Motivate, Dominate


Today I ran 10.32 miles.  This is my furthest distance to date.  If you look at my Nike+ account though it will only say that I ran 10.06 and this is why…..

I started out my run feeling great.  I knew before I started that I wanted to try and break 10 miles.  But as I have talked about before, I always try to not put too much pressure on how far I want to run.  My farthest before today was 8.28. I thought I would be running outside but the weather was a touch on the cool side and it has been pretty windy here today.  Wind is one element that I DO NOT like to run in.  So needless to say, I pussed out and ran on the treadmill.

My Nike+, like mostly every Nike+ out there, seems to be messed up in counting my pace.  I’ve noticed it before and thought it might have just been a fluke or a possible interference with say my phone or something.  As I was running, about 20 minutes in I decided to pick up the pace some.  I increased the speed on my treadmill and looked down on my ipod only to notice that my pace just went from being 10’23 to 12’31….um WHAT?!?!

I decided at the 3.50 mile marker to re-calibrate it.  Here it was it was reading at that point:


Just to note, I did not stop or pause at all to recalibrate the Nike+.  I ran through the whole thing and then set my calibration distance for .25 miles.  I ran .26 before I realized it was done.  Unfortunately, and stupidly, the Nike+ doesn’t recognize or track the workout you are doing while it is calibrating.  I think that sucks personally.  But I guess for $30, you cant expect perfection. :/

After it was done I continued to keep running.  I set up the ipod to start a new workout.  I’m not sure if I could have paused the first workout, recalibrated and then went back to the original??  I figured it was better to just end workout 1 and start workout 2 so I didn't lose any data.  

To note, I only stopped once and that was to use the bathroom quickly.  So other than that I ran the entire time straight, even while I sent 2 tweets saying how far I had gotten LOL.  I don't advise texting and running at the same time.  Its an idiotic thing to do, plus you kind of look like a douchebag.  But my treadmill is in my bedroom so nobody can see my “douche-ness”.  ;)

Here is how the rest of my run looked after the .26 mile calibration:


My pace was once again not being properly accounted for.  Most of the time I was running around a 10:25ish pace.  So not only did I run my farthest, but I was also running my fastest.  Or at least it sure felt that way.  I had a little bit of pain in my left knee but I ran through it.  Overall I was really surprised at how awesome I felt.  I was tired by the end of it but my aches and pains were not too severe.  If I had had an energy gel I probably wouldn’t have been so whooped. 

My mind wasn’t in such a battle either which was quite a big surprise to me.  If you can recall from my other running related blog posts, I always talk about how my mind is what stops me before my body does probably 90%.  But I did a lot of day dreaming and visualizing today and my mind seemed to like the therapy session. 

At Target last night I bought this great duo-dry shirt from Champions for $12.  Before I gross it up with my sweat & what not from running, I decided to wear it today.  It says “Motivate / Dominate”.  I was looking at it a lot as I was running and the words really stuck with me. 


I was supposed to start some strength training today and get working on doing my arm exercises, but I decided to hold off until tomorrow.  The 10.32 miles are starting to catch up to me now and I am going to be looking to ice my knees here very shortly.

Needless to say, I felt like a rockstar!!  And it just re-affirmed my thoughts that I *can* run this 1/2 marathon in September. 

Now it’s time to get back to the Yankees and my Bud Select 55.  I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!!  XOXO


  1. Suzi Storm, I am SO blown away - that is amazing, girl! You continue to inspire me. Enjoy your Buds, you earned em :) xo

  2. Thank you Sheryl. I really appreciate that. You know, your running blog post you had there recently (which I would normally link but I'm typing this through my phone...I'm such a nerd) ran through my mind a couple of times. It reminded me to stay strong & believe in myself that I could do it. Xoxo

  3. This is awesome! Very inspiring. I also share your frustrations with the Nike+.

    Erm... Can I ask how you get the snapshot of your Nike+ on here? I must've had a brain fart b/c I cant seem to find a way to do this :(

  4. Thanks Jessica. The Nike+ is good for $30 it costs I guess but I really expected more. I hope to someday in the near future own a real monitor. :/

    Oh you're not having a brain fart, it took me FOREVER to figure out how to do that LOL. I used my laptop which is powered by Windows 7 and they have a tool called 'snippet' on there. Other wise you can use the print screen button & then copy it into paint and trim where needed. Hope that helps!!
    Thanks so much again!!

  5. wow, Suzi, great run!!!

    my nike + is off a bit too. I want to calibrate it but I just haven't wanted it enough I guess! I have a Garmin Forerunner too and I always forget to wear it when I go out! DOH!!

    keep running girl!!!

  6. yea i hate the stupid nike plus...its an approximation. The garmin watches are MUCH better bc they run on GPS but will cost you $125 for the 205 model which works great. I run with both and they never are the same pace or annoying! In any case, I am SO proud of you!!!!

  7. THIS BUDS FOR YOU! You really inspire me to work harder and push myself when running. I am intrigued by your Nike plus thingy. Do you think this is something I should invest in? Hmmm??? Do you find it beneficial for your run?

    Look at you looking all skinny in the mirror. Looking good!!

  8. Holy crap! Awesome! I too hope one day to get into running. I started to slowly at my lowest weight a few years back and will again (once I get there again).

    LOVE the shirt! I saw that at Target
    <--Target Junkie

    Seriously I go at least 3-4 times a week :-P

    I actually got the other shirt in that section that says "Train like a girl" :-)

  9. MeSoHongry- Its not the worst gadget in the world. If $30 is all you got right now and you got the Nike+ sneakers & the ipod to go with it, then I say go for it. But if you have a little bit more money to spend, I would look into something else. It's definitely nice to be able to track my distance and for the most part thats never too much off. And thanks for the compliments lady. xoxo

    RO- Ugh, I am such a Target whore!! I LOVED the train like a girl shirt too. I wanted to get that one. If they have it when I go back (probably tomorrow, LOL) I am totally going to snag that one up. I know you will get back into running when you are ready. I wish you the best of luck my dear!! :-)


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