesome.

  4. Miss Krista- Why thank you my dear!! I hope you enjoy making your list ;) I love to make lists for things, and being able to put that check mark next to it is one of the best feelings...even if its just picking up groceries or something silly like that. Enjoy!!

    Becca- Thanks dear. I wish I had airmiles or credit card points LOL. I dont even have a credit card...well I do, but they are all in collection LMAO. I wasnt very good with my money/credit when I turned 18 so I have no good standing with my credit. We really wanted to go camping this year, but that will have to wait. This trip to Philly is going to cost a pretty penny (for us!) & I still have to try and get new running shoes. We'll see though...we might be able to plan something out, even if its just for a weekend.

    Sarah- Thanks hun!! I wasnt a list maker till maybe a year or two ago really. It sounds silly...its just a list you know, but it does help sometimes. It's like journaling your food,points and activity...I find it holds me more accountable.

    Next list I'm trying to the sh*t out of my house!! Blah!! Anyone want to come over and have some drinks and clean my house with me :) :) :)

  5. great post! my list is very very similar.

  6. great post!! it's totally inspired to keep working on mine =)


  7. What great goals!! Congratulations :D

  8. Pssttt I gave you an award.

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