Browns the new black…or something like that?

First off…my WW meeting was tonight and I’m happy to say that I was down 1.2 lbs!!  Go me!!  I’m now 13.4 lbs away from goal.  That’s crazy!!  Tonight’s meeting was all about change.  I think I am going to save some of that for a blog post I want to try and post this weekend. 

So this week I did two great things to change my body that were not weight or fitness related.  These were purely cosmetic changes and for me, changes that night do not happen often at all. 

I know that most of you saw my previous post about my new tribute tattoo to my beloved cat Pele.  I just want to say a *huge* thank you to all of you who commented and shared your stories of your little furry loved ones.  I appreciate all of those comments more than you know.  Many of them made me cry (in good ways) but one thing is for sure…ALL of them gave me comfort and helped to heal even more.  So thank you all *SO* much again.  You are all truly the best!!

Well I told you that I had another surprise in store and I do!  The surprise doesn't come of so “OMG! I can’t believe you did that!” in your face but believe me, it was a gigantic step for me.  One that I am *very* happy that I took.
A little back-story…..I have had every hair color under the sun.  In my younger “punk” days I went on the manic panic wagon and had purple, blue, pink, fire engine red.  Then in more more hippie “hey lets go smoke dude” days I went with a brown/red combo, to just a natural Irish red.  You name it…I had it.
Except one color….blonde.

The one time I did try to go blond??  Well I was about 13 years old and my hair dresser at the time decided to process the living shit out of my hair.  So much in fact that my hair actually FELL OUT!!  Yes…I was bald.  Well, all except for a little peach fuzz & these awful looking orange bangs that managed to not completely break off.  It was a horrible and traumatizing experience. 

Once my hair grew back in and my tastes “darkened” you could say, I (personally) dyed my hair black.  I used Clairol Nice & Easy Natural Blue Black #124 and it was love at first sight.  On me it doesn't come out with a blue hue (personally, I can’t stand blue-black hair…at least on me anyways) but more like a very deep, rich black.  The color against my cool Irish skin tone and crazy blue-grey-green eyes just seem to mix so well together.  Come to find out…my 100% Irish great grandmother used to dye her hair the same exact color!  How cool is that right??  Anyways, I haven't changed it since.  My hair has forever since been black.

The past couple of years though I have been thinking about getting highlights done.  I even tried once WAY long ago with a home kit but it came out awful and I dyed it all black again.  I had talked about this with my hair dresser Jeannie, whom I love and trust dearly.  A few years back we talked about putting in red-ish / maroon-ish highlights, but my hair was so long and so unhealthy that it just wasn't really possible.

Well now that I have chopped a lot of my hair off, it is A LOT healthier.  Plus it just looks fabulous now LOL.  I finally decided that it was time for a bit of a change though, so 7 weeks ago I made the appointment to add in highlights. 

We decided to go with a brown-hue.  I feel it looks more natural and feels more mature.  As my dear friend Kim said…maybe the maroon could have been pulled off years ago, but it doesn't match the woman I am now.  I’m not *that* person all the time.  The brown feels more like me, if that makes any sense.

Now….the change is not drastic.  And as a matter of fact, almost no one said anything to me today at work, or at my WW meeting.  But it is there, and in natural light and especially outside, you can really see it.  I *LOVE* it!!  The reason the highlights are more sparse and naturally places is because we were not sure if my hair would even lift the black out.  Mind you…some of this black has been on there for years at this point.  She didn't want to do bigger sections and end up for spots that would lift and ruin the whole thing.

I’m *so* happy to say that the black did lift…actually way better and much faster than we expected.  And actually, we already set up the appointment to put the larger, more bolder (and noticeable) chunks towards the front half of my hair.  Only 6 more weeks till that's done and I can NOT wait!!

So here are some pictures I took today of it out in the sun….
I don't think I will ever part with my #124…in fact I will be using it again when its time to touch up roots (man…this highlighting stuff sure is going to require more skill and patience LOL), but it’s nice to add a little change every now and then. 

Sometimes it’s the things we change off the scale that can really help to make us feel better.  By me doing this, I feel as though I am finally starting to accept and love the person I have become on this journey.  This is the woman I want to be and I *love* it!!

I guess it’s just another great new thing to add to the great new me!!   :)


  1. As a fellow colorer (is that a word?) I love it. Its very natural looking and I love your cut too. Rock on, Baby!

  2. Love the dye job, I think the brown really adds a nice touch of depth.

  3. Thanks so much ladies!! I'm *so* happy I chose the brown. I can't wait to get the bigger pieces done. YAY!!

    Ugh...I'm so tired. I feasted on some McDonalds greasy food tonight (I bad!) and now I'm paying for it by feeling bloated and sluggish. Tomorrows a new day though. I'll sleep it off!! Have a great night and thanks again :)

  4. The highlights look great in the sun, it gives your hair a very dynamic look. I've dyed my hair black many times as well, but always done by my hairdresser because I just don't trust myself to do it right! And congrats on the 1.2 lbs loss, bringing you so close to your goal, you look fabulous.

  5. I love the short do! Very cute & sassy. It's amazing how much a change like new hair shoes...a purse...can make us feel like a totally new person. I'm wanting to donate my hair - so I'm growing it & growing it & growing it - I might have to save one of your pics as inspiration for my 'short do' whent the time comes :) Congrats on the weight loss - that's exciting for you to be so close to goal!

  6. Looking good! Congrats on the weigh in! :)

  7. love it, love it.

    also, you have a very strikingly beautiful face. your eyes are gorgeous! :)

  8. Glam- Awwww, thank you!! You are too kind. My eyes are kind of crazy. People tell me they look like the ocean. Sometimes they scare me but they are my favorite feature. :-)

    Brittni- That's great that you are donating your hair. I should have done that when I cut mine. I was in such a panic when I did it though that the thought of donating it never even crossed my mind. Thanks for the compliment and feel free to use my picture as a reference!! I love the cut...a little flat iron and I'm good to go (I have naturally wavy hair) but the texture is great and I get good volume. I referenced an old Jessica Simpson photo funny enough LOL. If you want to see that let me know and I'll send you that one.

    Thank you all *so* much for the flattery. You are all making me blush something fierce. ;-) XOXO

  9. Love love love it, you have really nice hair, so healthy. Man I need a haircut.. blah

  10. Oh I love it! I have been thinking about doing a super dark brown and a medium brown when I reach 170.

  11. Your hair looks GREAT! As of this week brown is the new red for me... I love changing hair colors though! Congrats on the weight gain, how exciting to be so close to goal!

  12. Love love love the color- and boy did you take me back by referencing Manic Panic! I used Purple, myself!


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