One of those days…


Or maybe I should say one of those weekends??  I’ve been MIA again.  Not too happy with myself about that.  Today I have been very anti-Weight Watchers and I have managed to consume a whole brick of cheese pretty much by myself.  Since Thursday nice I have not been OP much, and I haven't ran or worked out at all.  I can feel it.  I can feel it on my body and my mind.  I’m hoping to start tomorrow with a fresh new feeling and really kick some ass for the rest of the week.

I was down .6 at my WI on Thursday.  I’m only .8 away from getting my 75 lbs lost award. 

I’m not too sure that will happen this week :/.  Oh well. 

Any who…I’ve been throwing back the Coors Light’s today (duh!) so getting a big life changing post (because you know, normally when you read one of my posts your life dramatically turn for the better right?? ;-)  just isn’t going to happen today.  But I wanted to share with you that one of my favorite bloggers in the whole universe, Skinny Runner is having a fabulous GU giveaway on her website.  So STOP what ever you are doing and go over there now and enter: Skinny Runner GU Giveaway!!

She doesnt know me, nor does she know that I follow her website as much as a crack addict hits the pipe…but I love her and she is one of my biggest inspirations. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!!  I’m still waiting to see if my cats listened and went and got me anything…probably not…stupid pussy’s. 



  1. wow thanks for that shoutout.
    hope your cats get you some nice flowers or soemthing.

  2. Awwww thank you so much SR!! So happy you came to my blog :) I'll be sure to tell my kitties that SR says I should get some flowers...guilt works sometimes,LOL.

  3. I too sucked the bag this weekend with counting WW Pnts. I've decided to move past it, and just did a serious work out. No more junk tonight, as of right now I am BACK on track.

    Good luck to you too, come with me - back to the sanity side of things instead of that horrible loss of control we give into.

  4. Weekends are tough for me too. I loves me my beer. Nothing better then jumping back on the old wagon! Have a great week :)

  5. I've fallen off the WW train as of late but hope to get refocused soon! Isn't it funny how we get so close to a goal and then it's like our brain and body revolts and puts a little stop action to making it to your goals. Good luck this week!

  6. I'm not a WW member, but I use spark people to track my intake. Or should I say I WAS tracking on spark people? Been sucking big time lately - but this week it's on!!!
    Btw - I big puffy heart Skinny Runner too. Her 'celebracizing' cracks me up!


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