Today I was a runner


Today I looked my bad choices in the eye and said “you are not welcome here anymore!”.

Today I kept pushing myself because I knew it was the only way to beat out some of the guilt I have carried the past 2 days.

Today I ran my farthest distance yet.  Albeit a slower pace than normal but I pushed myself to 8.28 miles. 

Today I was a runner.



  1. came across your blog using "stumble upon" while fighting a bit on insomnia.. you go girl! thats a lot of weight to loose. As a personal trainer I always find it amazing when people can change their lives around and actually do what they have to do to get the weight off. In the last two years I have lost 70 lbs-its a long road, and its always a battle.. but you can do it girl!!
    Love from Buffalo NY

  2. Thanks so much Jackie!! Congratulations on your loss. That's really amazing. You are is a long road & a battle for sure, but defintely one worth fighting for.
    Thanks so much for the kind words and support. Keep kicking ass yourself lady!! XOXO

  3. Stumbledupon your blog and stayed and read a bit. You are awesome! Keep up all that you do and remember that this is a lifestyle change.

    Take Care

  4. Thanks so much Michael!! I really appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back again! xoxo


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