Sorry that I have been a little MIA the past few days.  Things have been kind of crazy in the household.  It seems like it’s been one thing after another. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know I did!!  I had a “real” burger…with “real” mayo & “real” cheese & “real” bacon.  I don’t regret one single bite of it.  It was delicious and I knew that I deserved it.  I’ve only had a chance to work out twice this week so hopefully it wont hurt me that badly when it comes to my WI Thursday night.

Another great thing I did this weekend was run a 5K for the Central New York SPCA.  I managed to collect $50 from some of my fellow animal lovers and it felt great to be able to contribute.  Also I broke a PR at this 5K.  There was no official chip-timing at this race but the time that Frankie clocked & the race sponsors clock all matched and I came in at 30:43!!  My last 5K was 32:11.  Also I did this with a slight hangover so GO ME!! LOL

Speaking of the SPCA, I want to share with you something I did today after work.  This is something I have been thinking of doing for many months now but I couldn't really gather up the courage to get it done yet.  The SPCA gave me a special gift in 2008…

Photo-0116That was my beloved baby girl Pele.  And no…she is not named after the soccer player, she is named after the Volcano Goddess in Hawaii. 

She was in my life for 12 amazing years.  She was a Halloween baby!!  Halloween was always my favorite holiday so that fact made our bond even stronger. ;-)

I got her at a time in my life when I was told that having children would be very difficult, if not just plain impossible.  Also I was quite young but was already pretty sure that having children was just nothing something in my deck of cards. 

Pele became my child.  I talked to her like she was my kid, disciplined her when she was my kid, she annoyed the crap out of me like she was my kid….do I sound absolutely nuts yet?? 

Here she is with her red bear….the red bear was the first Christmas Present I ever bought her and whenever I would leave the house she would carry the red bear in her mouth and cry.  Also, the red bear had to be where ever we were at all times.  And if the red bear got dirty…well it took a bath in the water bowl of course!


Did I mention she was HUGE??  All 16 pounds of her. 

She also had these huge beautiful eyes that just crushed my heart every time I looked into them…

PelefaceOn August 3rd 2009 she unfortunately had to be put down right away.  It was all very sudden and none of us had expected it.  She has just been diagnosed with feline diabetes but we didn't know the progress was so far along.  This was extremely traumatic for me.  Making that decision is the hardest thing I have had to do.  I stayed in the room with her and she looked into my eyes the entire time.

I need to stop writing this because its making me very upset, LOL.  Anyways….she was and still is, the love of my life.  I miss her dearly and I think of her every single day.  As of now she sits up on a shelf in the living room (I had her cremated) next to a shadow box with her paw print expressions on them (the vet did that day before we had to let her go) and of course….her red bear.

As of today, her name also is tattooed onto my body forever:


Her name in my handwriting is write below a pair of angel wings I already had on my wrist.  This helps to give me a better sense of closure and comfort.  I feel like she is with me even more everyday now.

I love her so much, and I miss her even more.



  Stay tuned because tomorrow I have another surprise that's happening…I promise (and hope) that this one wont be as depressing, lol.



  1. I wish I had been able to meet her, and that you had met Stink!! So glad you did this! I love you!!!

  2. I am crying right now! What an amazing thing you did for you kitty! Pele will always be with you. I am an animal lover myself and have a beautiful Siamese Molly who is my baby. I know that someday I will have to say goodbye to her and I will want to honor her somehow and that is a great way to do so. *Hugs*

  3. Such a beautiful kitty! So sad and sorry for your loss.

    My Bumble is a black cat and a big girl, too -- 17 lbs. I adopted her from Bide-A-Wee in Manhattan on Halloween and the shelter almost didn't let me adopt her because of the date, but in the end I got to bring her home.

    She and your lovely Pele could be twins:

  4. Your Pele is beautiful! You've got me crying over here!

    I have 3 cats, 2 of which came from shelters (one from the SPCA). My cats are my children and my life. I get very upset and depressed when I think about the fact that my babies won't be with my for my entire life.

    I think it's great that you got Pele's name tattoed on you ... I've thought about getting paw prints on me to represent my furkids :)

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your kitty! I lost one of my cats and my day within a day of each other last year and I miss them each and every day. A truly lovely and touching reminder of Pele.

  6. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support!! You guys are truly the best.

    And are right! They could have been twins!!

    Beth I am so sorry to hear that you had to experience that pain in such a way.

    I forgot to mention that I am the proud parent to two other cats...Phantom (who grew up as Pele's "sister" so to speak since I got her 5-6 years later) and the newest addition to the household, Amelia who is about 3 years old. I will share their pics tomorrow.

    It's great to know that I'm not the only crazy cat lady here, LOL.

  7. Im tearing up. That is great that her memory will live on with you! The tattoo is beautiful! HUGS!

  8. Girl, this is kinda scary!! We have sooo many things in common. My black cat's name was Wicca and she was my baby too. And she was diabetic and I learned to give her shots, as did my husband and my sisters and anyone else I could recruit to care for my love. She was such a pill.

    Ok, now is the time to caution everyone that fat cats get diabetes!! And it sucks!! It's not any healthier to overfeed your cat than it is to overfeed yourself. I did it with Wicca, also about 17 pounds and way too heavy. The average cat should weight between 8 and 9 lbs.

    I miss her to this day and will forever remember by beautiful black cat that I rescued out of a garbage dumpster on Halloween!!

  9. You and I are seriously the same person. (((Suzi))) love you dear. I'm gonna go hold my dog and cry into his fur for a while.

  10. AZ- Wow....I think we are long lost sisters. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your little girl as well. And you are right...people really have to pay attention to how much they feed their pets and take care of them!! Unfortunately Pele's diet was the same throughout her life and but feline diabetes can strike down on any cat, big or small. At the time of her death she weighed about 12 pounds.

    Beth- I love you. Please dont drown your dog in tears LOL. :-)

    Well I'm kind of drained so I'm signing off for the night. I'll be back on tomorrow to re-read all the comments for the millionth time tonight, lol. XOXO

  11. Aw....lovely tattoo for a lovely cat. They do become like children; definitely an important part of the family. More than "just a cat or dog" (I know as we went through a health scare with my brother's dog; not even MY dog and I was so upset about it!).

  12. aww BIG hugs xoxo we have our family dog's ashes w/ her colar, and lots of photos of her and good memories. So hard to forgot those animals that touched us so much...but they live in our hearts forever, :)

  13. Your post made me cry and I'm at work :'( I love that she had a stuffed bear that she would carry around everywhere, how f'n cute is that? awwww .. I have two very old cats - one I've had since I was 13 - and I'm 28 years old now.. I don't know how I'm going to handle their passing. I wish they could live forever.

  14. You're very lucky to have had Pele as part of your life, it sounds like you both really loved each other. It's so nice you have all those happy memories, sorry they had to end...

  15. Thank you guys so much!! I really do appreciate that. I really was so lucky. I'm also very lucky to have two other adorable furry ones in my life who I get to love each day as well. One day when I have a house I hope to get a dog...a black lab :)

  16. i know im mega late on this post, but that is sooo cute! i had to put one of my kitties down nov. of '08 and it was the worrst. =( i got him when i was in 6th grade, and i had just graduated college in may, put him down in the fall. losing animals BLOWS. i am getting a tattoo for him, too, once i get a little weight off because i want it on my thigh. it's a kurt halsey *amazing artist* piece.

    just remember all of the happy times! she wouldn't want you say!! **hugs**

  17. I'm late too. I'm so sorry to hear about Pele. Losing a pet is so incredibly hard. I lost my Meena 6 years ago and it still pains my heart when I think of her. I think it's lovely you have honored her forever on your wrist :) Pele and Meena are totally hanging out with each other on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge :)

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