My Weight Loss= My Weather



I woke up yesterday almost feeling defeated, but then as I said in my previous blog, I was determined to take back control and that is just what I did!!

First off let me just start by saying *thank you* to all of you for your encouragement & support.  It really helped to get me out of that door and moving again.  I ended up spending about 3 hours outside!!  I even have a lovely sun-burn to prove it. :-)

Before I share my experience of what was the most difficult run in my life to date, and what other great activities I did & pictures, I want to share my results from my Weigh-In last night.

A major *major* blessing was bestowed upon me.  I do not know how in thee HELL it happened, but I was down 2.4 lbs.  WHAT?!?!  I seriously could not believe it.  My scale at home last week said I was up almost 4!!  And don’t even ask me what I had for dinner the night before thanks to the dreaded hangover.  It really was an ENORMOUS shock.  So much so that I started bawling right there at the scale and then cried some more while my leader held me, lol.  What a big baby I am.

Well, not only did I get the joy in losing 2.4 lbs but this put me at having lost *70 LBS*!!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!

So not only did I lose when I was sure I would gain, but I also got another achievement star and hit yet another milestone.  WOW!!  Talk about some great blessings huh??  My leader even started to ask me about my goal weight and said I need to think about that real soon because I’m probably almost there.  EEK!!

Well now that I have shared that great news, let me talk about the *awesome* workout I had before my meeting (another weird fact, I *never* work out before a meeting, but because I knew this one was going to be a bust I decided not to waste a beautiful day off…go figure):

This was by far the hardest run I have had yet.  I haven’t ran since last Sunday and it showed.  I wanted to get in at least 3 miles, since that's not too hard for me now, but no way yesterday!! 

I went to the parkway and walked/ran 4 1/2 miles, and to be honest, more of it was spent walking then running.  Now some of you who may already know, when I run, I run.  I do not walk/run.  So having to stop was really hard on me, but I was determined to make the most of it and to just get my body moving again.  Here are some shots I took along the way:

phone2 153

phone2 156

You can’t really see it, but there is a little squirrel in this picture that was racing me part of the way:

phone2 158

After my workout I just kind of stopped to hang out and chill by the water.  By water I mean Onondaga Lake Park, the most polluted lake in the United States.  It’s nice when it gets really warm out and you can smell all that yumminess…Mmmm. 

Anywho, here are some other pictures I took:

phone2 162

phone2 167

phone2 184

phone2 186

phone2 189

Anyone interested in some lip-gloss or a cigarette??  Sometimes humanity disgusts me to no end!

phone2 190

I wasn’t quite ready to go home yet.  I was feeling so great and at peace with myself.  I saw all these people on bikes and I thought to myself, well I could always go home and oil up the good old hot pink mountain bike!  But then I saw that the rental shack was open and that I could rent a bike!  How perfect!!  I decided to rent this cute little cruiser for an hour, only $5!!

phone2 192

Me and this baby went on a 6 mile cruise up and down the parkway.  It felt great!!  What a perfect first time ride. 

All I can say is that I was never happier to be outside and I really felt like I had taken back control.  I’m about to head out for another run this morning, and I know that this one wont be easy either but I will take it slow and most importantly, I will have fun!!  Because I know that yesterday I didn't push myself as hard as I *could* have, but I pushed myself as far as I wanted to and I think that made all the difference!!  It let me enjoy myself and really be happy with what I *did* do. 

I must admit, I was a little sad to turn this bad boy in.  Who knows, maybe I’ll rent it again some other time. 

All in all I’m happy to say that I am starting to feel like myself again, and that's just *AWESOME*!!

phone2 200


  1. Nice! Congrats on the loss!!!

  2. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for my lip gloss!

    Way to get outside and live a little.

  3. Great job on the loss!! And I'm laughing at Jack right now because that is freaking HILARIOUS! Gross, but hilarious just the same.

  4. Looks like a great day! Congrats on hittin 70! :)

  5. Gorgeous pics... makes me homesick, and yes, all that crap disgusts me too. We have a lovely park down here that almost reminds me of home, and all you see is crap people just dropped on the ground. How hard is it to use a trash can people? :)

  6. love the bike! kickass day, eh?

  7. Thanks everbody! It really was an awesome day and such an awesome ride. It was a way to make a frown turn upside down!!

    Jack- You know, as soon as I saw that I thought to myself...."well aint that some shit, I bet this is Jack's" I knew Vanilla was your flavor ;-)

  8. Oh Suzi, a 6 mile first time ride. Are you kidding?? That's awesome!! I got on my bike yesterday for the first time in about 6 months and 30 minutes almost killed me. Then, this morning, it was even worse!! Yet I know I just have to keep at it because I love cycling and vividly remember how it feels to be super-fit and cycling 40km+ every day.

    Congratulations on your great loss AND being back in control!!

  9. Oh, congratulations too on finding Jack Sh*t's lip gloss (*_*)

  10. awwwwwwwesome!!!!!!! on the loss! on the workout! on the bike ride! LOVE IT!!!

    I am so stoked to get back on my bike again. I really wish it would stop raining long enough!

  11. I'll take the lip! So who won the race, you or the squirrel?

    HIP HIP HOORAY ON YOUR BIG LOSS! You are truly blessed lady. But when you think about it you probably earned that lose for all of the hard you put in.

    Congrats to you for getting back on track and your photos are beautiful. My computer @ work is fickle and for what ever reason I can see the photos today. Most of the time a big white box shows instead of actual pics. Well...congrats again! Keep on rocking!!!!

  12. Hi, delurking Dixiechick here...not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading you and I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll...what a great job on your weight loss! I admire you for your tenacity and not giving up on yourself when you have a bad day or a bad week! Keep up the good work and awesome with the running!

  13. MeSoHongry- I kicked that squirrels BUTT!! It gave up, LOSER. ;-)

    Dixichick- Hi there!! I'm glad you found me and of course I don't mind you adding me to your blog roll. Thank you very much for all the kind words. I really appreciate them. XOXO

  14. Hey there! New Blog reader of yours and a new blogger myself! I found you from Bitchcakes site, love her!
    Your blogs are great and i look forward to following you more and catching up on some past blogs. The name alone got me.. mmmm beeeeer!


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