So I had my WW meeting tonight and I was planning on doing a different type of post about it when I had a bit more time, but I just have to get something out there…

Before going in today's meeting, I didn't really know what to think.  Normally I feel *fat* or *bloated* or *great*…normally when I feel gross I do well and when I feel great I gain, LOL.  Can some one tell me what the hell that is all about?!?!  Talk about mind games.

Well I ended up with a 3 lb loss tonight!!  I had a feeling I would have a loss…something felt different.  Everything felt smaller in a way, as strange as that sounds.  Well, I guess that tracking every single beer I drank this week for the first time on WW’s helped!!

I was SO excited about this.  This gave me another 5 lb star for 65 pounds lost and actually that puts me at 67.6 lost so far!!  WOOO WOOO!!

So here’s the victory part…my first time on WW, I lost a lot of weight…alot less than I originally thought actually, but it was about 55 lbs.  I thought I still had about another 2 lbs to be to where I was when I last left WW’s and got together with Frank.  For shits and giggles I decided to pull out my weight tracker from years ago and check and well………


I am .6 less than where I was when I had my last WI with WW before leaving almost 3 years ago!!  At that point in my life I felt great.  Frankie loved my body and I was *so* confident.  Funny thing is…I think I am *more* confident now!!

So I can say “Bye-Bye” to the old WW weight tracker that ONCE recorded my lowest weight (known to WW’s that is) and rip it up if I wanted to (but I wont)…


Side note:  I apologize for the obscene fingernail polish…it’s to support the Syracuse Orange Basketball & their game in the NCAA tournament tomorrow night. GO ORANGE!!

A few people who are close to me know just *how* important getting to this point was.  I am still a little bit away from my goal weight…though according to one lady at my meeting tonight, not very far!!  I have dreamed of being back to this point for what seems like eternity, yet it only took a little over a year.  I just wanted to be back to where I *was*…now, I’M PAST IT!!!!


I’m going to keep working hard.  I am going to keep putting forth my best effort.  I am going to keep fucking up sometimes but I am going to keep forgiving myself.  I am going to keep trying new things.  I am going to keep pushing myself to the limit.  I am going to keep trying my utmost best to stay on track.  I am going to make myself prouder and prouder each day!!

Now is not the time to give up…now is the time to prove to myself that I can do this!!  That I am *STRONGER* than *EVER* before!!

I’ve never posted my weight like this before, but my dear TJ over at TJ's Test Kitchen inspired me to put my #’s out there.  I’ve always felt, and still kind of do, that my weight # is *HUGE*.  I guess I don’t factor in the part that I am quite tall for a female and in reality, I’m only about 15 lbs off from being the “healthy” weight.  So here they are:

As of 3/18/10-

Height= 5’9 (um…this probably (and hopefully) wont change for many, MANY years LOL)

Weight= 184.4 lbs

So thank you TJ.  You are a huge inspiration to me, and your tweets help me get through the day with a lot of laughs and motivation.  I absolutely adore you and you are kicking so much ass lately!!  Just Keep Swiiiiiiiiiimming!!!!!!!  ;-D  XOXO


  1. I am sooo happy for you! Wow, you are tall! But you look great and I know you feel great. I will be with you for the rest of the ride. You go, girl, and I will by the beer when you hit that goal.

  2. awww I just woke up and came to check out your post and you have brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you! I love seeing people succeed and YOU my friend are kicking ass! :)

    I too enjoy (and NEED!!) the twitter support, laughs, and luv! Thank you for your support!! :) xoxo

    Today is a pool day, so swimmmmmm I will! lol NEMO!

  3. congratulations girlfriend, you deserve it!! I too love my beer but I just make sure I track it, then.. no guilt (well sorta.. lol). I can hear how excited you are thru your post, always try to remember how good you feel in this moment. You are knockin it out!!

  4. How exciting for you!!! Great job! This post is oozing with confidence. Keep up the great success girl. You rock.

  5. Thank you *SO* much guys!! I feel GREAT!! It's funny because I was afraid that getting to this point would give me a feeling of "the end" but reality I feel like this is the "beginning". I'm excited now more than ever!!

    You guys rock!! XOXO


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