Sassy Salad!

This morning I sat here at work wondering what the hell I was going to eat for lunch. I know I had bought the fixings to make up a salad. I also have a few items in the freezer that I could heat up. But I wanted something with a little pizzazz to it (yes, I just said pizzazz…probably the first time I’ve ever used that word). Then, just like in the cartoons, I light bulb appeared over my head…

I could cook up one of my Jalapeno Chicken Sausages and put it in a salad!!
I know, I know, I am a genius for creating this amazing concoction. Who would have thought huh??

I was going to wait and get more photographs together for this but Nah. I’ll share the goods now.

Since my dear Sheryl over at *BitchCakes* has already coined the term “Super Salad” for the amazing salad that she puts together for her lunch, I have decided to name mine the ‘Sassy Salad’. Please note that both salads are pretty super-sassy ;-)

Sassy Salad- 6pts

-1 link- Al Fresco Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausage (3 pts)

-2 ½-3 cups or so of a mixed greens salad. My local grocery store, Wegman’s, carries nice bags of this. It’s got a little spinach, romaine, arugula and other crap in it (0 pts)

-2 tbsp- Atheno’s reduced fat feta crumbles (1 pt)

-Chopped up tomato & green pepper (0 pts)

-1/4 cup Fat Free Croutons (1 pt)….I love my croutons

-2 tbsp of Organic Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette (1 pt)…this is also a Wegman’s item

And voila…

I would really like to add some cheese to this baby, since everything in life is better with cheese!! Maybe I would swap out the croutons for a laughing cow cheese wedge or cut up WW cheese single.

So easy & quick to put together! It’s amazingly filling too. You get your veggies & your protein in this bad boy.  This salad is so versatile, so feel free to add or subtract things to it. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!


  1. I would eat that not only because it sounds good, but because you called is SASSY salad :)

  2. I love salads and this one looks yummy! Cheese was very hard for me. I am finally at a point where I don't add it anymore. I buy match stick carrots and tell myself that it is

  3. Emily- Well of course you're the Sassy Queen for christs sake!

    Lorie- Thanks!! It was really yummy. I can't imagine ever tricking myself into thinking stick carrots are cheese, so I give you *major* props for being able to do that. I swear I'm part mouse sometimes.

  4. That is one SASSY SALAD! YUM! I call my salads BIG ASS SALADS. lol :)

  5. I would like to thank everyone for not pointing out what a *DUMB ASS* I am and mentioning that this salad ALREADY has cheese in it. Hello....the feta!! Ugh...I'm such a moron sometimes. Also, I added a few cooked mushrooms as well. I'm not a big fan of raw mushroom, but cook some in a frying pan with some pepper and dried onions mmmmmmm.

  6. We have a place down the street from my house called super salad. I go there, eat, and go straight home b/c salad do a number on my stomach. I LOVES ME A GOOD SALAD, and your sassy salad sounds DEE-LISH!!! I think I would swap out the croutons for some Holy Guacamole!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your sausage!!!!!! I have to order it b/c they don't sell it in Texas.

  7. Nice! That's the genius of the salad concept - you can mix and match ingredients that you enjoy and are good for you, while getting in your veggies, proteins etc and it's a super satisfying meal. I'm gonna link to this in my next post. xo

  8. I love anything SASSY! Thanks for posting!

    I agree...cheese makes everything better!

    Continued success on your WW journey. I have been a LT member for 10 years, and continue to love it. Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime!


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